Chapter Two: Ladies and Gentleman
"We now begin the annual Debate Off," Laritate looked down the list of contestants, "Justin Russo and… Alex Russo?"

"Uh oh," everyone who knew the two looked over, frightened.



Laritate swallowed nervously, "Our first topic; men vs. women. Justin, you will be on the side of women." He bowed his head obediently, "Alex, you will on the side of the men."

Her eyebrows bobbed up suggestively when the boys in the audience hooted, "I always am on my side for the men."

Justin muttered under his breath, "You're always on your side for any man."

Laritate turned bright red, "Now… begin!"

"Ladies, first, I insist," Justin suavely let his guard down, knowing full well that Alex had little to no idea what was going on, "If you are really a lady…"

Alex's mouth opened, then shut, then opened again, "Well, my dear brother, I would absolutely hate to take from your moment in the sun, I defer," her hand waved generously.

Justin inclined his head and went to work, "For thousands of years, women have suffered at the hands of men; in war, in peace, in sickness and in health. The fact is that men have, for as long as we have history, kept women from their proper place."

He shut his mouth before a penalty alarm went off. He wanted to play it safe; keeping it short and to the point. Alex started on him, "Let's be honest, ladies, we like to be put in our place," She smirked, "Just because my brother doesn't know how to keep a women there doesn't mean we don't know where we should be."

He blushed and continued, "It is the duty of women to inform the public of needs not being met; and the job of the public to meet those needs."

"Not that Justin can meet those needs," Her tongue wagged out a bit, "His duty stinks!"

Justin hissed in frustration. Alex had no idea how to debate, but that did not stop her from humiliating him. Well, he made it his life work to humiliate her on a regular basis…

"Thank you, Alex. I must point out that not every woman is as open as you are to the public," He opened his legs lewdly.

Alex quickly noted her brother had moved to the offensive, and switched up her tactics too, "Well, it's better than being a close-minded guy like you."

"At least I don't blow all my money on clothes!"

"I don't blow at all!" Alex snapped at her brother.

"Maybe you just suck. Let's ask the men in the audience," Justin earned a couple of snickers.

"I was about to ask the same thing about you," Her remark earned an 'ooooh' from the audience.

Fine, she wanted to play dirty? He could play dirty!

"Well, let me ask you then, Alex, what position do you think women should take?" Justin knew she would come up with a good answer, but it was part of a larger plan to trap her. Alex happily accepted the challenge.

"Since my brother seems to have no idea what position women like, let me say this," She winked to the audience, "Given my sex, I'd say I can take any position at all needed."

Justin blushed, but not so much it distracted him, "Well then, I must say that as a man, it is our duty to fill any holes you've left open, because I know you're so lazy."

Alex winced. Her square brother wanted to play rough, "Well, you must fill them completely. I'm not lazy; I just want to finish first."

"You're already finished here, Alex. I'm not sure who you think can fill every hole, but I'd think that would cause a health crisis."

"Oh, most men are quite vital. You'll understand when you become a man, try and take health class to figure that out."

Another chorus of 'oooohs' sounded. Justin flushed, and moved on, "Well, I know how much you like to help others become men. Maybe if you wouldn't need so many holes filled, they would be just fine the way they are. That I learned about in health class."

"Oh, Justin, only you- yes, I mean only you would think a man doesn't need a woman to fill a hole. Maybe you do too much by yourself."

"Maybe I don't need a man to take care of me like you do! I can't remember how many times you've come to me, begging for my help, on your knees because of what a loose screw you are. And every time, no matter how bad you were, I took care of you, and I don't get any thanks whatsoever! I pick you up when you go down!" His eyes went wide when the penalty buzzer went off. Alex smirked eerily. She knew- she must have known all along. He cooled momentarily.

"Well, Justin, I suppose you must feel needed, which is really sad," She pursed her lips and nodded in disgust, "But don't worry, your baby sister is here to school you."

Justin shook in anger, "My baby sister barely ever shows up to school….!"

She decided to bring it home, "Gentlemen, I speak for you; do you really want a bad girl like me? Let's be honest; you don't want more of me, you can barely handle the one you've got. So, in conclusion, the reasons men suppressed women all those years are because you couldn't handle someone like me!"

Alex won. She smirked as she looked over at Justin. He never expected to lose to her. She had certainly earned herself a kiss. Justin fumed at her. This was not over.