The Stolen Earth: The Tandocca Trail

Jack rushed to a computer as an alarm sounded, a voice calling over the comm., "The shields are down! There's so many of them! Abandon ship!"

"The Valiant's down!" Jack shouted in horror, for a ship like that, one so powerful, to be taken out...the Valiant was one of Earth's top defense against alien invasions, without it...there really was no hope was there?

"Airforce retreating over North Africa!" Ianto reported from another computer, "Daleks landing in Japan."

"We've lost contact with the Prime Minister's plane," Gwen looked over at Jack urgently, having seen the next area of attack, "Jack! Manhattan!"

"Martha, get out of there!" Jack shouted into his phone, still on the line with one Martha Jones.

"I can't, Jack," she replied, a solemn note in her voice, "I've got a job to do."

"They're targeting military bases, and you're next on the list."

"It's like the Doctor said," she reminded him quietly, "Responsibility."


"Dr. Jones, you will come with me," the captain said from behind Martha, making her turn around, startled, "Project Indigo is being activated," Martha looked at him, stunned, her eyes wide, mouth falling open. Project Indigo wasn't ready yet! But the man didn't seem to notice, or didn't care, "Quick march," he turned and led her through the base with another UNIT soldier as guard should they be attacked on the way, clearly they were well aware they were a possible target for the aliens, till they reached a set of double doors. He walked through them and down another corridor at a brisk walk.

"But we can't use Project Indigo," Martha tried to reason, "It hasn't been tested, sir, we don't even know if it works!"


The Daleks glided into UNIT's New York office, "UNIT forces will be exterminated!" one cried.

"Annihilate UNIT!" a second agreed as they began to shoot their lasers at everyone in sight. The soldiers tried to fight back but to no avail, their weapons were harmless against the Dalek shielding.


Suzanne was shot, screaming in pain, before she collapsed to the floor, dead, the rest of her team quickly following her.


The UNIT soldier turned a wheel on a thick black door, which opened a secure storage safe. The captain gestured to the body pack hanging within, "Put it on. Fast as you can."

Martha moved over to it but heard Jack shouting through the phone, "Martha, I'm telling you, don't use Project Indigo, it's not safe!"

She winced, she hadn't even realized she'd not shut her phone off on the way, Jack had heard everything. And if Jack knew what Indigo was...he knew exactly how mad and dangerous it was to even attempt to use it.

"You take your orders from UNIT, Dr. Jones, not from Torchwood," the captain reminded her, seeing her hesitate.

"But why me?" Martha put on the body pack.

"You are our only hope of finding the Doctor and Angel. But failing that...if no help is coming...then by the power invested in me by the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, I authorize you to take this," he offered her a digital microchip encased in a plastic box, "The Osterhagen Key."

Martha shook her head, fearful, not even wanting to touch it knowing what it was, "I can't take that, sir."

She couldn't, because taking that...meant she knew what UNIT would want her to do with it. And she couldn't, she just...couldn't...

"You know what to do," he put it in her hand, "For the sake of the Human Race."

They heard a laser activate and looked around, "Daleks one five breaching north corridor. Exterminate! Exterminate, exterminate!"

"Dr. Jones…" the captain saluted her, "Good luck," he and the UNIT soldier turned and faced the approaching Daleks, firing on them, giving Martha time to escape, acting as a distraction and a line of defense for her.


"Bye, Jack," Martha breathed.

"Martha, don't do it!" Jack shouted over the phone.

She closed her eyes and pulled the cords on the body pack, disappearing in blue light just as the captain and the soldier fell before her eyes, narrowly missing a Dalek laser that flew in her direction, disappearing before it could strike her.


"DON'T!" Jack yelled, but the line went dead. He lowered the phone from his ear, staring at it, before turning to kick a nearby desk in rage and frustration.

Gwen flinched, clearly Jack thought the worst had happened, that Martha...that Martha was dead. Where were the Doctor and Angel?! They should have been there, they should have seen this coming, stopped it, stopped Martha from having to use that Indigo thing, whatever it was.

"What's Project Indigo?" Ianto asked softly, sensing Jack's heartbreak at the thought of Martha having...died.

"Experimental teleport salvaged from the Sontarans," Jack breathed, trying to keep it together, but he just couldn't! Martha...she was so much closer to him than other UNIT soldiers, she was like Gwen and Tosh and Owen and Ianto, she was like a member of his team even if she was a UNIT member. She'd saved the Earth, all on her own, she'd had adventures with him, with Angel and the Doctor, and that united them in a way nothing on Earth ever could. And she might be gone because UNIT rushed her, because they were playing with things they didn't understand and didn't ask HIS help to work it out, "But they haven't got coordinates or stabilization!"

"Where is she?" Gwen frowned.

"Scattered into atoms," he replied as Gwen stared in horror, "Martha's down."

Ianto put his hand over his mouth.


"Commence the landings," the Supreme Dalek ordered, "Bring the humans here. Prepare the Crucible."

A cold, calculating, but not quite Dalek, voice echoed over the comm., "Supreme Dalek. Is there news?"

"Earth has been subjugated."

"I there news...of them?"

"Negative. No reports of Time Lords. We are beyond the Doctor or the Angel's reach."

"Fascinating. If I had not elevated you beyond crude emotions, I could almost mistake that tone for one of victory. Beware your pride."

"The Doctor and his Mate cannot stop us."

"And yet, Dalek Caan is uneasy…"

A panel lit up to reveal Dalek Caan on a plinth, his top blown off and the mutant inside twitching anxiously, his eye drifting everywhere rapidly.

"The abomination is insane."

"Have some respect. Without Dalek Caan, none of this would be possible. And he speaks only the truth."

"They are coming..." Caan said, his voice almost sing-song, "The threefold man, he dances in the lonely places with the shining woman. Oh, creator of us all...the Doctor and his Mate are coming!" he cackled insanely.


The Doctor and the Shadow Architect stood by one of the computers, completely lost but trying their hardest to work out what might be happening, while Donna and Angel sat on the stairs, side-by-side. Angel was leaning against the railing, curled up a bit, trying to cool herself down by placing her feverish head on the cold metal, her eyes closed, just trying to regulate her breathing. She was getting harder to get breath in her. She was breathing heavily at the moment, as though she just...couldn't get enough air in her lungs, and she was shaking, her stomach twisted painfully and her head was pounding. But she tried to keep it buried, she didn't want to distract the Doctor, not now, not when he needed to focus on the Earth. So she bit her lip, trying to keep her face neutral despite how much she wanted to cry at how much it hurt, tried to keep the emotions from welling up and spreading to him. Any hint of her discomfort would send him rushing to her side and she knew, whatever plan the Earth was a part of, it wouldn't be good and they had to get it back quickly. It wasn't even a true feeling but just...a knowledge, the Doctor knew it too, to move all those risk all the lives on them...was a sinister plot indeed.

Donna sat beside her, her gaze on Angel, watching her worriedly though she found it hard to keep her thoughts from racing and drifting. She was so incredibly worried, not just about Angel, the girl had grown five times paler than normal since they'd left Shan Shen, but also the Earth, her family, her friends, her everything was there and now it was gone...and she wasn't there with them.

She blinked suddenly as a heartbeat sounded in her head...

When a bowl was thrust in front of her face along with one before Angel, the girl seeming to sense the presence in front of her and slowly blinked her eyes open, "You need sustenance," a young albino woman held out two bowls of water to them, "Take the water, it purifies."

"Thanks," Angel's voice cracked as she weakly took the water, her hands shaking as she tried not to drop it or spill it before putting it on her lap, despite how dry her throat felt...she just...she couldn't even stomach the thought of drinking water at the moment and she didn't want to attempt actually drinking it. She doubted the Architect would be pleased with her if she was sick all over her pristine floors.

"There was something on your back," the woman commented to Donna, eyeing the woman's shoulder.

Donna looked up in alarm, "How did you know that?"

"You are something new."

Donna sighed, "Not me. I'm just a temp. Short hand, filing, a hundred words per minute. Fat lot of good that is now. I'm no use to anyone."

Angel frowned at that, she'd seen Donna since Shan Shen, she was quieter, like...after Lance had been mean to her. And she didn't like it, her sister was FAR too special to be left feeling like she was SHE was. No, Donna was brilliant, she was incredible, and fiery, and amazing, and fantastic, and she NEEDED to make sure the woman knew that. If it was the last thing she did...and it might just be...she was going to remind Donna of that.

"You're a use to me," Angel reached over and took her hand, "Where would I be...without my big sister?"

Donna smiled softly at her, despite the tears in her eyes when Angel tried to squeeze her hand but couldn't even muster it. Her hands were cold, shaking she put her other hand on top of it, wanting to keep it warm. When Angel had started getting worse, she had taken it upon herself to take care of her. She was always there for her, trying to get her to eat, trying to make her laugh and smile the way she always did for others, just watching her when the Doctor couldn't. They'd grown close over the months, she really did look at Angel as a younger sister, had right from the beginning really, the fact that they were both gingers probably helped. Some people had actually assumed they were sisters during a few trips, which they'd have a laugh about later.

But it was so nice to have one, she couldn't bear the thought of losing Angel, not was one thing to know it was coming, to try and stop it, to hope for the best...but quite another to get to that point where it might actually happen.

"I'm so sorry for your loss," the albino woman said quietly.

"Yeah," Donna nodded, "My whole planet's gone."

"Mine too," Angel added.

"I mean the loss that is yet to come," the woman breathed, looking between Donna and Angel, "God save you," and rushed off.

"Donna, come on, think," the Doctor leaned on the banister as he made his way over to them, "Earth. There must've been some sort of warning. Was there anything happening back in your day, like...electrical storms, freak weather, patterns in the sky?"

"Well, how should I know?" she huffed, before sighing, " I don't think so, no."

The Doctor nodded, "Oh, ok. Never mind."

"What about the bees disappearing?" Angel asked, the Doctor had never really paid much attention to that, but, at the time, something had struck her about it. Every time Donna had brought it up, something about it just got to her.

"The bees disappearing?" the Doctor frowned at Angel, "The BEES disappearing."

"It seemed...important at the time," she shrugged, not at all perturbed by his expression. She knew he was worried about the Earth, she was terrified for it, and she knew that he wasn't sure what to make of her words, whether to take them as a feeling or just...her grasping at straws. But, to hear that she had felt that way BEFORE her senses had was making him stop and truly consider it.

He paused a moment, thinking more, before his eyes widened, "The bees disappearing!" he ran over to the computer, now excited.

"How is that significant?" the Architect eyed them, casting a more...disgusted...look at Angel. Clearly the woman had issues with illness.

"On Earth, we have these insects," Donna said as she helped Angel over to the computer, swallowing hard as the girl leaned more on her than ever before, so weak it was almost like she were a doll just being pulled around, "Some people said it was pollution or mobile phone signals."

"Or...they were going back home," the Doctor grinned.

"Back home where?"

"The planet...Melissa Majoria," Angel stated with a small wheeze. What did it mean when the short walk across the room took so much out of her and left her breathless so easily?

"Are you saying bees are aliens?"

"Don't be so daft," the Doctor scoffed, "Not all of them. But, if the migrant bees felt something, some sort of danger, and escaped...Tandocca!"

"The Tandocca Scale," the Architect gasped.

"The Tandocca Scale is a series of wavelengths used as carrier signals by migrant bees," the Doctor explained quickly, "Infinitely small, no wonder we didn't see it. It's like looking for a speck of cinnamon in the Sahara. But look!" he pointed at the screen, "There it is! The Tandocca Trail," a blue light streaked across the monitor, "The transmat that moved that planets was using the same wavelength! We can follow the path!"

"And find the Earth!" Donna cheered, her and Angel already at the TARDIS, "Well, stop talking and do it!"

"I am!" the Doctor called, running after them, he darted into the TARDIS and over to the console, setting controls to bring up the trail on the monitor as Donna sat Angel down on the captain's chair as she started breathing heavily, "We're a bit late. The signal's scattered, but it's a start!" he turned to Angel, kneeling before her a moment, taking her hands in his as he looked at her, "I just have to tell the Architect and we'll be off, you…" he looked at her meaningfully, "Just rest, no working on the controls yeah?"

She just shook her head, "The Earth is more important...don't worry about me."

He smiled softly at her, reaching up to brush some hair behind her ears, "I always worry about you," he kissed her forehead, trying not to wince at how hot it felt, certainly warmer than a human would have been able to survive, and ran back to the TARDIS doors, sticking his head out to see the Architect and Judoon standing there around it, "We've got a blip! It's just a blip, but it's definitely a blip."

"Then according to the strictures of the Shadow Proclamation, I will have to seize your transport and your technology," the Architect stated.

"Oh, really?" he blinked, frowning, "What for?"

"The planets were stolen with hostile intent. We are declaring war, Doctor! Right across the Universe! And you will lead us into battle!"

"Right…" he nodded slowly, "Yes. Course I will. Just go and...get you a key..." he slid back into the TARDIS and shut the doors. He flung his coat over one of the Y-beams and joined Donna at the console. He winked at Angel with a smile, the girl returning it with a small smile of her own, before pulling a lever.

"Doctor, come back!" they heard the Architect shout as the TARDIS disappeared, "By the Holy Writ of the Shadow Proclamation, I order you to stop!"


"All humans will leave their homes," a Dalek ordered as the inhabitants of the houses along the Nobles' road were gathered outside, their hands behind their heads, "The males, the females, the descendants. You will come with us. Resistance is useless."

"Where are you taking us?" a man asked as he approached.

"Daleks do not answer human questions. Stand in line."

The Dalek moved aside, giving Wilf and Sylvia a view of the gathering from around the side of a house they were hiding behind, "Dad, please, come home, they're leaving our street alone," Sylvia whispered.

"Yeah, I've got a weapon," he countered, gesturing to the device in his hands.

"It's a paint-gun."

"Exactly. Them Dalek things, they've only got one eye. A good splodge of paint, they'd be blinded! "

"We're not going," the man shouted, pulling their attention back to the gathering, "Do you hear me?!" he turned to his wife, "Laura, get back inside the house. Simon, get inside. Go!" his wife and the boy hurried back to the house as the man picked up a brick and lobbed it at the Dalek, "Get back in the sky!" but the brick thudded on the casing, causing no damage at all, "Go back where you came from and leave us alone!"

The Dalek turned and advanced dangerously on the man as he scampered back into his house, "Dalek attack formation seven," three other Daleks lined up outside the man's home, "Maximum extermination!" the Daleks shot at a different window of the house, causing it to go up in flames, much to the horror of onlookers as the family within was trapped.

"They're monsters…" Wilf breathed.

"Please, dad, come home," Sylvia tugged on his arm.

Wilf sighed and allowed her to pull him away. They hurried back along the houses only to be stopped by a lone Dalek stationed there, "Halt! You will come with me."

"Will I, 'eck!" Wilf aimed the paint-gun and fired, smearing the eyestalk with yellow paint.

For a moment it looked like it had worked!

...but the paint boiled away.

"My vision is NOT impaired."

"I warned you, dad!" Sylvia hissed.

"Hostility will not be tolerated! Exterminate! Exterminate! Extermin…"

Suddenly the whole top half of the Dalek was blown off and left a smoldering wreck.

Wilf and Sylvia looked up to see Rose standing behind it with her massive gun, "Do you want to swap?" Wilf held out the paint-gun.

"You're Donna Noble's family, right?" she walked over to them as Wilf nodded, "I'm Rose Tyler, and I need your help."


"I tried calling her, but I can't get through," Wilf explained to Rose as he held up the phone in the sitting room of their house, "She's still with the Doctor and Angel, I know that much, and the…and the last time she phoned, it…it was from a planet called Midnight, made of diamonds."

"What the hell are you two on about?" Sylvia held up a pot of tea.

"Look, she's out there, sweetheart! Your daughter! She's travelling the stars with the Doctor and Angel. She always has been."

"Don't be ridiculous."

"Oh, come on, open your eyes. Look at the sky. Look at the…look at the Daleks! You can't start denying things now!"

"You're my last hope," Rose said quietly, "If we can't find Donna...we can't find the Doctor or Angel," she sighed, "Where are they?"

She was getting worried, her comm. to Mickey had gone down with the last jump, apparently something had disrupted his own jump into this Universe and the comms. had been disabled. She didn't know where he was or what he was doing and now, not knowing how to contact the Time Lords...she needed to find them.


The Doctor and Donna held onto the console for support as Angel tensed, trying to stay on the captain's chair, when the TARDIS just...stopped, "It's stopped…" the Doctor panted.

"What do you mean?" Donna frowned, "Is that good or bad? Where are we?"

The Doctor looked at the monitor, "The Medusa Cascade. I came here when I was just a kid. 90 years old. It was the center of a rift in time and space."

"So...where are the 27 planets?"

"Nowhere. The Tandocca Trail stops dead," he rested his head back against a Y-beam, "End of the line."

Donna swallowed hard, "So, what do we do? Come on now, what do we do?" the Doctor was quiet, just looking at the screen of the monitor, seemingly defeated, "Don't do this to me," she shook her head, "No, don't. Don't do this to me. Not now…tell me what we're going to do!" the Doctor just stared wordlessly, hopeless…and it terrified Donna more than anything, "You never give up! Please!"

"Ah," Angel fell to the ground with a grunt, having tried to get up to go comfort and calm down Donna...and failed, holding her stomach as her face scrunched in pain. The Doctor quickly ran to her side, scanning her with the sonic.

He blinked, staring at the sonic in horror, "Your liver's shut down completely, your kidneys are close," he swallowed hard, "And your lungs are…"

Angel just reached out and put a hand on his cheek, making him look at her instead of the terrible results, "Find the Earth," she whispered to him, her voice shaking, pain she couldn't hide any longer in it, "Please. There's nothing you can do for me...but you can find it."

"How?" he shook his head.

She gave him a small smile, "I haven't the faintest...but you will, 'cos you…are fantastic," he smiled at her, taking her hand off his cheek and holding it a moment before kissing the back of it. He jumped up and ran to the console, getting to work as Donna sat beside Angel who was just leaning back against the chair, unwilling and unable to try to pick herself back up onto it.


Gwen was sitting on a sofa beside Tosh, who'd arrived moments ago with Owen, barely managing to escape the Dalek siege unnoticed. Owen was currently going though every piece of alien tech they had that still worked, looking for something that could help stop or defend them against the Daleks despite Jack's claims that there was nothing they could do.

"This is the Commander General of the United Nations calling the Dalek fleet," a transmission came over the radio, "We surrender. Repeat: we surrender," Ianto put down a tray of coffee and fell onto a chair, devastated, "Planet Earth surrenders."

Jack sat on the floor with his back to the wall, knees drawn up just clutching his phone, praying for one of Angel's miracles.

"Humans selected for testing will follow Dalek instructions," a Dalek replied.


Sarah Jane sat with her arm around Luke as they listened to the Dalek, "The Daleks reign supreme. All hail the Daleks!"

She closed her eyes in despair. What sort of life would her son have now?


Wilf had his arm around Sylvia as they sat huddled together in the armchair. He kissed her forehead as she cried, "You will obey Dalek instruction without question," a Dalek said outside, "You will obey your Dalek ma…"

The Dalek's voice was cut off by a loud beep.

Wilf and Rose looked around to see what had caused it, only to find a laptop had sprung to life, white noise sounding, a familiar voice calling out, "Can anyone hear me? The subwave network is open, you should be able to hear my voice..." Rose ran to the laptop, "Is there anyone there?"

"I know that voice..." she gasped, kneeling before it eagerly, hoping to see the woman she thought it might be.


"Who's that?" Luke frowned as they heard the voice.

"Some poor soul calling for help," Sarah Jane sighed, "There's nothing we can do."

"But look at Mr. Smith!"

"Processing incoming subwave," the computer announced, displaying a vague female outline buried in the static.


Tosh leapt to her feet, hearing a voice, and ran to the computer.

"This message is of the utmost importance," the voice called, "We haven't much time. Can anyone hear me?"

"Someone's trying to get in touch!" Gwen exclaimed as she rushed to join Tosh before the computer, Tosh starting to type in codes to reduce the white noise and static.

"The whole world's crying out," Jack sighed, "Just leave it."

"Captain Jack Harkness, shame on you!" the voice scolded as the image started to clear. Ianto jumped up and joined the girls, Owen rushing over as well, "Now, stand to attention, sir!"

Jack quickly ran over, "What?! Who is that?"

The image cleared to reveal Harriet Jones, sitting in front of her computer, holding her ID card at the screen, "Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister."

"Yeah, I know who you are," Jack smiled.


"Harriet!" Rose yelled, "It's me, it's me! Oh, she can't hear me…" she looked at Wilf, "Have you got a webcam?"

"No," he gestured at Sylvia, "She wouldn't let me. She said they're naughty."

"Can't speak to her then," Rose sighed as she turned back to the screen.


"Sarah Jane Smith, 13 Bannerman Road," Harriet greeted as Sarah Jane looked over, "Are you there?"

Sarah Jane quickly moved over to Mr. Smith, "Yeah! Yeah, I'm here! It's me!"

"Good!" Harriet smiled, "Now, let's see if we can talk to each other," she pushed a few buttons and the screen divided into four squares, her in the first, Jack in the second, and Sarah Jane in the third, the fourth one still displaying static, "The fourth contact seems to be having some trouble getting through."


"That's me!" Rose cheered, "Harriet, that's me!"

"I'll just boost the signal," Harriet said, hitting a few buttons and Martha's face appeared in the fourth square.

"Hello?" Martha called.


"Doctor?" Donna called, her voice full of concern as she looked at him, her hand lowering from Angel's forehead, "She's burning up."

Angel winced as she breathed heavily, a thin layer of sweat on her brow, curling her legs up before her, hugging herself as she shook. The Doctor moved to rush to her side when she shook her head, "Find the Earth first," she insisted, "There's can do but scan me," she looked at him, "Focus on the Earth," he hesitated, "Please..." she whispered.

He swallowed hard before returning to his work, working faster than before. The faster he found the Earth the sooner Angel would let him take care of her.

As soon as his back was turned, Angel's face scrunched as tears filled her eyes. She quickly lowered her head, resting her forehead on her knees so Donna wouldn't see her expression. She sniffled as quietly as she could, almost thankful that she was constantly shaking. Donna, with her hand rubbing soothing circles on her back, trying to help, wouldn't be able to tell the difference between shaking from the pain and shaking from the tears that were threatening to spill.

Everything was wrong!

She shouldn't be like this, she should be stronger, she should be able to push past the pain, to help the Doctor and there she was, sitting there, practically too weak to even move by herself anymore, utterly useless. She couldn't sense things, she had no more feelings, she couldn't even bring up the Vortex to try and stop the Daleks like she had the first time she was just...


And fading fast.

She could feel it inside of her, it didn't matter if it wasn't a 'vision' or anything, it was just...her. Her body, her life, her weakness, she could feel that, she could understand it better than the sonic had. She could feel it happening within her and it scared her terribly. The Doctor was so hopeful that he'd be able to save the Earth, to save her, to have one of those days where everybody lived as he had had more of since finding her...not recently though...but she knew. Deep down she knew, he would only have time to save one and she refused to let it be her over the lives of billions of humans. She knew...when the time came...he would only be able to save one.

She didn't need to read the Doctor's mind to know that the sonic said the same thing she felt.

She was nearing her end.

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