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Clint Barton x Higurashi Kagome

She was fucking adorable.

Her normally pale face was beet red and she was covering her gaping mouth with her entire palm, obviously trying to appear less embarrassed.

"Is this your first time seeing a man?" Hawkeye asked with amusement and she tried to respond, but failed miserably, "And I haven't even taken my pants off yet."

Kagome looked smaller than she normally did and glared at the corner of the wall, "I have seen men before," She finally managed to say, thinking back to her days in the Sengoku Era, "But only because I was help healing them, so they were all bloody and stuff," She looked back to him and her face somehow turned even more red, "B-but you..."

"A naughty student who desires her teacher should be punished," Barton smirked and Kagome let out an embarrassed noise, "Don't worry, we don't have to do anything."

"I know," Kagome huffed, watching as her toes curled nervously, "But we can do something, I guess." She muttered under her breath.

"You're a lot more innocent than I thought," Barton said, "Have you even had an orgasm before?" He snickered and Kagome fiddled with the hem of her shirt.

"I-I've... touched myself once or twice before; who hasn't?" Kagome stammered a bit, "But never from..." She inhaled sharply, trying to get herself under control.

"As my apprentice, I need to teach you everything I know," Barton's voice lowered huskily, "We can stop at any time you want."

Kagome nodded nervously, while Hawkeye stroked her hair to try to calm her down a little. She sighed and leaned into him, completely unsure what to do.

Yes, she had seen a few porno flicks before with Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi and had once read some of Souta's hidden stash of hentai and H-manga, but this was all really new to her.

Hell, she had only kissed Inuyasha twice before and even then, it only lasted a few seconds and seemed utterly innocent compared to the situation she was in now.

But she loved Hawkeye and wanted to experiment a little in the process. Besides, he had said they would stop if she didn't want to proceed and she trusted him with that.

"Stark better not be spying on us." Kagome mumbled, looking to the corners of the room for hidden cameras and squeaked when she was suddenly caged in her master's arms.

"No thinking of Stark." Barton demanded before leaning in for a kiss, to which she reciprocated fully.

Any thoughts of Stark vanished instantly.

Kagome panted harshly; it was all she could really do with her body trembling beyond her control while Hawkeye wrapped an arm around her waist. She couldn't even put a coherent thought together, never mind a verbal sentence out loud.

"I'm sure that's enough for tonight," Clint said softly, gently removing his fingers from her and leaned back until they were both lying down and wiped his fingers of the slickness on his sheets, "You okay, Higurashi?"

Kagome glanced at him with glassy blue eyes, "W-what 'bout you...?" She managed to say, feeling his arousal against her thigh.

"Don't worry about me," Hawkeye shrugged, still feeling her tremble against him from her multiple climaxes he had induced in her, "Just relax."

Kagome couldn't even nod and just closed her eyes instead, relishing in the warmth her master's body provided and one vague thought crossed her mind before she drifted off completely, 'I love those horoscopes.'

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