They say every man eventually has their day. Well, there is an unstoppable force going through the WWE locker room that needs to be stopped. The whole WWE Universe starts and stops on John Cena. Kids love him and the women all throw themselves at his feet. Why? Have you ever really stopped to wonder why? What is the huge attraction to John Cena? There are a million and half faces just like his out there. The same light blue eyes and short military cut hair. The same muscular build up. The same drive to be excellent. I'd even go so far as to say they even believe in the same Hustle, Loyalty and Respect he so adamantly preaches about and wears on every rainbow piece of clothing he owns.

Now, don't get me wrong. Maybe somewhere inside me I admire the guy too. It's an injustice that he is the reason why the WWE wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night. The whole company banks on him and he delivers every single time like a good obedient little soldier. I'll give you a look inside a typical day in the life of a WWE Superstar in training.

Currently, it's about 10 AM and we are currently on the West Coast somewhere. I lost track between Tennessee and Colorado. I'm guessing from the lack of snow and increase in climate that we are somewhere in the great state of California. I'll be honest. I'm not a California native. Hell, I've only been here a handful of times and mostly for training. I got my work out gear on the usual black sweats and black T- Shirt that I always wear. There's a knock on my hotel room door. So, I get up to answer it. I'm greeted by Seth Rollins, one of my good friends. So, I let him in of course.

Seth: "'sup Roman."

Roman: "'sup."

Seth: "Are you ready to hit the gym?"

Roman: "Yeah. Let's head down. Is Dean going with us?"

Seth: "Nah. I think Dean is already down there. Did you get any sleep last night? You look rough."

Roman: "Yeah. I got a few hours in. I was just thinking about a couple of things."

I grab my gym bag and room key and we head towards the elevator. Seth is one of my best friends since my rookie days. I consider him like my older brother. He's actually the reason why I tried out for NXT. I bust his balls about leaving TNA to come to WWE. That to me seems like a down step, but he says it's an up step. So, I'll go with that.

Seth: "I'm not usually one to get in your business, but what was keeping you up last night?"

Roman: "Mostly our mission."

Seth: "Our mission? Why would that be keeping you up at night?"

Roman: "Have you ever stopped to wonder why everyone hates John Cena?"

Seth: "Easy. He's top dog and everyone wants to be the top dog. He busts his ass and works super hard and everything comes up gold every time. Everyone wants to be him. That's why he's hated. They think he gets his little Superstar life handed to him on a silver platter. He could spit and somehow it would be bottled up and sold on E Bay somewhere. He's hated because he's profitable."

Roman: "Why do we hate John Cena?"

Seth: "Easy. We don't want him on top any more. It's time for someone else to have a shot at the spot light and as long as Cena is on top and being top dog there is no room for anyone else. Look at what they do to Punk on a regular basis. He doesn't look like the WWE Champion stereotype that the WWE is used to. He's opinionated and he's got millions of tattoos all over his body. He's average looking and by some people's standards, he's a skinny little asshole."

Roman: "Wait a minute. I thought you and Punk were buddies."

Seth: "Dude, Punk and I were in Ring of Honor together. He trained me until I puked. He was a mentor to me when I was a rookie coming up. Now he's the man and I promised him an ass kicking when I got to his level. He's got skill and he's taught me some of his skill. Yeah, we're friends. I even consider him a brother."

Roman: "So, why are you talking bad about him?"

Seth: "I'm not talking bad about him its facts. Cena is the good looking strong face of the company and Punk is the fall out boy. He first came to WWE he had an opportunity at a title match and they had Randy Orton punt him in the head and took him out of the Pay Preview match. Every time he had an opportunity to come up in the world, they threw one more obstacle in his way. So, yeah there is injustice in the WWE. Why do you think I agreed to be a part of The Shield when you and Dean asked me to do this? I want to stick it to those corporate assholes by wrecking every single one of those bankable faces on their roster."