(Julianna's Pov)

Julianna Anderson looked right in front of her with cold, steely, green eyes. She was a prodigy, it didn't surprise her in the least that she had been hand-picked for battle school. On earth her parents were doctors and paid for the best education cash could offer. School was only a tool for the curly-haired five-year old though, and she didn't use it long. By three years old, Julianna had reached a middle school level of education. The girl could see something only one time and almost remember it to the letter. Although she was thin and had breathing problems. She knew this would put her at a disadvantage in null gravity and make some believe she was weak. Oh they couldn't be more wrong, the girl knew her limits well and often became ruthless when threatened. That was another reason Battle School teachers took an interest in the girl. She had no problems finishing her fights. So there she was, strapped in a space craft leaving her earth life behind forever. Julianna wouldn't cry, she promised herself she would be ready to let it all go. This was what she wanted, and what her race needed her to want.

"Alright kid's can anyone tell me why you all look so sick?" Said a man standing at the front of the aisle.

Julianna smirked when a blonde boy in front of her raised his hand. He was doomed, that's what that stupid little question was for. Drawing attention to students to isolate them, weed out the strong from the week you could say. That was what she thought, the boy had said something stupid about not being use to space travel when the real answer was clear as a bell. You couldn't think about which way was up or down, you had to make up and down by controlling your mind. Only then would you be safe from becoming ill. Although Julianna sat in her seat perplexed, wasn't the reason behind asking such a question to pick on whoever arced it? The man walked past the rows of children with a smile waiting to see if anyone would answer or say anything. When no one did he stopped at Julianna's row and looked right at her with that fake smile adults were so good at.

"Well, you must know. You look like your taking a walk though a park." He says to the girl with a grin.

Julianna's blood ran cold. The man had not asked the question to pick on just anyone. He had asked it after seeing that only one child in the whole shuttle could understand how to stop themselves from gagging. He asked it to point her out. To make other's think she was a threat. It would bring the other's closer wail leaving her alone and without allies, which she would need to survive in school. Julianna kept her panic off her face and shrugged. The man-made a face.

"Oh come on now, you must have an idea." He stops.

All eyes were on Julianna, now she had to options. Fight or flight, she chose fight. Maybe, just maybe she could turn this around.

"Well, I am not paying attention to gravity. That's what's making everyone so sick. I didn't understand why no one told us that before getting on the vessel. Did you want to let all of us be sick?" Julianna says looking sadly at the on lookers.

Some eyes went wide, others made rude faces towards the adult male in front of Julianna. She had done it, she was lucky that the kids on this ship seemed to buy whatever anyone said. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard for Julianna to take Battle School for her own. The man look flustered and stroked his facial hair nervously.

"Ah yes...must have slipped my mind." He says moving on and leaving Julianna alone.

She let herself have a small smile but quickly made it fade away when she saw a boy with black hair looking at her from across the way. He wasn't sick ether and he was staring at her with dark eyes. She smiled at the boy not knowing what more she could do. He smirked at her and winked making Julianna flush and make a mean face at the boy. He should have been smarter as to not test a girl he didn't know. Although she couldn't help but be impressed by the boys playful demeanor, maybe she would keep him as an Allie. These thoughts were ripped from Julianna's mind when the ship suddenly jerked around making her squeak, which to her discomfort made some of the boys slicer and made rude movements towards to her. She took a deep breath, this was it.
This was going to be her home until she was much older, an adult. Julianna's skin was tingling, this was going to be big. Something huge was going to happen in her life, she just didn't know what it was yet.

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