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You and Me makes We

I suppose you could compare me to a fish on dry land in that moment. I felt my mouth moving but no sound following. Honestly I wasn't expecting this. "Um... Ok?" That response was maybe more sarcastic than I intended it to be. Clearing my throat, I tried again. "I'm surprised you'd want to talk about this Leo, what with not having a relationship before."

"That's exactly why I wanted to talk about it." The elder male took a breath, puffing out his chest. "I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to us. I mean, movies help I guess but really I've just been doing what feels...natural, comfortable even." The mutated being mused, sounding thoughtful as he reached up and took off his mask, setting it on the bed side table as he lit some candles.

Nodding, I crawled onto the bed and turned, sitting with my back to the wall opposite the door. "Well I can tell you, you've been doing an excellent job so far. Already won the best boyfriend ever award."

Chuckling, the older teen sat on the edge of the bed, turned to the side to face towards me. "Good to know. But I feel that we should talk about the next step... If we both want there to be one, and how we handle it."

"What happened to winging it?" I teased, poking his muscular thigh with my toes.

Leo's dead pan look of being unamused was ruined by his eyes, they were light, open, and laughing. "This is too important to just 'wing it', Evie."

"Ok, then can I ask you a serious question?"


The reference to our old texts made me smile. "Do you find me attractive...physically? Do you want to take things further?"

"Are you kidding me?" Leonardo actually sounded surprised. "Evie, your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Everything about you is attractive to me. I'd be lying if I said I haven't imagined us that way. But I want us both to be clear that intimacy is what we both want, after all I'm not a human-"

"I've thought about it too Leo." I rushed, looking away when my boyfriend raised his eyes to me, my cheeks burning. "I do find you attractive, in all aspects and I do want more with you- to be intimate. All my past experiences, well...they weren't the best if I'm honest, but I feel that we could have something special. Besides it'll be kind of fun learning about each other's bodies together."

We were quiet for a moment after that, and eventually I looked back up to find those earthy brown eyes watching me closely. Shyly I brushed my hair behind my ears as I wet my lips. "So..."

Leonardo smirked softly. "Yes?"

"Is there anything else we should talk about? Safe words and kinks?" I asked the second part only jokingly, but really I could still think of a few things to ask for myself.

"How far..." Leo seemed to swallow thickly as he shifted more onto the bed. "Is acceptable, for one month of dating? I know some people call stages, 'bases..."

"I never learnt the whole 'bases' thing, I think it's more an American term. But I guess it depends really...most couples probably wouldn't even be thinking about intimacy after a month, but we've known each other for a long time now, even before we started dating. So I think it's better for us to just...go with the feeling? If it feels right and we're in the mood..." I trailed off, the heat in my cheeks felt like it was burning my skin. I felt the bed dip as Leo moved closer. "So...I have a...personal question..." Again I couldn't look up to meet those eyes that I knew were taking me in; how my body shifted uncomfortably, how my fingers began to fidget.

"Evie," I felt his warm, rough hand take mine and squeeze it gently. "You can ask me anything, I won't get offended."

Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes to ask. "Do you come out of your shell for being fully...undressed?"

Only after a full moment of silence did my eyes open up to see Leo hiding half of his face, his cheeks a lot darker than normal. "Our...our shells are fully attached to our skin...but we're not like actual turtles either-"

Leo then went on to explain that his brothers understood their anatomy was similar in comparison to a humans, rather than an animals. Of course all four brothers, and even their father, had allowed Donatello free range to conduct tests and x-rays upon them. As soon as the second eldest was old enough to successfully create such machines, and understand in depth the human and animal anatomy, the self appointed doctor of the family had created extensive records and diagrams of their mutated bodies.

And when the conversation turned a little too racy for me, I ended it. Frowning, my hands shot up to cover his mouth. "Ok, ok that's all I need to know. I think I'll leave the rest as a learning experience."

Chuckling, the eldest Hamato son took hold of my wrists and pulled my hands away, his own skin starting to return to their normal colour. "Learning experience?"

"Well yeah," Again my blush flared. I'm pretty sure it was covering my entire face and ears at this point. "You know, like when we're making out...and hands start roaming... It'll be like learning more about each other, I guess. Just in a much more intimate way."

Before I could fully process what was happening, Leonardo had raised my head with a hand on my jaw, and pressed his lips firmly to mine. The dance our connection performed was much smoother, more sensual than last time. Suddenly my heart was in my mouth, racing like crazy and my palms were sweaty. But it was wonderful, I had goosebumps when I felt Leo's bold tongue cheekily brush my lips. I needed no further invite. Teasing licks and sucks to each others lips followed, but the kiss only lasted for another moment before I had to pull away to pant for air.

I could feel my older boyfriend smirking into my neck as I tried to regain my breath, and yet he was barely winded. Annoying. "Learning experiences, hu? I think I'm gonna enjoy sessions of yours."

My mouth dropped open and my eyes widened as my face fared up into a new fire. "T-T-Training?!" I accidentally exclaimed.

"Shh!" The hush was weakened by the growing chuckles. He was laughing. He was actually laughing at this, that sneaky turtle!

Pouting, I moved away. "Don't call it that!" I whispered harshly. "It sounds way dirtier when you put it like that!"

"Sorry, sorry!" Leo soothed, pulling me into his lap for a hug.

My pout did not let up. "No you're not."

Kissing behind my ear, Leonardo's shaking finally stopped as his chuckles ended. "I am, how about I make it up to you with hot coco and some Mario Cart?"

"Yahoo!" Jumping out of his lap and off the bed with my best Italian accent, I ran to the door and all but yanked it open, rushing through with Leo hot on my heels. Of course he caught me at the stairs, picked me up bridal style, and jumped down into the kitchen.

Poor Mina, who had been getting a glass of water, nearly jumped out of her skin at our sudden entrance, dropping the filled glass. But before it could shatter, Leonardo reached out in his crouched stance and caught it, straightening and handing the glass back.

"Thank you." The strawberry blonde smiled shyly and rushed away.

Jumping down from the safe embrace, I kissed Leo's cheek. "Mina's the shy type, it takes a while for her to get used to people. Try talk to her as much as you can, listening to people talk helps her relax, and it'll give her a chance to get to know you."

"Noted." He smiled, reaching around me to grab us mugs and turning on the kettle, setting to work on the hot chocolate. Helping where I could- like fetching the milk from the fridge or finding Raph's secret stash of marshmallows- our hot drinks were soon done and we made our way to the couch.

It seems that Fran had opted out of the video game fun and decided to help out Don and Mike in the lab, while Mina had her nose in a book, curled herself up on the single sofa and stuck her headphones on so she could drown out the loud sounds of the gaming. Which sounded violent without even looking at the screen.

And there was Kat, grinning her wicked grin that stretched from ear to ear, her tongue poking out a little, battling a very distressed and frustrated looking Raph. Whatever gory game they were playing, she was bossing it.

"After this game it's our turn Katie." I called.

My black haired cousin only spared me a quick glance before going back to her game. "What, meditation done already?"

"I suck at it and want to play Leo at Mario. So hurry it up."

"No prob, Raphie here's no challenge anyway." And as she finished speaking, the screen went black, announcing Kat the victor and Raphael the loser.

The male let out a growl. "This ain't over!"

"It is for now bro, can't have you loosing your cool and breaking the TV again." Leo teased, already changing over the game for us and grabbing the right controls.

"That was one time! ...Ok twice, but the second I was aiming for Mikey, so it doesn't count."

The elder brother smirked, joining me on the floor in front of the coffee table. "It was three times because you got drunk one night and threw a sai at it, an yes it counts."

I heard Kat snort behind me, but other than that the only other sounds from the big couch was Raphs angry grumbles as we set up our game. Leo was, admittedly, better at the racing games than I was expecting.

However he was not as much of a challenge as his youngest brother. Four races later and I hadn't lost one, and we were coming to the end of our fifth. Smirking, I glanced over at Leonardo to find him frowning deeply in concentration. The screen was split, with my character - Princess Peach on a dirt bike, a favoured combo of mine - in front of me with a banana protecting me and in first place.

In second was my boyfriend, fast approaching on the final corner. "Better watch out Evie." He warned mockingly.

"Ha! I got this in the-" I was cut off by a red shell hitting me from behind, using up my only protection. "No! Come on, come on, come on!" But then came another. "What?! Two red shells on the last corner?!"

"Not two, three!" The third hit just before the line, and Leo's Mario in a cart passed me, stealing first. My mouth fell open as the boys cheered, I could only watch as five other autopilot characters overtook me.

"Are you kidding me?! Three red shells on the last corner?! Three?! What witch craft and OP Gods did you pray too?!"

Kat sniggered behind me at my outburst. "What's the matter Eve? Don't tell me your gonna be a sore loser."

I turned to my cousin with a pout. "I'm not a sore loser, I'm in shock! How can someone get so lucky so late in the race?"

The eldest Hamato son's smile turned into a cheeky grin as he leaned sideways, pressing his arm into my side. "I guess I just have great luck lately, I mean I'm with you."

My face lit on fire at the subtle flirt. But my eyes narrowed at the taller male. "I still call hacks."

"Speaking of hacks," Don sighed as he came into the living room with Mikey and Fran in tow. "I've been scouring the city files for traces of the Foot and I've narrowed down their new headquarters to two locations. Problem is that they're on opposite sides of town. But the good news is, once we're inside I can plant a micro data chip into their hard drive, allowing me access to their whole system."

"Good work Donnie," Leo smiled, standing and turning to his brothers. "We'll check out both locations tonight, starting with the closest. We'll do a patrol on the return trip to cover all bases. But only after we've properly checked out both sights. Once we know their location, we can stake out the headquarters and make a plan to get in."

The boys all nodded with serious expressions, and I was once again reminded that this was not just a family, this was a team of warriors. The fight against Hun came to mind, but I shook it away. The guys had this, they'd beaten the Foot countless times and this time they weren't even planning to go up against them head first.

Don seemed to be in his element after that, muttering to himself about ideas for new tech toys to help with surveillance, Mike brainstorming ideas on how old ones could be improved. Raph just smirked and flipped off the couch, taking the stairs to the lower level where they kept their mods for transportation. Seems like he wanted to use his bike tonight.

But the eldest stayed beside me, instead turning to me and taking my hand. "Another game? you can get revenge if you want."

"Let's do something you want to do." Was my response after a moment, observing Leo's rigid stance.

He rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I would have liked to take you on a date. But as soon as the sun starts setting..."

They'll be after the Foot, I finished mentally. The wave of sadness and nervousness came over me suddenly, but I breathed through it. Leo is a fighter,I can't get stressed every time he goes out on patrol...though it does make it worse that he has to pick a fight with the Foot now because of me. "Then how about a date here?"

The leader raises an eye ridge. "Here?"

Grinning, I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the piano...or at least he let me drag him. "Yeah! Come on I'll teach you some piano."

Taking a seat on one end of the stool, I left plenty of room for Leonardo. Taking him through the notes was pretty easy, seen as the ninja in training was a fast learner and good at memorising movements. Teaching him to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, however, proved to be a hilarious challenge.

"Just relax!" I giggled when the male beside me huffed for the hundredth time after hitting the wrong note, again.

"My fingers are too big for this!" He huffed.

Laughing, I scooted closer and repositioned his hand, then rested my hand over his. With my pointer finger and middle finger together, and my third finger pressed to my pinkie, my small hand matched his shape, and made it easier to pick the right notes...seen as I'd never tried to play with just three fingers before.

"Ok, ok, lets try again." My fingers would press onto Leo's in the rhythm of the song so as to guide him, moving his hand to hit the right keys was hard though. But it sounded a lot better than before. "See!"

Shaking his head and removing his hand from the keys, Leonardo took my hand instead and gave it a squeeze as he leaned closer to me. "I think I'll stick to ninjutsu, Sensei Richards, and let you be the music talent here."

Beaming, I gave a shrug. "Sounds fair. Though I think it's cute when you become huffy at getting something wrong."

"Jesus," The sudden groan of annoyance made me jump and turn to look behind us. Kat was standing there, arms crossed and smirking. "Get a room already." I stuck my tongue out at her and very nearly gave the finger, but Leo was still holding my hand. "Besides, Eve's isn't the only musical talent here." Her smirk turned devious as she looked over at Fran. The Irish teen was sat cross legged on the high sofa and quietly talking to Mina.

"Ha! Good luck getting that stick in the mud to sing." I smirked teasingly, laughing when the black haired teen stuck her tongue out at me in return.

"You underestimate me, dear cousin. By the end of the night, Fran will be our willing little song bird." Katie beamed, her grin cheeky.

I stood with a sigh. "I'll believe it when I see it. But for now, I feel like watching a movie."

Fran immediately snapped her gaze to me with a glare. "We're not watching Avengers again, Evie."


"No!" Was the joint cry of not only the girls, but of Raph as well.

The debate on what movie to watch actually took longer than most movies run for. For three and a half hours, I sat on the sofa listening to Raphael and Katlyn yell at each other on which gory action movie we should watch. Mina was too timid to say that she didn't like gore, and Frankie actually gave up after two hours of trying to reason with the two knuckle heads. So the two decided they'd take the chance for a shower.

"300 is literally the best action movie in history! How can you not agree?! The slow mo is prefect and the blood splatter is reasonable without loosing dramatic effect!"

"Your insane kid! Rambo is a classic! There is no better outlawed solider with a badass kill count! He takes on a whole army on his own for shells sake!"

"They still haven't picked a movie?" Fran groaned, rubbing her hair as she came down the stairs, her long legs on show with her black cotton shorts. Her crimson hoodie was zipped half way up to reveal her black and white Ed Sheehan top I bought for her a few christmases ago. Her black slippers were like two black kittens on her feet, a gift Linda had given her for her last birthday.

I sighed, rubbing my forehead to try rid myself of the headache the two hard heads had caused. "Nope, not even close. These two idiots are two stubborn."

"Hey!" They yelled in joint reply.

"That's enough." Fran ordered, striding over to take the remote from Raphs grasp. "Seen as you two can't decide, the rest of us will choose the film."

I watched as the tallest turtle turned and glared the older girl, mouth open to snap a response, but the Irish teen fixed him with the look. The look that says your in trouble, the one she wears when she's had enough and her patience has reached it's limit. It's an intimidating look. And Raphael shuts his mouth instantly.

Interestingly, the male actually backed down, putting his hands up in surrender as he takes a step back. And my jaw hits the floor. Especially as the biggest turtle looks her over.

Mina soon joins us, her curly hair in tighter curls than usual because of the recent wash, in her cute baggy pink bunny hoodie- floppy ears on the hood and a fluffy while tale on the lower back. She had another big book under her arm, along with long white leggings and fuzzy white socks on her feet.

"What would you like to watch Carmina?" Fran asked softly.

Strawberry blond rings bounced as she shook her head. "I think I'm going to continue reading for a little longer-"

"Aw come on dudette!" Mikey smiled cheerfully, gesturing grandly to the singly sofa. "You've been reading all day so far, why don't we all watch a comedy and share some laughs? Here," He pointed his green fingers at a tall pile of DVD cases, leaning ever so dangerously to the right.

"Hey look, it's the leaning tower of Movies!" I sniggered.

Laughing, Mike continued. "They're all the best comedy movies we own, you pick somethin' and I'll sort us some snacks."

And with that the youngest ninja ran to the kitchen, singing a made up song to himself as he worked. Mina looked shy at first but seemed to drift pretty easily into concentration as she studied the movie titles. Kat flopped down onto the single sofa with a huff, looking away in a bored, pouty manner, while Raph and Don worked together on bringing more seating over for the growing group. Fran even helped by supplying cushions for the people who'd have to sit on the floor.

Leo and I stayed on the sofa, relaxing together. His arm was draped over my shoulders, his fingers sometimes casually brushing my arm, and my side was leaning into him. My head rested on his large shoulder, cheek on his upper plastron as I sighed and snuggled into his hold. I held his free hand in both of mine, almost studying it as we waited for the others.

"You'll be carefully tonight, right?"

Leonardo kissed my forehead. "Of course we will." He replied softly, staying close.

I gave his hand a squeeze. I wanted to say more, to tell him how worried I was and how guilty I felt that his family now had to fight for me specifically, as if they didn't have enough on their plates, or done enough for me already. I felt like a burden. What if I was making their lives harder?

Shifting on the seat and I was properly curled up into Leo's side, I pushed the thoughts away for the time being and focused on the movie instead. Mina picked Jonny English, much to Mikey's delight, and the youngest turtle decided to try his best English accent throughout the entire trailers.

"Don't you have a mute button or something?" Kat sighed after a while.

"Pretty sure Raph broke his mute button when we were kids." Don mumbled in a sigh.

"Oh, I'm sorry old chums, am I being a bother? Oh dear, please do excuse me!" Mike exaggerated poshly, purposefully speaking nasally to try sound better.

"I literally don't know a single Brit who speaks like that." I grumbled.

Fran sighed, rubbing her temples. "Most Londoners don't even speak like that."

Yawning, I continued. "Personally I blame the fact that there are so many villains that have a British accent in American movies."

"That's not..." Raph defended.

But I gave him a dead pan look. "Name me one without, of the top of your head."

"...Ok this is hard when your on the spot."

"There's at least 55, and that's just from the past two years of movies that have done well in the box office. We know, we counted." Fran replied seriously.

"Well, the English accent does sound very intelligent, charming and charismatic. Having a villain who has those traits makes them seem more of a threat to the viewers..." Donnie mused.

"That kinda makes you think though, why are there so few villains who are girls?" Mike frowned.

Kat smirked. "Because we're most likely to win."

Raph snorted. "Oh yeah?"

"There is 15% more female serial kills in past FBI cases than men, and they have historically been harder to arrest." Mina put in, her tone dull, like she was listing off facts from a text book as she absently flipped through pages of her big book. "The former Federal Chief was reported stating women are more lethal killers because they kill for money and power, work efficiently alone, often have much high kill counts than men before they're caught, and are harder to arrest."

I blinked a few times through the group silence, but my smile was actually beaming. "This conversation kinda took a weird turn..." It's true, but at the same time...I was glad. The girls and I would often absentmindedly start talks and discussions on pretty much anything and everything all the time, it was normal for us. The topic didn't matter, because everyone was relaxed enough to just speak freely. And now they were doing it in front of the guys. They were becoming more comfortable with them.

Before anymore could be said, the movie started, so I grabbed me and Leo some pop-corn and snuggled into his side. One movie turned into two, then there was a break for more food to be made and served, a third movie to which Master Splinter was present for, and half way through the forth Don's shell cell beeped in alarm.

"The suns setting." He sighed.

Nodding, Leonardo carefully stood and replaced his body with a big pillow for me, smiling as he turned and bending down to kiss my forehead. "Don't wait up, we'll be back around sunrise."

Though I loved his thoughtfulness, I wanted a proper hug, so I stood on the pillows and jumped off the couch. Of course my ninja boyfriend caught me pretty easily, holding me tight with his arms around my waist as mine were around his neck. "Be careful, please come home safe and sound." My little plea was to all of them, and each turtle nodded.

Slowly, they each filed out, Michelangelo ruffling my hair as he passed with a grin, Leo being last as he reluctantly set me back on my feet, gave my lips a peck, and then ran over to the lift to join his brothers. Once the doors were shut, I finally let out a sigh.

Mina stepped up beside me and rested her hand on my shoulder. "How about you pick the next movie Evie?"

Shaking my head with a smile, I stretched my arms and back. "I don't really feel like one right now."

"Then how about a game?" Kat suggested, groaning as she stiffly stood from her spot on the floor. ""Never have I ever, truth or dare? Or better yet cousin, why don't you play us some music?"

"Oh yes!" Carmina cheered, clapping her hands together excitedly. "I have never heard you play the grand piano!"

Fran smiled softly. "My I request one of those piano covers you've been studying recently?"

"Only if you sing it Frankie." Katie smirked, winking at me.

Laughing happily, I nodded along, accepting defeat that Kat had one another bet and I would be taking requests for the night instead of my usual playlist. "Ok, ok, let me think." Walking away from my friends and towards a small platform beside Donnie's lab, I took my seat on the stool and lifted the case.

After positioning myself properly, my fingers began the soft tune of A Thousand Years by Christina Perry. The choice was mostly absent minded, but there was a part of my heart that was already aching because Leo was not by my side.

Geez, he's only been gone five minutes and I already miss him...what is that man doing to me?


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