Seth bursts out laughing.

Seth: "You're joking, right? Hunter worried about the talent dating?"

He rolls his eyes and laughs all the more.

Seth: "Honey, there is all kinds of dating going on in the WWE. Cena and Nikki Bella are dating. Jimmy Uso is engaged to Trinity. Brie and Daniel Brian are engaged. TJ and Nattie are married and he's still on the roster. Dude, Hunter doesn't give a damn if his talent dates as long as we keep our drama out of the ring."

Madison: "Well, excuse me for assuming he wants things professional. Apparently, that's not an issue."

Seth: "No, it's not an issue at all and he does want things to stay professional. That's why he asks us to keep our personal lives out of the ring and out of the public eye."

The host shows us to our table and Seth makes a point in holding my chair out for me and helping me get comfortable before sitting down himself.

Madison: "Wait a minute, that's a contradictory statement. He wants us to keep our personal life out of the ring and out of the public eye. Our lives are noting but being in the public eye and if he wants to keep this certain image about us out there, why did he sign off on Total Divas? That's putting all their personal lives out there in the public eye."

Seth: "They wanted to do Total Divas and put their lives out there. So, there it is. Some people don't care if anything is private."

I shake my head and pick up my menu. Everything on the damn menu looked good to me. I'm starving and the voice in the back of my head keeps saying "Why are you on an obvious date with someone you work with? What happened to your no dating your co-workers policy?" The other side of my conscious decided to spear the voice of reason because I liked Seth and there was no reason why I shouldn't be sitting there at that table enjoying his smile and laugh. He's so real and down to earth. I could tell him anything and he'd listen and give me a totally honest opinion. Hell, I could probably talk about politics and he'd sit there and just be bold faced honest with me. Yeah, and I'll be damned if that kiss isn't playing in my head again. I decide to get a little bold. I slide off my shoe and sock under the table so nobody can tell what I'm doing and I snake my foot up Seth's pant leg in an attempt to play footsie with him under the table.

Seth: "So, what looks good to you?"

Madison: "Damn near everything on this menu. I'm starving and not afraid to eat in front of you."

Seth: "That was apparent earlier today at lunch."

He smiles that half cocky smile when he notices my bare foot on his leg. His pants are kind of tight for me to be doing that, but I am doing my best and he gets the message. The waitress comes to take our drink order and he requests a more private booth in the other room. So, she seats us and I take my sock and shoe with me. We order a pitcher of apple sangria and now Seth is sitting closer to me in our private booth.

Seth: "Do you know what you want?"

He puts his hand on my leg in a very suggestive matter. His mouth may have been saying "order food" but his actions were saying "Did you m mean that suggestive leg rub earlier?"

Madison: "You bet I do. I think I'm going to get the tortellini's."

Seth: "I was thinking the same thing."

He leans over and kisses me again. The waitress comes over and takes our order and then makes herself scarce. Seth puts one of the over-sized napkins over our laps and smiles.

Madison: "Colby Lopez, what are you thinking about with that napkin in our laps?"

Seth: "Wow, Colby Lopez huh. Am I in trouble with the principle?"

Madison: "That depends. Are you trying to get into trouble with me?"

He starts running his hands down my body and under my shirt, but not so he's flashing the whole restaurant my body either.

Seth: "Oh that depends on your definition of trouble Miss Maddie Gilbert."

He closes the space between us and I can feel chills go all over my body. I can smell his cologne and his hands feel really good. Damn, the food needs to hurry up because this is about to go into 50 Shades of Grey territory here. Too bad I'm not wearing a skirt.

Madison: "So, I take it you'd rather I call you by Seth then Colby judging from that "Where's my mother?" look on your face you got when I said it."

Seth: "Yes. I prefer Seth to Colby because like you said, I look around for my mother when I hear that name. So, we're Seth and Maddie."

Madison: "Sounds good to me. I don't have a problem with Madison. I just like Maddie better. It's easier to say."

Finally, the food shows up and my stomach gives a grateful grumble. Seth hears it.

Seth: "Looks like the food came just in time for you."

Madison: "Yes. I told you I'm starving."

We eat our meal and are pretty much occupied with the idea of eating and filling up our stomachs. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang has gathered over at Lucky Strikes. Dean is outside smoking a cigarette with Kensie.

Dean: "I don't know why Seth said he'd meet us here. He's obviously taking Maddie on a date and didn't want to make it awkward for her."

Kensie: "Maybe Maddie didn't want to go on a date and it was just easier for him to make a group plan then a one on one date. Those first dates can be awkward and uncomfortable."

Dean: "Were you uncomfortable on our first date?"

Kensie: "No, but when I was getting ready I was nervous and awkward. Then I saw you and that awkward feeling went away. You made me feel comfortable until I started to anticipate that first kiss. Then the nerves kicked in again."

Dean: "Wow and I thought the guy felt all the pressure. Apparently, the woman worries about that first kiss and making a good impression too."

Kensie: "Yes, Dean we do. Didn't you learn this stuff when you were a teenager dating?"

Dean: "Yeah, but I never asked my date if she was nervous or awkward until right now."

Kensie: "I said awkward and uncomfortable not nervous."

Dean: "Well, nerves are a part of being awkward."

Kensie: "This is true. So, how long has Seth been with Maddie?"

Dean: "Oh there not together. They just met this afternoon. He's still pulling the "She's my friend" routine right now. I don't think they're after anything serious."

Kensie: "Is she hot?"

Dean: "Yeah she is smoking hot."

He shows her the picture Seth took of me and put on his Instagram in my Hounds of Justice gear. Kensie gives a look of approval.

Kensie: "I love her gear. She is hot. Seth has good taste."

Dean: "He sure does. I even suggested he wear cologne instead of Axe."

Kensie: "Ah, you remember me telling you that. Good call."

Dean: "Seth doesn't really have the whole "gag someone with Axe" problem. He's a typical 27 year old guy but he's clean and takes care of himself."