This story is base on Turkestnica. It's about a sad sweet love story of Tsuna. The pairing is KyokoXOc. And there Tsuna's one sided love for Kyoko. This is my first fanfiction and I hope that you will enjoy :) ~Y.L.~

~Tsuna's Point-of-View~

I'm sitting in my office signing some piles of paperwork that was piling up almost touching the ceiling and it's pretty high too. Then I found a letter that was in between the paperworks and found that it was from Kyoko-chan, my crush. Inside was a card that invites me to a wedding. The couple is Kyoko-chan and her boyfriend, Ryoma-kun. He's a nice, sweet, smart, gentle, strong, and perfect guy for her. The opposite of me years ago then I remembered the time she first introduce him to me.

I was walking to the place Kyoko-chan said that we're meeting so she can introduce someone to me. I wonder who that person was but deep down I knew. Knew that she was going to introduce some guy to me but I still hope that it's not what I'm thinking. While walking to the park I hear Kyoko-chan's voice yelling "Tsu-kun". Looking up and waving back at her. And then I saw the ring that sat on her left ring finger. Pointing at it Kyoko-chan smile and blush.

"Ryo-kun just ask me to marry him." said Kyoko-chan. When she mention 'Ryo-kun' I notice the young man right behind her.

"Congratulation Kyoko-chan and..." I said then look at 'Ryo-kun'.

"Ryoma. Misato Ryoma. Nice to meet you, Tsuna-san. Kyoko told me a lot about you and your friends." is what he said.

"Hello Ryoma-kun." I smile painfully but they couldn't see it.

I notice how my chest got tight when I remember that scene of the two laughing and smiling together. I blamed myself for not being able to tell how I felt all these years. I look down and force a smile. It's too late now. She's getting marry and I wouldn't want to weight her down with my confession. I won't tell her even if my heart break into pieces.

A few days later I found myself looking out to watch the stars above me from the balcony of my office and felt the stare Hayato was giving me. They found out about the good news a bit after me and some knows how I felt and tried their best to cheer me up in their own ways. Oni-chan is probably the only one who doesn't know but I don't mind. I don't want him feeling bad about not realizing how I felt about his sister. He was so happy and proud about his soon-to-be brother-in-law. I stare at the night sky and thought of when Kyoko-chan first smile at me. When I was crying from a fell in elementary and she was there to pull me up and told me how I'll be alright. She might have forgotten but I won't. I don't want to forgot ever. I took a breath then start singing

"Until now you show that smile and I still can't say those words that tighten me. But you must not cry alone in that distant place cause I'll embrace the silent with this song I'll sing. When this song reach you a smile will appear."

My guardians each try to check on me as much as they can and cheer me up. I can feel them peeking through the door but I didn't felt like saying anything. Looking at the picture from 10 years ago makes me smile and think about how happy she'll be with the man that isn't me. Even so it makes me happy to know that she'll be happy and ok. I try imaging her in different types wedding dresses. She would be cute in all of them, I can't help but laugh a bit. I guess that the moment you found your own feelings and thoughts you went on a different path as me, Kyoko-chan. I know that I need to let go of this love I have for you one day. But that day isn't now. I've decide whether or not to go. I bought white tulip as a sign of absent for her. These flowers can make you happy but it's the sign of my heartbreak.

I've given the flowers to Oni-chan and had told him that I was busy with stuffs and that I couldn't go. I told him to tell Kyoko that I apologize about me not going but I wish her happiness. When he got to the church he went to give the flowers to Kyoko whom was wearing her beautiful white wedding dress and make up. Hana and Haru were there to help her with it as well as some assistant. The flowers made her cry a bit but she was happy. When the church bell rung, they all were outside the church. Some were laughing while others was crying and there were those was hiding it holding it in. Then pretty pale pink petals were in the air gently floating down on them and with my voice filling up the air. As they look up they all saw the owner of the voice on top of the church looking at them while smiling brightly.

The end.