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Texts to my stranger

Chapter 1: 5 Hours Behind

I watched as my brothers dragged their feet, heading to bed. Tonight had been long and yet fruitless, as it often was now since we finally defeated the Shredder once and for all. Karn's ninjas knew better than to make spectacles of themselves, and even the Purple Dragons were keeping quiet lately and so the result was that we could enlarge our patrol run but also meant little happened during. Which meant we spent more time training and running to tire ourselves out.

Raph was the most disappointed with these turn of events, enjoying a chance to put our skills to the test. Mikey and Don took it the best, the youngest having more time for his video games and the intelligent one using his free time to work and fix things. Master Splinter seemed more at ease as well, sensing that the dark part in our lives was finally coming to a close and the chance for a more peaceful future was within our grasp.

I had to agree for the most part, though I knew it would be another few years before me and my brothers where truly at peace, by then the hormones we endured would have lessened and been more bearable, our future existence with it just being us easier to accept. Raph was the angriest about it, his usual bad moods had more fire than usual, Mikey hides his loneliness with comics and gaming, and Don didn't even let himself think about it, concentrating on the present and not the future.

As for me, I relished in the extra practice time…and as for my future…I accepted a long time ago that my family would always and only consist with my friends, brothers and Master Splinter and hoping for any more was foolish.

I entered my room silently, untying the knot on my mask and folding it onto my bedside table, I was about to reach for my belt a flash from the phone Donny made caught my attention. I picked up the device to see a text from an unknown number. Curious , but cautious, I opened the message.

Hey Katie, this is my new number, come on cam soon?


I frowned down at the phone, stumped for what to do. The number was different for a start, so whoever sent the text clearly wasn't from America, clearly this…Evie typed the number wrong.

I contemplated answering; informing the girl she had the wrong number then decided against it, figuring Evie, whoever she was, would figure it out for herself. So I put my phone down and undid my belt, slipping it off, but a beep and another flash stopped me from reaching for my arm pads.

Yo, K come on! It's skype night you said you'd be in…?

The same number, Evie. I sighed, deciding it was better to get it over with and text back.

I'm sorry you have the wrong number

There, short and simple. Expecting that to be the end of it, I went back to preparing myself for sleep, taking off my arm and knee pads, sitting down on my bed when the beep went off again.

Seriously? Oopps sorry about that, it's my new phone im still breakin' it in

Her comment made me chuckle, and despite myself I texted back.

That's alright, new phones are always tricky for the first day or two, I hope you get in touch with your friend soon

I sighed, lying back figuring the conversation was over, but to my surprise, my phone beeped again.

Haha yeah but fun to play around with right? And don't worry about it I'll send her an e-mail to get the right number to be sure this time

I read the text a few more times; trying to figure out if I should reply or leave it at that and end the contact. I knew I should, it was taking an unnecessary risk replying and entering a conversation with a complete stranger, but I found myself curious and desiring more of the light chatter that we were sharing.

True, that's good…what kind of phone did you get, may I ask?

I hit the send button before I could rethink my discussion, forcing my body to relax while I waited for a reply should this Evie want to continue talking. I felt oddly happy when I heard my Mobil go again.

The new Samsung note pad, know if it?

I raised an eye ridge. I knew from what Donny had told me when we saw the advert for the phone that it was pretty good tec and I was slightly impressed. Don would probably have more appreciation and be able to ask questions, but because I was no genius, I stuck with a simple reply.

Yeah I saw it advertised, looks pretty good, do you like it?

Yeah it rocks! I have a few apps for my art work on it too, it's so cool! What kinda phone do you have?

Evie's reply was almost instant which showed her enthusiasm, and it made me smile a little. But her question about my phone made me think, but I came up with a convincing enough reply.

My brother made mine; he calls it the shell cell for the turtle shell pattern on the back he had engraved

I nodded to myself, not far-fetched, almost the truth, perfectly believable.

Wow that's so cool! I take it you like turtles then? :)

I smirked.

Yeah I do, gotta respect the turtle

Haha fairs, personally my favourite animals the wolf but hey each to their own :P by the way, I'm Evelyn Richards, Evie for short :)

I found her comment about the wolves interesting and wanted to ask why, but the second part of her text made me stop. How could a girl, however old she was, trust a stranger with her name and number? And a more pressing question in my head was, what did it mean?

Thinking about it, I figured that if the worst came forward I could ask Donny to block the number, so I figured the only way I was going to get the answers I wanted was to ask.

You'd give your name away to a stranger you've only just started talking to?

I sat up, finding that I was more curious for her answer than I originally thought. Oddly, I felt my heart start to beat faster and I couldn't think why. Could it be because this was the first possible safe human contact I'd experienced, and with a girl?

The device beeped and vibrated in my hand.

I'll give you a short version of a very long and confusing story, but I'm very good at telling when someone is trustworthy or not, and you've given me no reason to think I could be wrong about you. In fact you've been nothing but really nice and friendly despite it being so late at night. Besides, I'm all the way in England so I'm not so worried America ;)

I paused. How was it that this girl managed to spike my curiosity constantly? The ninja in me told me to end it here, that this was dangerous territory, that there was too much at risk. But the teenager in me asked, is it so wrong to want a friend?

Raph would say take the risk, learn as you go, develop in the process, that was his style. Mikey would say wing it, go with the flow, see the threat as not so dangerous and enjoy yourself. Don would probably be more cautious, take it slow, see if the girl was trustworthy first, and then experiment. That's what my brothers would probably do.

My names Leonardo Hamato, nice to meet you Evie

I sent the text before my common sense could surface. Maybe I needed sleep and that's why I was being so reckless, the lack of rest getting to me.

I thought over her last text and again my inquisitiveness was getting the best of me. I wanted to know what she meant by 'a long story', what she meant by 'being good at telling when someone's trustworthy', and what it was like in England. Her life had to be so different from mine, and the unknown was too tempting.

My phone beeped.

Nice ta meet ya Leo ^-^ I take it ur Japanese from ur last name…

I shifted uncomfortably but then again I should have expected this. After all if I was curious about Evie and asked about her, it was only fair and natural for her to require the same input. The question was, could I? Could I communicate with a stranger without giving away too much? Keep my family safe whiles possibly gaining a friend who would treat me…normal?

Only one way to find out.

No, I'm American; my adoptive father moved to New York from Tokyo and found me and my brothers

I held my breath and waited. Two minutes passed and I laid down, keeping my phone in my hand. Four minutes passed then my hand vibrated and oddly my stomach gave an exited jump.

I see…Evelyn Richards is the name of my foster-mother gave me…I don't know my real name…guess we're kind of alike like that hu? :)

I didn't know how to reply, so many questions came into my head but I didn't have to worry about that, because Evie solved my problem for me.

We've kinda gone into deep territory here haven't we? Haha sorry about that it's like 6 in the morning here cause I'm 5 hours ahead of u and I think being tired is messin' with my brain…maybe we could talk later?

I blinked rapidly at the screen. Excitement, anticipation, happiness, strange emotions mixed together making my heart beat harder. I couldn't understand this feeling…was this how Raph felt when he goes out looking for trouble? The thrill of the risk? The anticipation of the unknown? I smirked.

Sure, I'll message u ok?

Sounds like a plan, night Leo ^-^

I smiled, why I wasn't sure, maybe because I was making a new friend, and an interesting one at that.

Good night Evie

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