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Nagihiko Fujisaki was undoubtably having the time of his life – at the moment. It was the day of they were going to move and Kuukai, Ikuto and Tadase had come over to hang out with him. At the moment they were having a water fight in his garden and he was….. losing. His so-called best friends hand decided to 'gang up' on him and his was soaking wet. While his 'friends' were 100% dry.

Just as Nagihiko was about to throw a water balloon that would actually 'hit' one of them his mom came out of the house.

"Nagi, please get changed. We're leaving as soon as we finish eating our lunch." His Mother said in a gentle voice.

"Yes Mother." And with that Nagihiko went upstairs to get changed

It was quite difficult as all his clothes were packed into boxes. He had settled on a white collar t-shirt with a dark green woollen vest over, and brown pants. He had to change his shoes and underwear, as he was 100% wet. By the time he was downstairs everyone else –Mother, Temari, Kuukai, Ikuto and Tadase – were all eating. He assumed Amu had already eaten as she was serving everyone else's food.

He sat down in between his Mother and his sister, while his three friends were on the other side of the table. Nagihiko watched in disgust as his friends – with the exception of Tadase – ate their foods like pigs. Nagihiko on the other hand ate like a decent human being.

There was very little conversation during lunch. Almost as if his friends didn't want to talk to him anymore. Once lunch was finished he went outside and had a little chat with his friends while Amu and Mother were packing the boxes into the car.

"So, how are you gone pull off your pranks without me, ne?" Nagihiko asked trying to start the very last conversation he would have with them in a very long time.

"Well, there's a smart kid I've heard about. I think his name was Sandjou?" Kuukai said as if he wasn't too sad about Nagihiko's departure.

"It's SANJOU you baka" Ikuto practically shouted as if it were the most natural thing in the world. In the processes he hit the back of Kuukai's head.

"Ow…." You could almost guess who said that.

"Don't worry Fujisaki-san. I'm sure these too will miss you more than they're showing right now." Tadase said in an irritated tone.

"Nagihiko! Say good-bye to your friends. We're going to the airport now!" Mother shouted from the car.

"I guess this is good-bye. I'm sure I'll see you again."

But before he could go to his car he felt someone hug him from behind. Ok, all three of them were hugging Nagihiko from behind. And….. they fell over, face first. Nagihiko got up and hugged them back. He went into his car and waved good-bye to his friends.

"BYE NAGI! WE"LL MISS YOU!" They all yelled in sync.

"BYE GUYS! I"LL MISS YOU TOO!" Nagihiko waved and looked outside his window until he couldn't see his friends anymore.

The ride to the airport was a blur to Nagihiko because he was sleeping most of the way. And even at the airport he was half awake and almost went on a flight to Australia.

The ride on the airplane to where ever he was going was very boring. He sat next to his sister and she kept bugging him. For example when they were eating food, she ordered beef while he ordered chicken. Turns out the beef is disgusting so she forced him to trade meals with him.

When they got off he felt sick from the beef. But one thing kept bugging him in his mind 'WHERE THE HECK IS HE?!' He walked over to his Mother and tugged on her sleeve.

"Uh Mother. Where are we?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. We're in Berlin for Father's job" She said in her normal calm voice.


"I told you, for Father's job. And if you're smart enough you'll find out sooner or later"

He waited patiently for his luggage to come. And once it did he loaded it onto the car waiting for them outside and they got in.

"To Out-With please." Mother said to the taxi driver.

Nagihiko yet again fell asleep on the ride to 'Out-With'. He was awoken by the sound of Mother's voice.

"-hiko. Nagihiko wake up we're here."

Nagihiko looked out of his window and saw the new house. It was nothing like his house in Tokyo. It was dull and had no garden at the front. By the looks of it, it had 2 floors and probably a basement for the servants. There was a large wooden door at the front of the house and 4 windows at the front. The paint on the house was grey and the roof was a dull red colour.

When the car drove into the driveway he quickly got out of the car and went inside. The inside of his new house was quite modern unlike his house in Tokyo. It was also all grey but the lining on the doors were a brighter red than the colour of the roof.

"Ok children. Go pick your rooms." Mother said in a not-an-indoor-voice.

Temari sprinted upstairs and into the first room. It was the same size of the room that was to be Nagihiko's. It was at the front of the house so she could see the forest in front of the house. But his room was at the back. And when you looked out of the window you could see the backyard. It had a very small garden and two outdoor benches facing towards each other. And in the middle of the benches there was a piller. He couldn't see what was written on the pillar from where he was.

But in the backyard there was a large fence with tall wooden pillars to keep it together. He couldn't see the other side because the fence was so long. What was peculiar though, was there were all girls. Mothers, daughters, aunties and even people who reminded him of the homeless people he would see on the streets of Tokyo. What was even more peculiar is that they were all wearing the same stripped pyjamas as each other.

"What a peculiar thing" Nagihiko mumbled to himself.

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