a/n: here's the version with the extended/alternate ending!


"Hey, Saru…. Ever thought of getting married one day?"

Fushimi glanced at his friend who seemed to be looking at a couple a few distances away. He quickly averted with a light snort. "Why would I?" he wasn't interested in those types of relationships anyway. If Yata was thinking of marriage, then he hoped he would just forget it. At times, he thought of Yata being hopeless as he could barely talk to a girl.

Fushimi didn't want Yata to be married off to someone else. They wouldn't be together as much anymore. It may seem selfish in someone else's view, but for Fushimi, Yata was the only person he cared; the only friend he had; the only friend that made this boring world matter. Yata had become his world ever since their meeting two years ago in 7th grade.

"Misaki…" he breathed.

"Don't worry, Saru, I'm not going anywhere! Nor will I ever get married!" Yata chimed with a cheerful, yet assured grin.

Fushimi tilted his head only side glancing at his best friend. He couldn't help but give a light smile. He and his Misaki would be in their own world forever.



Fushimi repeated that word in his mind seeing HIS Misaki with a young woman. This young woman Yata had gotten on good terms over the course of these several years. And in those several years, Fushimi and Yata had belonged to opposing clans. But this woman, she didn't belong to any. A normal girl she was, a strong and feisty one who's from a world revolving around a popular card game. Yata had told him once and almost warned him about his and her wedding. She had taught him how to play her game, Vanguard. Fushimi knew how much Yata loved games.

"You better not think of doing anything crazy at my and Misaki's wedding, Saru. Or else!"

"You….proposed to that woman, Misaki Tokura?"

"Yeah, so? and she said yes! I love her and that's when I wanted to be with her."

Fushimi became tight-lipped. He wanted to say something as his former friend's name repeated in his mind, and other remarks to keep Yata's attention fixated on him for a while longer. But, those words remained unspoken as Yata was already far within earshot with his back facing him.

"Misaki….. you were only to look at me and only me…." He muttered. His hands clenched into tight fists. "Misaki… you once said you never wanted to get married!" he gritted his teeth as he reminisced that moment during middle school.

Misaki… you…. You….

"Love, Misaki?"

Like that word even matters to Fushimi.