"So, Ahab." Bender said down to Brian. "Kybo Mein Doobage?"

Brian thought for a moment and then realized the cargo he had in his pants. He pulled out the bag of pot and handed it to Bender, who pinched the end with his finger.

"Yo wasteoid." Andrew called. "You're not gonna blaze up in here!"

"John?" Charlie added. "I don't mind, but could you keep it at the back? That stuff's worse for the baby than you."

Bender saluted her and then proceeded to the back of the library. Claire soon followed, and then Brian.

"Shit." Andrew muttered, going after them.

Charlie moved her things over to the quiet girl. "Hey." She smiled. "We haven't met yet. I'm Charlie." The girl didn't say anything. "What' your name?"

She hesitated. "Allison."

The girls started talking about books and art and whatnot when Charlie remembered the soldering iron. It was piping hot by the time she got to it. She sat on the ground with her knees folded in and set to work; filing down the sharp edges of the screws, taking out her cheap stud earrings and soldering the sharp end of the screw to the flat metal star shape.

During this time, she could hear the rest of the group raising a minor hell. Soon after she finished and unplugged the iron, Allison had gone back there. And Johnny began whimpering for some attention.

Bender was brushing his teeth with some brush he'd taken from Claire's purse. Meanwhile she was flipping through his wallet. "Are these your girlfriends?" she asked.

"Some of them..." In reality, they were just pictures he'd cut out of the yearbook of girls he'd thought were hot and slutty enough to be with him.

"What about the others?"

"Well, some I consider my girlfriends and some..." Bender inspected his teeth. "I just consider."

"Consider what?"

"Whether or not I wanna hang out with them..."

"You don't believe in just one guy, one girl?" Claire asked.

"Do you?"

"Yeah. That's the way it should be."

"Well not for me."

Claire smirked wickedly. "What about Charlie?"

"What about her?" Bender acted indifferent.

"You like her."

"She's alright."

"Would you consider monogamy for her?" Bender remained silent. "Why not?" Claire pushed.

He did not want to be having this conversation with the princess. "How come you got so much shit in your purse?"

"How come you got so many girlfriends?" she shot back.

"I asked you first."

"I dunno," Claire shrugged. "I guess I never throw anything away."

"Neither do I." He smirked.

A while later, they were all sitting in a circle in the library's mane room. Charlie sat across from Bender with Johnny in her lap, amusing himself with her finger.

"What would I do for a million bucks?" Andrew began answering Claire's question. "Well, I guess I'd do as little as I had to."

Claire and Charlie made protesting noises. "That's boring." Claire groaned.

"Well, how'm I s'pposed to answer?" he asked.

"The idea is to like, search your mind for the absolute limit."

"Like, I would flash the White House, or paint Vernon's car Barbie Doll Pink." Charlie suggested.

"Like uh, would you drive to school naked?" Claire asked Andrew.

He laughed. "Um, would I have to get out of the car?"

"Of course!"

"In the spring or winter?"

"Doesn't matter, spring."

"No no no, winter." Charlie cut in, and then mouthed "Shrinkage." To Claire.

"In front of the school or in the back of the school?"

"Either one."


"I'd do that." Allison piped in. All eyes turned to her. "I'll do anything sexual." She smirked. "I don't need a million dollars to do it either..."

"You're lying." Claire deadpanned.

"I already have." Allison continued. "I've done just about everything there is except a few things that are illegal. I'm a nymphomaniac."

Charlie looked at the ground and bit her cheek. Claire rolled her eyes. "Lie."

"Are you're parents aware of this?" Brian asked, shocked.

"The only person I told was my shrink..."

"And what he do when you told him?" Andrew asked.

"He nailed me."

Charlie closed her eyes and tried to block out the conversation that she did not need to hear. She thought she was okay after all that time, all of the banter about it. But still...she was still scared...

"Charlie?" someone nudged her foot. Bender was looking at her with concern in his eyes. Claire and Allison were still continuing with their sex talk.

"It's kind of a double-edged sword, isn't it?" the latter asked the former.

"A what?"

"Well, if you say you haven't...you're a prude. If you say you have you're a-" Allison cut herself off and looked at Charlie for a split second before turning her head away.

"A slut." Charlie said. "You can say it. I don't care anymore." I care. She thought. Oh God I care so bad it hurts.

"It's a trap..." Allison continued. "You want to but you can't, but when you do you wish you didn't, right?"

Right. "Wrong." Claire said.

Suddenly everyone was calling Claire a tease, she and Allison went at it for another moment, then sex was her weapon and was she a virgin or wasn't she, come on Claire- Come on, tell us. Tell us. Come on. Come on!

"No!" Claire screamed. "I never did it!"

Charlie was almost shaking, almost thinking about it. She couldn't think about it. She couldn't.

"I never did it either." Allison confessed. "I'm not a nymphomaniac. I'm a compulsive liar."

Claire called her a bitch, weird, yelling at Allison for lying to make her say something she didn't want to say in the first place.

"Would you please stop it?!" Charlie shrieked, and then fussed over Johnny, who hadn't uttered a word during the whole argument. Hell, their neighbors argued all the time, this was nothing for him. "Do you have any idea of what you're even talking about?" she said, this time more quietly.

"Well aren't you a hypocrite." Claire accused.

"You really believe it, don't you?" Charlie looked at her in wonderment. "You honestly think I'm a slut."

"I heard the stories." Claire looked down at Johnny. "And I see the proof. I may be a tease, but you are a slut."

"I'm not a slut." Charlie set her jaw and took a deep breath. "I'm a liar. And I was raped."