A/N: There is a little bit of foul language in this chapter, just for a warning :)

She wanted to call it a bedroom, but she wasn't sure, it looked like a bomb had it hit, on the plus side it didn't smell though.

"Welcome to Casa 'de Natsu!"

Lucy took careful steps into the bedroom, there was some kind of path carved around the mixture of clothes and miscellaneous other items that lay scattered across the floor, before swiping her hand across the deep red bedspread that sat over the bed, well it was more like a base and matrasses on the floor, before sitting down, the bed was rather uncomfortly hard, before looking around the room some more, a few posters of punk, rock and heavy metal bands scattered the walls, some she had heard of but most she had no clue who they were. Red was a very common colour in the room so Lucy took the safe assumption that it must have been his favourite colour, there was only one place in the room that could have been considered clean, and that was the wooden desk that sat slammed up against the wall, the sound of a computer humming along with some of the little sounds that Lucy knew were from the game, unsurprised to see him logged in, his character standing in the middle of one of the major quest hubs. Natsu gave a low groan as he sat down in the large backed office chair, leaning back in a stretch as soon as he sat, the impressive muscles that sat on his chest and stomach twitching from the movement causing Lucy to turn away quickly.

"What's wrong, Luce'?"

"Uh, nothing!"

She turned back just as quickly, forcing herself to look at his face rather than that alluring chest of his. Stupid hot Natsu.

"Your face is all red; you're not gettin' sick are you?"

"No! I'm ok. Just hot from the walk." "Not from the fact you are sitting there with no shirt on."

He smiled at her, seemingly happy with her answer, glancing over at the computer screen for a moment when a message notification sound popped, causing him to smirk and quickly type in a reply.

"You're not gonna play while I'm here, that's rude."

"Nah, someone was worried about you because you haven't come online today."

Lucy groaned and fell backwards on the bed, even though it hurt her back with a jolt, she knew who that someone was.

"You didn't tell him I was here, did you?"

"Yeah. Why? Wasn't I supposed to?"

Lucy groaned louder, pounding her fists on the bed a little childishly, she would never hear the end of this from her online admirer, or maybe stalker was the better term. As soon as the young man in question had heard her voice over the voice chat for the first time he had become completely smitten with Lucy, and she had been unable to go a day online without him proclaiming his love to her. Maybe it could have been charming, if he didn't flirt with every other female in the guild or any other female in general. The sound of constant messages being sent exploded into the room and Lucy sat up and was easily able to see the text on Natsu's computer screen scrolling upwards like crazy.

"Are they all from Leo?"

"No, it's guild chat."

"Natsu! You told the whole guild I was here?!"


Lucy flopped back down on the bed once more, great, just great. As kind and fun as the group of people she played with online were, they were also notorious for jumping to conclusions and indulging in rumour along with a hell lot of innuendo. Fan-fucking-tastic.

"I – are you mad at me?"

She closed her eyes;

"No… yes? I don't know."

She felt the bed around her shift and she shot her eyes open to find Natsu sitting close to her on the bed, his face was turned from her but she was almost sure he was biting his lower lip, Lucy sighed;

"It's just; you know what they're like." Wait, he didn't really, all the innuendo talk tended to fly over his head. "They're gonna think we're dating."

He turned to her quickly, was he blushing?

"We're not, are we?"


He turned to her, that big grin on his face;

"Then it's fine!"

Trust him to make everything seem so simple, he flopped down on the bed next to her, only moving slightly when there was a tiny little meow, helping the grey cat known as Happy up onto the bed and onto his chest.

"He's a cute cat."

"Yeah… I found him as a kitten, I snuck him home, Grandeeney is actually allergic. I kept him hidden for days until Wendy found him and came into the kitchen with him in her arms. We both eventually convinced Dad to let us keep him."

She smiled, the image of a kid Natsu sneaking home with the kitten Happy hidden under his jacket, a goofy little smile on his face floating into her mind.

"You have a dog, right?"

"Yeah, Plue. He's a Shih Tzu."

"A what?"

"Little white dog."

Neither of them said anything for a while, the only sound coming from the fan of the computer and Happy's content purr.

"Hey, Luce?"


"I kinda felt weird inviting you to my place."

Lucy propped herself up on her elbow to look at Natsu, who was staring absent-mindedly up at the celling, she opened her mouth to reply but he beat her to it;

"I mean. This is supposed to be weird, right? We've talked for ages but only just really met but I feel like we've always been hanging out, you know? I kinda felt weird when Grandeeney said you were here, like half happy and half freaked out."

"I was feeling the same."

He gave a sigh;

"Glad it's not just me then. I just wanna spend time with you, I guess."

There was a sudden tap at the bedroom window causing both teens to sit up and look over, before a small pebble hit the window causing a tap once more. Natsu groaned before sliding Happy off his chest, the cat giving a slightly miffed meow, before striding over to the window and sliding it open, glaring out of it.

"What do you want?"

"What do you think? Get a shirt on asshole and get down here!"

The voice in reply was gruff and deep and one Lucy had never heard before.

"No, fuck off."

He began to slide the window closed;

"What are you, a coward?"

He slammed the window back open and practically hung himself out of it.

"I am not a coward, lead pipe."

There was an odd sounding laugh; "Prove it."

"I don't have to prove anything to you."

The look in his eyes and the tone of Natsu's voice was one Lucy hadn't been sure he had, from all the time she had known him he had come across as a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, even when he was arguing with Gray, but whomever was outside was causing some kind of rise out of him, one Lucy wasn't sure she liked. Even though she had pinned him with the "delinquent" look she'd never really struck her actually as one, but looking at him now she could easily imagine this boy breaking into a school and getting into bloody fist fights.


Her voice sounded a little wobbly in her own ears, and he quickly turned to her, that odd and kind of scary fire in his eyes dying down quickly as he looked at her, shyly rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

"Oi! You don't have a girl up there do you?"

He turned to the window once more, the look in his eyes suddenly back;

"What if I do?!"

There was that laugh again; "and you have no shirt on. What are you up to?"

Lucy felt her face turn bright red, of course the suggestion just made went right over Natsu's head but seeing Lucy's bright red face out of the corner of his eye, he knew it was something that wasn't good.

"Fuck off already!"

Not waiting for a reply Natsu slammed the window shut so hard that the whole thing shook, a shy and almost ashamed look pouring into his features as they both ignored the sound of more rocks being thrown at the window.

"Uh… Sorry Lucy…"

She watched him for a moment, even though it had sounded like a question at the end, the apology was genuine. He did seem truly ashamed at himself for scaring her, though Lucy herself wasn't sure if she was scared exactly, maybe worried was the better term.

"Me and him, we normally get along ok… just sometimes… well, ok, maybe a lot of the times we end up fighting."

"He wanted to fight you?"

"I may have, maybe, filled his locker full of worms the other day."

Lucy frowned; "Why did you do that?"

He shrugged; "Bored."

She should have been worried, or maybe even appalled at the action, but instead a smile found its way onto her lips and soon after she had started laughing.

"Natsu~ that's kinda mean."


A/N: This was harder than I thought it was going to be.