Chapter One; I'll Shake My Spear for You!

Justin felt his heat rise as his sister smirked at him across the classroom. How did she ever qualify for this class?!

"Can anyone tell me what 'Romeo and Juliet' is about? Anyone?"

Justin raised his hand, "It's about two star-crossed lovers who are meant to be together, but through circumstance and fate, are not allowed."
Their teacher nodded and turned around. As he spun, he noticed, to his shock, that another hand was raised, "Alex Russo?"

The entire classroom turned as if in a dream. She had never volunteered information before- ever!

"Justin's wrong," She rolled her eyes to his audible gasp, "It's about lust."

The students looked around warily. Could she even say that in front of a teacher?

"How so, Miss Russo?"

She cleared her throat, and began, "Okay, yeah, it's nice to think that this whole thing is about fate, or coincidence, but let's be honest here; Romeo and Juliet both wanted to hump like bunnies," A few people choked, "They just didn't have the ability to do as much as they wanted to. A common complaint."

The teacher paled a bit, "I think Shakespeare was a bit more complicated than that…"

Alex pushed her lips out and shook her head, "Nah, guy was a huge pervert. Read his sonnets, the guy was a giant horn-dog! Juliet stabs herself with Romeo's sword. Freud would probably say Shakespeare was compensating."

Justin chirped irritably, "That's it! Just because Shakespeare could write better than you doesn't mean you can demean his work! You owe him some respect! And Romeo truly loved JULIET, just 'cause they couldn't be together…"

Alex rolled her eyes again, "Yeah, whatever."

"Not whatever! When Romeo meets Juliet, they make a sonnet together!"


"You know what I mean!"

"Please! I could make a sonnet about my butt! And Shakespeare would too!"

"Alex, you can barely read, but really go ahead!"

His sister inflated her chest to its fullest, and went ahead,

"Whose cheeks are cheeky,

'Tis Alex, so sexy, smart, and funny,

And whose curse we peek, she's-

No Justin whose nose knows it's too runny!

Well now who knows the word?

To describe the world's biggest geek?

We all know this nerd!

The biggest loser every day, every week!

Who's got the best "treasure chest" better than the rest?

Alex's curves break the grade point average!

Justin, who sucks due to his zest

Sees it is me the sexiest maverick!

Who's got the sass, it-

(Alex pauses her poem to run her hands along her curves, every boy watches in fascination.)

Must be sexy Alex with her nice-


"What? I'm just talking about my assets!"

Justin knew which 'assets' she would be talking about. He glared at her while his cheeks turned bright red. The two turned their entire attentions to one another. Justin regarded her coolly, "The man was a genius!"

"The man was a lonely nerd who couldn't get a girlfriend."

"He wrote about love, and war, and how humans really are!"

"Shakespeare had no friends- he thought he was so high class, when he was just a loser!"

"He had class! And wrote about class warfare! Don't criticize him just because you have no class!"

Alex opened her mouth, but the teacher interrupted, "Justin's right," He turned to her, "You're have no class right now, because this is not your class, so get out. Everyone else turn to page one thousand thirteen."
Blushing, Alex picked up her backpack and left for free-period. Justin rushed out into the hall, "Nice try." He pecked her cheek.

A.N. Not really sure why I wrote this. I am reading a lot of Shakespear so... go figure.