Partners in Crime: Gingers United!

"No, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, one more thing, before...dying," the Doctor held up his hands, his hearts starting again, but racing even faster than when he'd seen Angel hanging from the cradle, "Do you know what happens if you hold two identical sonic devices against each other?"

"No…" Miss Foster frowned, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Nor me," the Doctor held out a hand and Donna gave him the sonic pen, "Let's find out!" he pointed the sonics together, creating an awful noise that pierced the eardrums. Miss Foster and the guards squirmed in pain as the glass shattered around them.

Donna pushed the Doctor till he stopped, trying to cover her ears in the process, even Angel winced at the pitch, "Come on!"

They turned and ran off as Miss Foster held up her wrist comm., "I'm advancing the birth plan. We're going into premature labor," she turned and hurried away, back into her office where Penny was collecting binders of files on the Industry having ignored the Doctor's warning to get out.

"Cellular ossification…" Penny mumbled, staring at a paper with a small frown on her face, trying to make heads or tails of it, when Miss Foster and the guards walked in.

"Tie her up!" Miss Foster snapped, glaring at the journalist.

"Ah, you're kidding me," Penny grumbled as the guards grabbed her and began to do just that...again.


The Doctor, Angel, and Donna ran along a deserted corridor in the basement, back to the storage cupboard the two had waited in before. The Doctor opened the door and started throwing supplies out of it, "Well, that's one solution," Donna said, watching him, "Hide in a cupboard. I like it."

"We're not hiding in it," Angel remarked, ducking as a piece of tubing flew over her head, "Well...not NOW. Before we were. Well, before we weren't really JUST hiding..."

Donna smirked, seeing the Doctor's cheek tint pink and turned to Angel, "And what were you doing when you weren't hiding?"

"Snogging," Angel stated.

Donna laughed and whacked the Doctor on the arm, "The cupboard's about the size of the outside of the TARDIS you know. Is that what the TARDIS has turned into then Doctor? Is it a snog-box too? It isn't, is it? Do you snog in there too?"

Angel frowned, "The TARDIS is a time machine," she said innocently, "We snog in the time machine."

Donna just beamed and hugged Angel, "Oh I missed you too!" she laughed, nearly knocking the girl off her feet as she swung her side to side in her enthused hug.

The Doctor just did his best to ignore them and pressed the wall and it slid open to reveal a big, green machine built into it.

"I knew there was a reason I picked this one," Angel muttered as she watched the Doctor examine it.

"Hacking in to this thing," the Doctor said, pressing a few buttons on it, "'Cos the matron's got a computer core running through the center of the building. Triple deadlocked. And now I've got this…" he flipped the sonic pen, "I can get into it."


Miss Foster opened a wall panel in her office to reveal a similar green machine, "What does that thing do?" Penny asked from the chair she was tied to, leaning over as much as she could to the side to try and see what the woman was doing.

"It's the inducer," a Miss Foster explained, "We had planned to seed millions, but if those two, at least, are aliens then they've alerted the Shadow Proclamation, so the first one million humans will have to do," she turned to the guards, "Find him, and the women. Don't waste time, just kill them."

The guards nodded and rushed off.


"She's wired up the whole building," the Doctor continued to examine.

Angel stiffened, "Doctor...someone's coming."

He glanced at her to see her looking down the halls as though expecting someone to run up to them and realized Miss Foster must have sent the guards after them. He nodded, looking back at the machine, "We need a bit of privacy," he held two sparking plugs together and…


Lightning shot out of the walls, stunning the guards as they passed, not killing them, but jolting them enough to knock them out.


"Just enough to stop them," he nodded, letting out a small breath of relief that they were safe, for now. Those guards had guns, and they were headed right for them, for him and Angel, he didn't like people with guns anywhere near his Mate, "Why's she wired up the tower block? What's it all for?"

"Inducer online," the computer announced as he worked.

"You two look older," Donna remarked, taking the time to really look at them, at the Doctor focused on the machine, on Angel focused on him, both of them with matching little frowns on their faces.

"Thanks," the Doctor mumbled.

"Still on your own?"

"Oh no," Angel explained gently, smiling in reminiscence, "We had another girl with us, Martha Jones," she laughed, "Most definitely my best human friend," she nodded, "She's brilliant Donna, you'd love her, she's so clever and..."

"And I destroyed half her life," the Doctor added.

"That was the Master," Angel corrected instantly, putting a hand on the Doctor's shoulder, squeezing it till he looked over at her to see her smiling at him.

She didn't blame him for what happened, for what the Master did, even though he blamed himself. Everything the Master had done had been to get back at HIM, destroy the planet and species he treasured, hunt his companion, torture the companion's family, and keep him away from his Mate. Everything the man could do to make him miserable and see him suffer, the Master had done. But in the process, he'd hurt so many others, like the Jones family. But it really was ALL the Master, the Doctor had tried to stop it, had succeeded in stopping it, the family was alive, and healthy, and closer because of everything they'd endured. And they would be just fine, stronger, better, because they knew him.

She nodded when she saw he'd caught her thoughts and was starting to smile again before turning back to the machine to finish. She turned to Donna again, "She's just fine, safe at home with her family."

"What about Rose?" Donna asked cautiously, recalling their reactions on the TARDIS. She truly winced thinking back to how she'd acted, how insensitive she'd been to not have noticed how pained they were at the reminder of Rose in a shirt.

"She's um...," Angel whispered, "Still trapped. In a parallel world," she added, explaining a bit more to Donna, "All the ways to it are sealed off. But still," she managed a smile, "She IS with her family and that's all that matters in the end, family."

Donna nodded, she could understand that. Her father, rest his soul, had recently passed that year. It had devastated her mother, shaken her family terribly. And it hurt. It made her wish she could go back and just spend one more minute with him, just...hug him. She knew it was every father's dream to live long enough to walk his daughter down the aisle and, despite the utter failure that whole mess had been, he'd gotten to do it, for the most part...if you forgot about how she'd disappeared in a flash of gold during the middle of it. But still...she treasured the memories she had of her father and could understand how the Time Lords must have felt. They'd said enough for her to know that their planet was gone, their people, just the two of them left, they, out of everyone in the Universe, could understand how important family was. And she didn't doubt they'd had a hand in getting Rose to her family before the parallel world sealed up.

"I thought you were going to travel the world?" the Doctor asked, wanting to get off that topic. It still stung them both to think on Rose, they did remember her fondly, they had moved on as much as they could, gotten closure, been able to say goodbye, healed a bit thanks to Martha. But it still hurt to remember that she was gone, his companion, Angel's sister.

"Easier said than done," Donna nodded, understanding, "It's like I had that one day with you and I was gonna change. I was gonna do so much. Then I woke up next morning, same old life. It's like you were never there. And I tried. I did try, I went to Egypt. I was gonna go barefoot and everything. And then it's all bus trips and guidebooks and don't drink the water and two weeks're back home. It's nothing like being with you. I must have been mad turning down that offer."

"What offer?" the Doctor looked back.

"To come with you."

"You'd come with us?"

"Oh yes, please!"

"Right," he smiled as did Angel.

"Inducer activated."

"What's it doing now?" Donna squinted as the machine lit up.

"She's started the program…" the Doctor breathed.


Miss Foster pulled a lever.

"Inducer transmitting."

"Mark the date, Miss Carter," she smirked, "Happy birthday. One million birthdays."


Mrs. Noble sat with her friends at a restaurant, having dinner as her friend, Suzette, extolled Adipose and their blessed pills, "I swear that Adipose treatment is fabulous. Just look at my chin," she lifted her head a bit to poke her chin, "And it's very good for back fat. I'm down two sizes!"

"It's like a miracle," Mrs. Noble smiled, "All that from just one little pill!"

"And I've been eating like normal," Suzette added...when her back started twitching, making her frown and shift uncomfortably.

"You alright, love?"

"Yeah. I'm just...funny sort of feeling like a..."

Other people in the restaurant started reacting as well, in the same way, twitching and twisting, "What's happened?" a woman shouted.

"I'm not sure, seems to be..." a man replied.

"Better pop to the loo," Suzette got up only for her back to start to bulge out, lumps forming all over it.

"Oh, my God, Suzette!" Mrs. Noble gasped.

"What?" she asked, "What is it?" she looked over her shoulder, her eyes widening as she saw the lumps moving, "Get it off me!"

Mrs. Noble ran to her friend's side and pulled down the back of her shirt to reveal an Adipose which just hopped out of her shirt and waved at them. The large people all over the restaurant started getting bumps too, more and more Adipose jumping down from them.


Roger stood before his mirror, a small smile on his face, admiring his new figure...when an Adipose burst out of his belly, waving at him from the floor before jumping out the cat flap, leaving poor Roger stunned.


The Adipose ran along the restaurant floor, dodging people's feet and out onto the street where they littered the paths, they were everywhere.


"Come to me children," Miss Foster called into a communicator, "Come to me."


"Alright, everyone get back, don't touch them, and stay away," a woman tried to keep the people on the street calm as the Adipose swarmed, the police trying to help but to no avail, no one knew what to do.


"So far they're just losing weight, but the matron has gone up to emergency pathogenesis," the Doctor said.

"That's when they convert..." Donna swallowed.

"Everything," Angel frowned.

The Doctor nodded, "Skeletons, organs, hair, you name it. A million people are gonna die!"


Suzette fell to the ground, flailing as her body developed even more bumps.


"Gotta cancel the signal!" the Doctor pulled the pendant out and took off the top to reveal a chip beneath it, "This contains the primary signal. If I can switch it off the fat goes back to being just fat," he hooked it into the machine.

Angel winced, closing her eyes...

...Donna held up a second pendant...

'...We're not the ones in trouble now. SHE is!...'

...Miss Foster, bewildered, looked down at the ground she was hovering above before she fell with a scream...

Angel opened her eyes and looked at the Doctor, frantically working...


"A nice try," Miss Foster smirked, seeing the new signal racing up the controls, "Double strength," she pulled a lever down completely.

"Inducer increasing."


"No, no, no, no, no, she's doubled it," the Doctor said tensely, "I need...haven't got time! It's too far, I can't override it! They're all gonna die!"

"Is there anything I can do?" Donna gasped.

"Sorry, Donna, this is way beyond you!" the Doctor panicked, "Gotta double the base pulse, I can't..."

"Doctor, please, just tell her what you need," Angel reached out to put her hand on his as it fiddled with the controls, squeezing it.

"I need a second capsule to boost the override," he turned to Donna quickly, "But I've only got the one. I can't save them!" he returned his attention to the machine, trying to unlock the switches...

When Donna held up her own pendant.

He looked at her in shock before they all burst out laughing, the Doctor taking it and plugging it in, shutting the lights off permanently.


Suzette stilled, the bumps disappearing back into her body, "It's stopped! They've gone."


Miss Foster flicked the switches on her machine but the lights wouldn't turn back on.

"What's happened?" Penny asked, frowning, knowing something had happened.

"I think the Doctor happened," she sneered, "But we've still given birth to ten thousand Adipose. And the nursery is coming."

A loud horn sounded from above.


"What the hell was that?" Donna stared up, hearing it all the way in the basement.


"It's my lift home!" Miss Foster smiled, turning and strutting out of the office.

"You can't just leave me here!" Penny called after her, struggling in her bonds once more.


"It just stopped," Suzette breathed, when the horn sounded again.

"What on Earth is it now?" Mrs. Noble looked outside, "Oh my God!"

Everyone looked up as a big circular spaceship flew over London. People started screaming and running away, not having the best experiences with spaceships just randomly always meant trouble.


Donna's grandfather sat at his telescope, listening to music, deaf and oblivious to the spaceship behind him.


The ship came to a halt over the Adipose Industries building where thousands of Adipose had gathered, cheering.


"Fine…" Donna nodded, "When you say nursery you don't mean a crèche in Notting Hill?"

"Nursery ship," the Doctor corrected.

"Incoming signal," the computer lit up and started talking in an alien language.

"Hadn't we better go and stop them?" Donna reminded them when they didn't move to leave but just stood there staring at the machine.

"Hang on, instructions from the Adiposian First Family," the Doctor frowned as he and Angel listened in, Angel frowning as she tried to understand what was being said. She was fair at alien languages, she knew enough to get by, so it was a bit difficult to make out.


Miss Foster stood on the street, talking to the Adipose babies that had gathered around her, "Children! Oh my children, behold. I am taking you home," the Adipose cheered, "Far across the galaxy, your new mummies and daddies are waiting. And you will fly!" blue levitation beams reached out from the ship, creating a small circle of light on the ground below, "Up you go, babies. Up you go!" the Adipose babies stepped into the beam and started floating up to the ship, "That's it, fly away home!"


"She's wired up the tower block to convert it into a levitation post," the Doctor mumbled, "Oh. Ooh," his eyes widened as he heard the message, "We're not the ones in trouble now. SHE is!"

"We have to stop her," Angel gasped, remembering her vision, she hadn't had much time to process it with her concern for the other humans but...Miss Foster was in danger and, despite what she'd done, the vision she'd one deserved that. The Doctor took her hand and led them to the stairs, rushing up them till they reached the roof.

"Take me!" they heard Miss Foster shout, "The children need me!"

They looked up to see the babies flying towards the nursery ship, "What you gonna do then?" Donna looked at the Time Lords, at the Doctor more than Angel, thinking about what he'd done with the Racnoss, "Blow them up?"

"They're babies," Angel sighed.

"They can't help where they come from," the Doctor nodded.

"Oh, that makes a change from last time," Donna remarked, a small smile on her face, pleased, "That Martha must've done you good."

"Adipose are docile," Angel replied, countering just a bit, "Peaceful. Nothing like the Racnoss," she smiled at the floating blobs, "THEY won't hurt anyone."

They looked over as an Adipose waved at them and they returned the gesture.

"I'm waving at fat," Donna breathed.

"Actually, as a diet plan, it sort of works," the Doctor admitted.

"There she is!" Angel shouted, running to the edge of the building where Miss Foster was now soaring through the air, up to them as she levitated within the light.

"Matron Cofelia, listen to us!" the Doctor called.

"Oh, I don't think so, Doctor," she smirked, "And if I never see you again, it will be too soon."

"Oh, why does no one ever listen?" he muttered, before shouting, "We're trying to help! Just get across to the roof. Can you shift the levitation beam?"

"What, so that you can arrest me?" she glared.

"Please just listen," Angel told her, "The Adipose, they sent instructions, we saw them. They know what you're doing, breeding on Earth, is a crime."

"So what's the one thing they want to get rid of?" the Doctor reasoned, "Their accomplice!"

"I'm far more than that," Miss Foster shook her head, "I'm nanny to all these children."

"Exactly! Mum and dad have got the kids now, they don't need the nanny anymore!"

Suddenly the blue light disappeared and Miss Foster, bewildered, looked down at the ground she was hovering above before she fell with a scream.

Angel gasped and closed her eyes, burying her face in the Doctor's shoulder, horrified, as he put an arm around her, Donna looking away. When they looked up again the Adipose babies waved goodbye through the windows of the ships as they left.


"Sonic?" the Doctor asked, holding the pen out at Angel, recalling how she'd mentioned she might want a sonic.

She frowned and shook her head, if she was going to use a sonic it would be one that came from the TARDIS not some other species, especially not one that had tried to harm the Earth and the humans.

He nodded and tossed the pen into the trash bin.

"Oi, you two!" Penny called. They turned around to see her creeping out of the building, still tied to the chair, struggling to walk with it on her back, half-hunched over, "You're just mad. Do you hear me? Mad! And I'm gonna report you...for madness!"

"You see, some people just can't take it," Donna remarked as they watched the woman walk off.

"No," the Doctor nodded.

"But some people can. So, then, TARDIS! Come on!" she grabbed their arms and pulled them away, back towards her car in the alley…to the TARDIS, "That's my car! That is like destiny! And I've been ready for this," she ran to the car and opened the boot to pull out the suitcases she'd put there, "I packed ages ago, just in case. 'Cos I thought, hot weather, cold weather, no weather..." she started loading her luggage into the Doctor's arms as he stood there, stunned, "...they go anywhere, I've gotta be prepared," she tossed a striped hatbox over to Angel.

"You've got a...a...hatbox?!" the Doctor eyed the box in his Mate's hands.

"Planet of the Hats, I'm ready!" she grinned.


The Doctor and Angel stood in front of the TARDIS, the suitcases all around them, as Donna rambled in the doorway, positively beaming, "Do I need injections though, do I? Like when you go to Cambodia, is there any of that? 'Cos my friend Veena went to Bahrain, and..." she paused, seeing the Doctor's thoughtful, though slightly serious expression, "You're not saying much."

And that was VERY unlike him.

"No, it's just..." he shook his head, "It's a funny old life, in the TARDIS."

"You don't want me…" Donna realized, her heart breaking at the thought, "Neither of you?" she looked at Angel, feeling like she might just cry if the woman said no too.

"We're not saying that at all," Angel shook her head.

"But you asked me," Donna looked at the Doctor, "Would you two rather be on your own?"

"No," he said, "Actually, no."

And it was true. He loved Angel with both his hearts and she did him, but they both liked having others around, having friends with them made the hole left by their people more bearable. When it was just the two of them, it was all too easy to remember it really was just the two of them. He had to admit, deep down, he wasn't pleased with the fact that another companion would mean having to share Angel's attention with someone else, but...he long as it wasn't another Time Lord...or a man...he'd be ok with it. And he knew Angel was more than eager to have another human travelling along, she seemed to love them as much as he did, and he could never say no to her.

"It's dangerous Donna," Angel explained, "The last time, with Martha, she was put in a hard position. And…her family was hurt."

Donna's eyes widened at that.

"We'll try to protect you as much as we can," the Doctor promised, "But…we can't guarantee you'll be safe. And…it's hard when you leave, when we lose our mate."

"YOUR MATE?" Donna's eyes widened in horror, "I ain't your Mate spaceman!"

"I know!" the Doctor shouted, feeling very uncomfortable with where Donna's mind had jumped to, "No, I've got a Mate, you would just be…a mate!"

"You're not Mating with me, sunshine!"

"A mate! Our mate! Not MY Mate!"

"Well, just as well," Donna nodded, his words finally getting through to her, "Because I'm not having any of that nonsense. I mean you're just a long streak of...nothing. You know, alien nothing."

"To you maybe," Angel smiled, highly amused by the little altercation.

"So can I come?" Donna asked after a moment.

"Yeah," the Doctor nodded, taking on another companion, he had been the one to ask her after all, "Course you can, yeah."

They all smiled, "We'd love it," Angel agreed, "Gingers United, back together again!"

The Doctor laughed, "It figures, my Mate and my companion are..."

"Hold on there spaceman," Donna cut in, starting to cross her arms, "Who said I was YOUR companion?"

He blinked and stared at her.

"Um, Donna..." Angel began gently, realizing that the human didn't understand how the TARDIS worked, "He asked you first."


"So the TARDIS will only recognize you as HIS companion as a result," Angel explained, "We can have more than one companion at a time, but we can't share them."

The only reason Mickey had been allowed to be HER companion, given that the Doctor HAD invited him onboard earlier, dealing with the Slitheen, was that she hadn't been a designated Pilot when he had asked the boy, she hadn't even been travelling with them at that point. It was similar to how Jack could be her companion NOW as he'd been the Doctor's companion before she'd become a Pilot. Anything before she'd become a Pilot was basically erased when she DID become one because she wouldn't have been able to ask, so Mickey had been allowed to be hers, but after she'd become a Pilot...well...THAT was when the TARDIS was programmed to keep track of her pilots' invitations again.

Donna frowned and looked at Angel, "But...I want to be YOUR companion, Gingers United remember?"

"I feel so loved," the Doctor remarked dryly.

"You should," Angel turned to him, putting an arm around his waist, "I love you, very much."

He smiled at that and pressed a kiss to her hair, making Donna smile as well. He had to admit, despite his words, he was actually happy Donna didn't want to be his companion. It really meant so much to him that Donna actually wanted to be Angel's companion, that the woman cared for her and liked her that much. It was ironic though, the first time someone came aboard wanting to be her next companion, something she'd been wanting for a while, it couldn't happen.

Donna let out a mock-long suffering sigh, "I suppose I'll make do with you," she nudged the Doctor playfully, a small smile on her face, letting him know she thought he was incredible as well.

"You know," the Doctor rubbed his eye, "Just because you're MY companion, doesn't mean you can't be something else to Angel."

The gingers looked at each other a moment and then turned to him, "What?" they both asked at the same time, making him laugh.

"Keep on like that and people'll think your sisters," he smiled.

They blinked and looked at each other again.

"OH. MY. GOD!" Donna cheered.

"That would be wonderful!" Angel beamed, excited for the idea.

"And we really do look alike too!" Donna enthused.

"Gingers definitely United!"

"I get to be the older sister though," Donna stated. She usually hated thinking of anything that made her feel older but...Angel was just so sweet and innocent and she felt so...protective...of the Time Lady already, it would have a sibling, someone to look out for, she'd never had one before.

"I've never been a younger sister to a sister before," Angel remarked, "I love it!"

"Oh, that's just..." Donna ran to hug Angel, no, hug her sister, but stopped, "Car keys!"

"What?" Angel laughed, her arms still out to start the hug.

"I've still got my mum's car keys!" she gasped, "I won't be a minute!" she turned and ran off as the Doctor just shook his head.

"Come here you," he turned Angel, finishing the hug for Donna, seeing his Mate with her arms open just waiting for could he resist? She laughed, hugging him tightly, squealing when he picked her up and spun her around, before setting her down, the two fo them starting to carry the luggage into the TARDIS.

Angel, paused though, watching Donna run off around a corner, a curious expression on her face before she shook her head and turned to help.


Donna ran onto the crowded street where police cars were now stationed as she spoke into her mobile, "I know, mum, I saw it, little fat people. Listen, I've got to go. I'm going to stay with Veena for a bit."

" was in the sky!" her mother gasped.

"Yeah. I know. Spaceship. But, I've still got the car keys. Look. There is a bin on Brook Street, about thirty feet from the corner, I'm going to leave them in there," she tossed them into a bin.

"What? A bin?"

"Yes, that's it, a bin."

"You can't do that."

"Oh, stop complaining, the car's just down the road a bit. Got to go, really got to go. Bye."

"But Donna, you can't..."

Donna hung up the phone and walked over to a line of people standing by a fence, watching the police working. She tapped a blonde woman on the shoulder as she looked back, "Listen, there is this woman that's going to come along, a tall, blonde woman called Sylvia, tell her that bin there," she pointed to the one she'd tossed the keys in, "Right, it'll all make sense. That bin there," she smiled brightly and turned to rush back to the TARDIS.

The blonde turned back to look out at the scene one last time, only to reveal herself to be Rose Tyler, looking worn and worried. She turned and walked away several steps before vanishing into thin air.


Donna entered the TARDIS, shutting the doors behind her, "Off we go, then!"

"Here it is, the TARDIS," the Doctor beamed, "It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outsi..."

"Oh, I know that bit," Donna cut him off, making him pout, "Although frankly, you could turn the heat up."

Angel laughed and flicked a switch blowing warm air into the room, "Better?"

"Much thanks," Donna nodded.

"So, whole wide Universe, where do you want to go?" the Doctor grinned.

"Oh, I know exactly the place," she smiled.

"Which is?" Angel asked her.

"Two and a half miles, that way," she pointed.


Donna's grandfather sat on the hill, looking up into the sky, when he caught sight of a blue telephone box flying above his head, exactly the one Donna had told him to keep an eye out for, "There! Donna! It''s the flying blue box!" he looked into the telescope to see Donna standing in the door of the box, waving at him, "Huh…what?! That's Donna! Yeah, that's Donna!" he smiled, seeing the Doctor and Angel standing behind her, waving at him as well, "And that's them! That's them! Hey! That's them! Ha ha ha! Go on girl! Go on, get up there! Hey!" he did a happy sort of dance as the TARDIS shot off.

A/N: Lol, I LOVED how Donna wanted to be Angel's companion, I did promise a twist to it. She's the Doctor's companion, but wanted to be Angel's lol :) But now she's Angel's sister! Right off the bat too :) I know it was a build up for Angel/Rose/Jack/Martha to have the relationship they do but Angel's already met Donna and had an adventure with her and they already had a semi-connection then and she had Donna in the back of her mind so...I could see them acting as sisters, given that they're both gingers. Didn't I hint that Angel's hair color, at first, would be important? :)

But...oh no! Tomorrow we get...Pompeii! -gasp- I can say that we might see a tiny little hint of a different Angel in the first chapter }:)

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Some notes on reviews (loved them all!)...

Thanks! I'm glad you're liking the OCs :) I can definitely promise lots of trials and struggles for the Professor and yes, LJ has one of THE MOST interesting and complex childhoods I can picture, especially with River as his best friend, he'll be popping up randomly and end up with 2 different POVs on the adventures, one from as a baby and another as an's...well, I really can't describe it lol :) And I love Angel too, there's definitely a lot more to come for her, at first she started as just the one good thing in the Doctor's life, but slowly she'll be growing in importance and abilities, branching out beyond just the Doctor, she's already started with the Daleks and I can't wait till you all see where she goes and the things she goes through to get to that point :) I hope I can live up to the SM expectation, I've got...a few things planned that I hope might just even best impossible as that is :)

Angel's true fury moment, tentatively, won't be for a while (but there's a reason for it in this story at least). But, I'm always editing as I go so, you never know when she might just lose her temper :) We might actually see a tiny hint of a bitter Angel at one point, so you never know, fury might be just around the corner. As for TW...well...there'll be more about that in the TW crossover for this story, I don't want to spoil anything :)

That's completely fine :) You're right, the Doctor does seem to be pushing Angel back a bit doesn't he? I think it has a little to do with watching her dying the entire year and finally having her back, he won't let ANYTHING hurt her. But no worries, there will definitely be a few key points where Angel stands on her own and even more where she helps him face their 'enemies' instead of sitting back. With Donna there, I think the Doctor will calm down a little now that there's another person who can help protect her and, as this chapter hinted, Donna will be very protective of her 'sister' so I think the Doctor is aware of that too :) And...I can say that her personality here and the way the Doctor tries to protect her have a reason behind it that we won't see for a while though :)

Thanks! That is exactly what I was aiming for with this incarnation of Angel :) I really wanted her to be more...human. Because I definitely think that the companions are sometimes so blinded by the Doctor's awesomeness (and rightly so, he IS awesome!) but Angel sort of reminds them that THEY are just as awesome. That's also another reason I wanted Angel to be ginger and Donna's 'sister' because, as Donna said in the Shadow Proclamation she's 'a Human Being. Maybe not the stuff of legend, but every bit as important as Time Lords' and ANGEL, in this story, is where she'll get that from :)

The pairing name for the Doctor and Angel was put up for a poll at the end of Hearts to Hearts, the winner was...Thella! :)

Lol, 10 at the beach with Angel would have been great. It sort of makes me wonder why the TARDIS decided NOT to let them go. If I do the TARDIS-POV spin-off that was suggested, we might just find out. Actually...there'll be an announcement about that in The Doctor's(?) Daughter :) Oh the pool scene...shivers...that's all I'm saying. If you thought ANGEL was bad in the cupboard...naughty, naughty Doctor lol ;) I'm VERY glad the Master didn't do that either, I just...couldn't make him THAT evil.

I can say that Jack WILL be able to experience the Time Lords in period clothes, might be more of a general recollection on the Time Lords' part of his reaction. The place I imagine it being, I'm not sure I could fit an entire chapter/adventure out of it, but we'll definitely find out ALL about it :)

Lol, the Blonde Squad :) Well, they ARE the bomb! lol :) I won't say about Angel's next regeneration just yet, since we don't know when or if it'll come. She might regenerate trying to save someone in Pompeii...or she might be UBER careful and not regenerate for a while. We'll have to see :) Though...the Poison Sky...that's all I'm gonna say :)

If I could ask a Dalek a do they eat? I mean, they're sealed in their casing and I can't see them sitting down to a family dinner of exterminated chicken and cracking themselves would they even reach the food? Hmm... The Master would be...what would you want to be called if you'd never heard the drumming? I sort of see the drumming as shaping his entire life. If it had never happened and he was a normal Time Lord, I could see his title being different. As for Rose...did you ever really and truly love Mickey? I just want to know. We saw in the show that she semi-considered him her boyfriend, she seemed happy with him, I just want to know if she genuinely loved him in that way or if it was more affection. Because the Mickey I saw, I got the impression he genuinely DID love Rose at one point. Knowing how Rose really and truly felt from the beginning would have been better for me. Mickey...would he be willing to teach me his mad computer skills?! Seriously, he hacked into quite a few things and I'd love to be that skilled. Not that I'd hack, but just...general computer skills. And Rory...what was it about Amy that made him fall in love with her? He's clearly liked her for ages, I just want to know what, specifically, he fell in love with about her. Her personality? Her fire? Her 'imagination?' Her looks? Her accent? Just the one thing that really made him fall for her, even as a child, I think it would be sweet to know :)

Oh Angel will have quite a few insecurities pop up in this story and it will definitely be up to the Doctor (and Donna) to reassure her :)

Those are all great ideas for alternatives to the children debate. I've thought of those things too :) Lol, great minds think alike ^-^ But I won't say what will/might/could/maybe happen :)

OMG! You are reading my mind! I seriously love how that happens! There WILL be a fun little 'dress-up' scene with Donna and Angel :) It'll actually be coming up sooner than you might think ;)

I LOVE Donna, she is probably my favorite comanion too, just fun and adventure and no romance or drama which was refreshing :) I think I loved her from the moment she slapped him, even before seeing her as a companion :)

Oh I'm definitely freaking out about the tweet, I want to know how many times she's met him and how! The HOW is killing me! I have SO many ideas for how I want the OCs to react to Clara, but I need to know the HOW to really get that written :) Lol, that's an awesome pin! My siblings made me a DW sweatshirt for Christmas, a nice hoodie with the TARDIS on the front, I love it :)

Thank you! Being compared to SM is an honor :) I can say that I'm definitely taking this saga farther than my other stories with tying in the different series/stories. There will be things popping up in Series 5/6/7 that were hinted at all the way back in the beginning of the story and so many little lines that you won't even think about till it hits you later and I really CANNOT wait till you all see it unfold :) I CAN say that quite a few of the lines and scenes that relate to Series 5-7 (like, the comment on the Pandorica), I have plans for them to play BIG parts in those stories, but I won't say how :) Lol, I'm actually starting to hope those moments will put SM to shame :) ...though that's probably impossible :)

The manger, you're completely right! The manger was the cot thing he was put in and not the actual 'barn' lol. I'll go back and fix that. Sorry! Thanks! :)

And Happy Birthday to Whatever1993! I hope you have an excellent day! :)