Hello everyone and thanks for reading my first fanfiction entry into the Skyrim universe! I was inspired to write this during one of my gaming sessions and I hope you all enjoy.

The cowards waited until nighttime to attack us. Old Tilma woke us all up by yelling and throwing things from shelves and tables. Just as I opened my bedroom door, Kodlak rushed past, a warhammer in his grip. I pulled the bow from my back and charged after him. I heard the sounds of pounding footsteps behind me, but I didn't slow down as I ran through the open doors leading to the Jorrvaskr's main room.

Those damn Silver Hands stole our fragments of Wuuthrad before we even knew they were here. They waited foolishly waited for us, no doubt actually believing they could take on the Companions. I sent an arrow into the closest Silver Hand's eye before he could raise his sword. A few of the bastards fled towards the doors of Jorrvaskr. I couldn't let them escape, so I followed them with another arrow poised to fire.

Braziers lit up the night and made my next shot easier. One of the Silver Hands toppled to the ground, but there were more to deal with. I nocked an arrow and aimed, but I was suddenly thrown from my feet with a loud clang. A quick glance revealed that Torvar had saved me from an incoming strike. Young Torvar, one of the newest Companions, threw himself between a blade and me. If sacrifice wasn't an integral trait of the Companions, I might have been impressed.

There wasn't any time to wonder right now, the pieces of Wuuthrad were still in enemy hands. By the time I stood up, I had fired another arrow that felled a Silver Hand. I was about to give chase, but Farkas's voice stopped me.

"Aela, Torvar," he called. "We'll deal with them later."

I looked up at him and opened my mouth to protest, but he stopped me.

"Kodlak is dead."

My mouth hung open and Torvar stuttered words out in an attempt to make sense of the situation.

"Dead?" I repeated the word incredulously.

Farkas didn't answer. Instead, he turned around and entered Jorrvaskr. Torvar and I were about to follow, but we stopped at the sound of approaching footsteps. The newest Companion looked at Torvar and me before continuing up the steps after Farkas. I guess our expressions were enough.

Without a word, I left Torvar behind and went into Jorrvaskr. The first thing I noticed was the bodies strewn around the floor. One of our own, Athis, was on the ground, but he was thankfully breathing. Ria was tending to him.

Soon, my gaze fell upon Kodlak. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of the man, so small, so peaceful in death. I knelt next to Farkas and whispered the Harbinger's name. Njada was on Kodlak's opposite side. I was surprised to see tear stains on her face.

"First Skjor, now you, Kodlak," I said, touching my hand to his pale face. "Why did you have to leave us at a time like this?"

Emotions threatened to break through me. I tried to keep them back, but every second weakened my defense. Farkas gave me a worried look and I noticed my hand was shaking. He watched me stand up and I felt his eyes on me as I approached Vilkas.

"We want revenge, Aela," Vilkas said firmly.

"Do whatever it takes," I replied. Actions always did speak louder than words to me. It was better to rebuild my defense than to sit idly by worrying about it.

Again, thanks for reading! Maybe I'll experiment more in the Skyrim universe soon.