The Dilemma

Written by: Jeanniefan78/April

Author's Note: This is my 7th NCIS fanfic; sequel to "A Valentine Surprise". My stories are slightly AU because Kate is still alive.

This story, "The Dilemma", is based around the events of the 2-part season 3 finale, "Hiatus" and how Kate copes with the trauma of the situation. There are a few flashbacks in this story, some of which include actual dialogue and scenes from actual season 1 and 2 episodes (I think three season 1 episodes and one season 2 episode)-I take no credit whatsoever for that writing. I hope you will all enjoy this story as well as my others. :D

It is a late, spring evening in May, and after a long, hard day, Kate has fallen asleep on the living room couch, while watching TV.

As her phone begins to ring, she starts to shift on the couch as she slowly awakens. Then finally, she jerks awake and reaches for the phone on the coffee table. She looks at the caller ID and sees Tony's name.

"Hello?" she says, groggily. "No, wait, Tony… Say that again. I didn't understand you… What?"

She sits up quickly. "Oh my… Okay… Yeah, I'm leaving right now… Thanks."

She quickly puts her shoes on, grabs her jacket, purse, and phone, and then darts out the front door.