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I heaved a sigh as I finished packing the last box of non-essentials, closing the flaps and duck taping them shut, sticking on another one of the labels Fran had made that had my name, the address of our apartment and our future address, just in case it should get lost during its travel. It had been a month and a few weeks since I accepted the offer for my job, and in a matter of days, I'd be going down to London to take the flight to the new city that would be my home.

The past month seemed so surreal, Linda had spent most of her time staying over, helping with the packing and organising of flights, and she even took me down to London on the train to help with finalising my permanent visa. Frankie was the biggest help, she'd make the phone calls double checking everything was booked properly and organised, and instructed me on what to pack in which boxes, pretty much taking care of everything.

So because everything was been taken care of by Linda and Fran, I spent my month and a week sketching and brainstorming ideas, talking to Leo and his brothers, and talking with Katie and Mina. My two friends were the only ones to know of the move, however, and Katie was the most happy. She screamed in joy down the phone, whooped and, as far as I can tell, jumped around her room.

"Oh God Evie this is awesome! I swear I'm goin' ta be the best tour guide you could eva ask for! I can show you Central Park, my College… Oh! Me and my dad will pick you up from the airport!" She gushed.

I had to laugh, I expected her to be happy about my choice. "I look forward to it couz."

"Is Fran coming with you?" Katie asked.

"Nah she's coming a month after me, Mr Donati is still in process of confirming things on the New York end." I sighed.

"Ah bummer, and I can't see you too much till I officially graduate, which is in a few more weeks." She muttered, disappointment clear in her tone.

"Well it just means I can set up the apartment for when you can stay over, it'll be just me there for a bit anyway so I'll need something to do." I pouted at the ceiling, laying on my back on my bed, limbs spread out on the double mattress.

"Well it's only a few weeks, then you won't be able to get me out of your hair, cousin." I could clearly hear the smirk in the youngers voice.

"I look forward to it." I grinned.

My memory ended as Fran put a box on top of mine, crawling away a bit I stared at the number of boxes piling up by the door. The next day they would be taken away, and the day after that I would leave as well. Even though I find the thought scary, I couldn't bring myself to hate or regret the decision. Sure it was hard saying goodbye to people, hell my college friends had all gathered and thrown a leaving due for me, Linda had even shed a few tears as we packed. But there was a part of me that couldn't wait to start my new life.

Leo and the guys still didn't know a thing, Mikey would sometimes try coax me into telling him, but I'd stand strong. I didn't want them to know just yet. I just didn't. Cause I had a plan.

"Ok, that's the last of the boxes. By the time you arrive at the new place, Evie, these boxes will already be there, this way all I need to do is pay the last of the rent, sign a few forms, and then I'll be joining you." Fran sighed to herself, collapsing on the couch.

In 2 days I'd be saying goodbye to England, my little island home, and fly to the United States to become a designer… That's the sentence I'd repeat in my head all day, and yet it still seemed to be…unreal…like it was someone else, not me. I fell back on the floor and stared blankly at the ceiling, everything seemed to me moving in fast forward since I made my choice, and for just one moment I wanted it to stop.

I wanted to savour the time I had left, I wanted to enjoy the moment and forget what would soon happen, if only for a short time. I would have liked to play my keyboard, but it was in one of the many boxes Fran had packed, so instead I put on some headphones, turned the volume high, and played the first song I learnt to play from the music sheets I had downloaded from the internet, Pardon Me by He is We. I wasn't a hard song to play, and the lyrics kind of linked to me in that moment.

I hummed the tune as I listened to the words, thinking of Katie, Mikey, Donny, Raph…and Leo…all the people I couldn't wait to meet. I could hear Fran faintly singing along, already recognising the song as she would be the singer while I played and I'd be her back up, it made me smile, reminding me of old times.

"…And I'm not fighting that, no, not at all." Frankie smirked, looking down to me.

I grinned back before closing my eyes. "Just want to be something, a name you call. The lips you taste just to fall, madly in love."

"Mean it truly, sincere heart, why do you do this to me? Tear me apart." Fran continued.

I blushed as I quietly sang the next part to myself. "I've got my eyes set on you, my heart is burning red, all of my words come out wrong, run circles in my head. You had me and I melted, in the palm of your hand, you know it, yes I felt it, you'll never understand."

"Meant it truly, sincere heart, why do you do this to me? Tear me apart." Even Linda jointed us in the chorus as we finished. I grinned widely to myself, oh how I'd miss this.

"Oh, I've embarrassed myself enough for one afternoon, I'm going to take a nap." I sighed, getting up, flicking to the next song, Centre of it. I stood in front of my bed and fell back onto it, grabbing my pillow and hugging it to me as I listened to the song, singing along quietly to myself as I curled into the pillow in my arms. "In the dark, in the light, in the morning and night. In the good, in the hurt, in the places I hide. When I raise, when I fall, you'll be there, through it all…I hope." I pouted, burying my face into the soft fabric, ignoring the heat in my cheeks as my mind wouldn't forget Leo's soft, kind, gentle voice.

I wanted to talk to him, but knew I couldn't as he'd already warned me beforehand that he and his brothers were in for serious training with their father for most of the day. Sighing, I turned onto my back looking up at the ceiling blankly. "Some nights, I lay awake and I, can't push these thoughts away, I'm worried about where I'm gonna go, where I'm gonna be, are you gonna be there for me? When it feels like the doors are closing, gotta trust that you're doing something. Come sun, come rainy day, you are all I need…" I groaned and shook my head. "Is it natural to fall for someone you've never even seen?" I grumbled at myself. I knew the answer. "Probably not…"

I turned over, dragging the pillow with me as I clutched the lumpy thing to me. Closing my eyes, I imagined what it would be like to meet Leonardo Hamato, using the dark figure from my dreams. I imagined his rich earth coloured eyes looking straight at me tenderly, a soft smile as he holds out his arms. I imagined warmth enveloping me as I accepted the offer, strong arms holding me, tight enough to feel secure but careful enough to feel sweet. I imagined his voice, softer and quieter than usual, whispering my name against my ear.

My eyes opened just slightly to find it wasn't the arms I craved, but my stupid blanket, from moving around it had wrapped itself around me like a cocoon. I dead panned at myself. My stupid over active imagination. Jason Mraz's I won't give up played through my headphones making me sigh. If I could play guitar, this would be the first song I'd make myself learn. Closing my eyes again, I could almost replace Jason's voice with Leo's and it made me smile, I cuddled into my pillow, humming along. "Cause even the stars, they burn, some even fall to the earth, we've got a lot to learn, but God knows we're worth it. No I won't give up…" My eyes open, feeling a little strength build up. "I won't give up, on us. Even if the skies get rough…" I giggled to myself, feeling a little comforted.

Linda's words echoed in my memory. "That's why you have to try with all your strength to make it work, if he's the one for you, then he's worth the struggle." Something in me knew he was, that "6th sense" as Frankie nick named it, it told me Leo was good, was someone I could really trust and rely on, and someone who could need me.

My gaze softened, the vice grip on the pillow weakened and I covered myself properly with my blankets as I relaxed into the warmth. I sighed, playing another slow song, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and I had to laugh at myself. "Like a young teen in love, I'm playing all lovey-dovey songs."

Rolling my eyes, I drifted off into sleep.


I yawned and stretched out, eyes opening weakly. I picked up my phone to see it was 1 in the morning and Leo had texted me.

Are u still awake evie?

Im awake…I kinda took a nap and missed dinner…damn im hungry -_-'

I woke u up didn't i?

Im glad u did, fran left me some takeout pizza in the kitchen, yum, cold pizza and flat pepi, best dinner ever ^-^

im surprised u like cold pizza


Well the only people I know who can stand to eat cold pizza is me and my bros

Really? Haha cool :D Fran has to warm hers up in the microwave

Ah :)


Hows it taste?

Delicious ^-^

When are u leaving England?

This time in two nights I'll be in my new place

Scared yet?

Not so much scared, cause im ready for this, I want to move

Then sad?

Yeah, its hard knowing I can't go see linda every other Friday

I bet she'll miss u too

Yeah I guess she will, but shes happy for me at the same time

At least she's supportive :)

Yeah :)

U sound distracted…

I have a spice of pizza hanging from my mouth so I can message u haha :P


I know right? How classy am i?

Inspiringly so

Haha :D

So have you got any farther with ur design plans and ideas?

A little, Mr Donati doesn't really like the warehouse idea but likes the idea of florescent paint, likes the idea of tanks and a chandler so I have to somehow come up with a way to fit everything together

Sounds like u have ur work cut out for u

Eh, nothing I cant handle :P

Glad to hear it, hope I get pictures of the end result

Oh u'll defiantly see it ;) how was training anyway

Painfully exhausting

Then why are u talking to me?! U should be sleeping and recovering!

I wanted to talk to u a little before I went to bed

Aaww Leo u are seriously so cute sometimes! Xx

U are the only one who ever says that…well...Master Splinter says we were all cute when we were toddlers

Child leo…I imagine u been rather straight-laced even as a kid…

Haha my brothers would agree with u, I remember practising kata's and focusing my concentration, and Mikey always trying his hardest to break it

Why do I get the feeling this story ends with Mikey getting his butt handed to him?

Cause it did


Yeah, the chuckle-head's easily distracted, slacks off, and likes to annoy his opponents, but when he focuses he's a great ninja

Wow, and let me guys, u train a lot more than ur brothers, ur much more focused and devoted to ur lessons and practice times, because ur the responsible older brother and leader


U really are amazing, I don't think iv ever put that much devotion or passion into anything before, Linda and Fran would always take care of me so iv never worried about looking after someone else before, piano is something I use to relax and have fun so its never been serious, and art…art kinda just fits me,

Ur carefree, relaxed, fun loving and free, its part of ur nature Evie, its part of who u are, it's a good thing

U think?

Absolutely, and u always help me because of ur nature cause u remind me to have fun

Yay im helpful ^-^ haha ok, ur tired from training, get to bed

I am in bed

ur copying my routine…im so proud

Haha :D

Ok seriously ninja boy, get to bed, I'll talk to u tomorrow k?

Ok, ok, I'll text u

K ^-^ night!

Night Evie, sweet dreams xx

My heart was pounding, how could one guy be so sweet and adorable just over text? Seriously, the skill was inhuman and it's bad for the heart. Just a text conversation, an innocent talk between friends and my heart was hammering against my ribcage. Staying up to talk to me when he was tired, saying that I help him and he likes my personality, it's like he's purposefully trying to make me fall for him.

"I'm in way over my head." I groaned, finishing the last of my pizza and Pepsi before throwing the box away and putting the glass in the sink for tomorrow, then heading back to bed to curl up under the warm covers.

Minutes seemed to pass like seconds after I woke up in the morning. I was up at 11 to the smell of bacon and eggs, and coming out of my room- somewhat presentable with my hair in a loose pony tail, in black jogger bottoms, black sports bra and baggy thin open grey shirt- to find Linda there, in her raggy old jeans and a baggy man's shirt. After food and a tea, I was ushered into her car and we drove for hours through the Yorkshire Dales, stopping for lunch at an old café in a village in the middle of nowhere.

One would think our last day would be filled with words to each other, but that didn't feel right. Even though Linda had always been my mother, our mother daughter relationship had always been loose, she was one of my best friends, an older sister, and a mother, but even so a long drawn out good-bye felt wrong. So instead we blasted out CD's, singing along with the windows down enjoying the amazing weather, admiring the stunning English country side.

And as the hours passed and evening rolled around, I was returned to my apartment for a shower, and entering my room I found Frankie had set out one of my best outfits. Pulling on the black tights, dark grey silk ruffle skirt, black heels, and an ash grey sleeveless shirt tucked into the skirt, I decorated with gold hoop earrings, a long gold chain with black beads and feathers, gold bangles on both wrists, and a gold plate belt around the upper half of the skirt.

A knock came on the door and I turned as Fran came in, smiling. "Knew that outfit would suit you."

I smirked. "Katie advised you didn't she?"

"She had a lot of fun going through your wardrobe with me." Frankie teased.

I grinned and turned my back to her, knowing already the reason she had come in. "Go ahead, oh great guru of hair."

I could practically feel Fran's eye roll, but she didn't hesitate to grab my brush and begin her work. After a moment it was clear she was doing her favourite mix, a waterfall plate with my long fringe, starting at my temple on my right side then as she reaches my neck, moving onto a loose fish tail plate. Once done, I added a little skin colour foundation around my eyes just to hide the faint shadows, eyeliner and mascara with a little lipstick, and I was happy.

"Ok I'm no longer monster like but humanly presentable." I grinned.

Fran smirked, holding up my phone. "Then how about a pic for your friend in New York?" I blushed a little but nodded. I put an arm around Fran as she held up my little device, looked up and grinned. I checked and was pretty happy so I sent it to each of them. "Ok now one of just you, you're his friend after all." I nodded, feeling a little shy all of a sudden as I stepped back, put one foot on front of the other, grinned and put my arms out like I was saying "ta-da". Fran laughed and snapped the picture.

"Ok, now I need a drink." I sighed.

Fran gave her rare cheeky smirk. "Well everyone from the bar is waiting for us at Weatherspoon's so let's get going, I think Charlotte said she wanted to do shots." I laughed nervously at that.

"Remember I have to be up at 9 in the morning Fran." I warned nervously, my roommate just shrugged and smirked, opening the door for me.

14 hours later I was in the air with my earphones in nodding my head to Iggy Azalea's Fancy with Charli, sitting at the back of the plane next to the window, looking through the text messages that I shared with Leo the night before with a smile. 6-7 hours for a flight from London to New York, it felt like forever.

Mikey: *wolf whistle* hot dudette :P

Haha thanks mike :)

Leo: u look great evie

Thank you leo ^-^

Where u going?

Out for drinks with the people I work with at the wine bar

Drink responsibly

Haha I will, iv only gone over my limit once…it wasn't fun

Oh? What happened?

i spent most of the night in the bathroom

U were sick?

sadly, it was awful iv learnt my lesson

Ouch, what were u drinking?

wine…wine is terrible to get drunk on trust me

So is that ur worst experience when out for drinks?


What is?

Ur gonna laugh! -_-'

Why would I laugh? I wont laugh at ur discomfort I promise

pinky swear?

Pinky swear and cross my heart

ok… once...ok twice… I was chatted up by a girl

Chatted up?

U know when someones flirting with u

Two girls were hitting on u?

Yep, but at once, the first one was scary though


Cause when I explained, very awkwardly, that I was straight, her comeback was "give me tonight cutie and I'll turn u"

O.O seriously?


The second wasn't so bad, she was nice and talked a little then offered to buy me a drink so I had to say no


Its not like im against anything like that, I mean two of my guy friends at high school were gay,

Its just strange when it happens to u


I see :) so what are u thinking of drinking tonight?

Well one of the girls wants to do shots…

Is that wise? Don't u have to travel tomorrow?

Yeah…I wont drink much iv already warned everyone

Just worried about u missing ur departure, is it a plane or…?

Err yeah a plane

I see, well have fun and get plenty of rest, ok?

Yeah, thanks Leo

No problem, good night Evie x

Night Leo ^-^ x

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be landing on time in New York at 6:45 pm local time, we ask that while you are seated you keep your seatbelts on securely…" I only bothered to listen to half of the announcement from the piolet, instead I turned up the volume on my iPod, and made sure my hair covered my ears and the leads so the attendants couldn't see, and rested back with my eyes closed.

3 more hours flying, half way to my new life.

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