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June 13th - 6:00 A.M.

"Edward, can you grab that last box from the kitchen, please?" My mother called from the back of the moving truck. I obliged, wiping the sweat from my brow on my holey t-shirt. It was hot for early morning.

I glanced sadly around our now empty home...so many memories made and we were leaving it all.

For Forks.

I didn't have much of a problem with the town itself-I hadn't actually been there yet- but I didn't know how well I was going to be able to adapt to small town life. I was so used with the hustle and bustle of Chicago, the large sprawling city.

I had a feeling I was going suffocate in the rainy town. My parents were excited for the change, they thought of it as an adventure, a golden opportunity.

I put on a brave face for them. My mother was so happy to be moving-her old friend lived in the town and was the one who recommended we move. She had been the one that had broken the news about a law office that had just been opened and they were looking for a partner. Of course, my father got the job immediately.

I crouched down to lift the box. It wasn't heavy, labeled towels in my mother's neat, curvy lettering. This was it. The last time I'd set foot in the only home I'd ever known. The dents that marked my growing height near the stairway were visible from the door. My stomach felt heavy with grief.

"Edward! Are you all set?" I was snapped out of my reverie by my father's voice shouting from near his car.

Taking a deep breath, I made my way over to him, handed him the box and got into my new, shiny silver Volvo.

That was also another factor of my keeping quiet about the apprehension I felt about the uprooting of our lives. I got a car-a fast car, as a gift for my upcoming 17th birthday. It was upsetting to me that we'd be out of Chicago the second week of June, just seven days before it.

The Volvo was my pride and joy and I was contented at the fact that I'd get to drive it for the day and a half trip. It would give me time to try and accept the fact that my life could quite possibly be over. I was convinced that Forks would be my downfall. I knew I'd be lonely, I mean, I wasn't even able to make many friends here, though I'd lived in Chicago all my life.. I had school friends- the ones that talked to me at lunch and chatted with me during classes, but I never saw them outside of the classrooms.

I started the car and the engine purred to life. I turned on the stereo, plugging my iPod into it, letting the soft strumming of an acoustic guitar release the breath I'd been holding.

We pulled off the highway, my mother was jabbering on the other end of my cell phone about the trip so far. I was tired, my legs were cramped and I had gone through my entire bag of chips and two cups of coffee in the first four hours and so I was starving.

So, around five o' clock, we'd just gotten through Wisconsin and into Minnesota, and my parents decided that it was finally time to grab something to eat and we'd get a hotel room once we reached South Dakota. We wouldn't get there until late, but we would reach Forks by late afternoon.

"How was the drive, Son?" My father asked once we were situated in a booth at an Applebees, looking over the menus.

"It was...peaceful," I told him. It was mostly truthful. I spent it listening to music and trying to think of the plus side of the move. The more I thought about it, the more stressed and nervous I became.

I was more anxious than before.

Mom just smiled apologetically, knowing that this was hard on me. She always knew.

Dinner was mostly quiet on my part, but the talking never ceased between my parents. My dad was excited to be starting work the following Monday and my mother was busy making lists of things she needed to get done once we'd arrived.

"We'll call you when we get close to the hotel, Edward!" My mother called, climbing into the car as my dad got into the moving van after dinner. I got into my own vehicle and we were off again, onto the never ending highways.

The hotel was nice, the bed had soft sheets and I immediately passed out after glancing at the clock on the bedside table, its faint glow telling me it was already two in the morning.

I dreamt that night, which was something I normally didn't do. In the dream, it was completely green and wet around-it was uncomfortable. Suffocating.

"Edward!" The voice was melodic, calling from somewhere above me.

"Catch me!" And something came flying out of nowhere, falling from the trees, in a flash of brown, into my open arms. It was a girl. She placed a small kiss
on my neck and I smiled.

"Edward...Edward?" Everything was starting to fade.

"Edward Masen!" I jolted awake to see my mother standing over me, shaking her head before walking away. According to the clock, it was only six in the morning.

I groaned, but got up and headed into the gigantic bathroom and stripped down to get into the hot spray of the shower. Yawning loudly, I scrubbed away the grime and sweat from yesterday, washing my bronze hair with the hotel shampoo. I was still half asleep as I got dressed and such and I wasn't fully conscious until I had two cups of coffee in me.

My mind was fully on the dream for the entire rest of the drive. I couldn't figure out who the girl was, where we were or what was even happening. And that voice. With a voice like that-even hazy in my mind now-I would not have fully forgotten it. It was beautiful. And I wasn't sure if I was creative enough to dream up an imaginative person...but...it was the only solution I could think of at the moment. My phone rang around two, it was my mother.

Apparently, we had only a half hour left to go. I was glad it wasn't raining.


I plugged my iPod back in from letting it charge and in no time at all, I saw the sign.

Welcome to Forks!

I grimaced and followed my parents through the town. People on the streets blatantly stared as we drove though. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that people didn't move here often. My stomach flipped as I sunk down further into my seat.

We passed by countless home-lined roads. Little kids played in sprinklers and tossed footballs back and forth in the large yards that I never had. And there were trees everywhere.

The moving van finally turned down a long road, and pulled to a stop towards the middle of it. It was a nicely sized, older looking, white paneled house with a large front porch. Next to us was and pretty much identical home, but more of a beige color with a wraparound porch.

I smiled in spite of myself. It felt like it could be home.

Getting out of the car, I hoped to not unpack right away, and was making my way to the front door.

"Edward! No not, you. I meant our son, silly." She laughed when my dad popped his head out of the back of the truck. "The truck is due back by six tonight, so let's get a move on!" I sighed tiredly, but of course started lifting things out of the back.

Once we finished on the truck, Mom and Dad drove the van and my Volvo to the rental place in Port Angeles, leaving me to finish unpacking the very full

I was sweating a lot by then; even overcast it was terribly hot and humid. I was down by the curb, lifting a box full of clothes when I saw them.

There was a big, brunette guy driving the red truck slowly, laughing loudly, and hanging his arm out of the open window. The tall blonde boy sitting next to him was halfway out of the passenger window, also chuckling. Two girls sat in the truck bed; the statuesque blonde girl dressed in a wet, red tank top was holding a pair of shorts and an orange t-shirt, waving it over the edge. The short, pixie-like one was just shouting, "C'mon, Bella! Run faster!" They fell into hysterics.

"Yeah, Bella! If you want your clothes and truck back, you have to catch us!" The blonde girl called between breaths. The truck had just passed me when I turned toward the direction they were yelling in. A brunette, clad in only her underwear and bra was racing up the street, stumbling every few yards. My eyes widened.

"GUYS! GIVE ME BACK MY STUFF! NOT COOL." She wasn't paying much attention and I was too struck by the fact that there was a beautiful, half naked girl running towards me.

We were on the ground in a matter of seconds.

"Oh, shit! Are you okay?!" She screeched, scrambling to get off of me, her wet, mahogany hair dripping onto my face.

"Ah, um, yeah. Fine." She grasped onto my large hand with her small one, helping me to my feet.

"Sorry...hey, are you moving in here?" She jerked her thumb towards my new house. I nodded as she grinned.

"Well, I'm Bella Swan, your brand new, next door neighbor!" The girl, Bella, grabbed my hand again, shaking it wildly.

"I'm Edward. Edward Masen." Her beautiful smile widened as the truck came to a stop beside us. The two boys up front looked curiously at me as the girls waved kindly. I waved back.

"Well, later, Masen," Bella called over her shoulder, climbing into the truck bed. "I'll see you tomorrow."

She blew me a kiss before snatching her soaked shirt from the blonde and pulling it over her head. The pixie-like one gave me a quick, secretive wink as they headed straight down the street and into town.

Later, when my parents arrived back home, my father asked if I had met any of the neighbors.

"Bella Swan," I offered. "She's about my age." My mother glanced at me sideways as she put dishes away in a cabinet.

I rolled my eyes.

"Oh, please Mother. " This was typical of her. I had never had a girlfriend, never gone on a date. Girls my age bored me but also terrified me. They were beautiful and awkward and could sometimes be vicious. Why should Bella Swan be any different?