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Chapter Eight

Bulma's trembling fingers closed around the door knob to her room. Her breath caught in her throat as the cool metal seared her hand. Just on the other side of the thin wood frame laid her fate-a predator that would either devour her whole or set her free.

A strangled sigh rattled passed her lips as she forced it out of her throat. With a determined set to her shoulders she twisted the knob and pushed open the door.

The room was dark, silent, but comfortable. She relaxed her shoulders, entering the room with ease. This was her domain, her sanctuary. There was no reason to be afraid. Her soft uneasy laugh echoed in the empty room as she turned to close the door.

Her hair was piled high on top of her head in a mass of shiny, blue curls. A whisper of air caressed the back of her bare neck. Trepidation and anticipation collided together in the pit of her stomach. The small hairs on her neck stood up as a strong possessive hand encircled her upper arm, spinning her around.

A man stood before her, his face hidden in shadows. The pale moon rose behind him, framed by the sheer white curtains that blew lazily at the balcony doors. The moonlight outlined his wide, powerful shoulders, revealing bronze skin.

Bulma saw a flash of white fangs mocking her from the shadow of the man's face. The same hand that held her pushed her away, pinning her against the door. The cool wood felt like hot steel against her naked back. Suddenly the thin straps of her dress that she had trusted to hold in front of thousands of people felt flimsy and inadequate.

His hand slid down her arm, curling around her wrist. His empty hand darted out to snatch other wrist in an identical hold. He raised her hands slowly above her head, stepping forward to trap her. She was held by unbreakable bonds, and it was futile to fight against them.

Vegeta's grim face appeared from the shadows, his piercing, raven eyes drilling into her, scrying her soul.

She knew that his eyes were his most frightening feature. His aristocratic face was merciless, his lips mocking, his laugh chilling, but it was his eyes that everyone feared. When his opponent stared into their soulless depths they saw death, retribution and hate. But to Bulma they were beautiful. She knew that when he stared at her, he only saw her, not her wealth or stature, only her. A woman, nothing else. Inside the darkness she saw a bonfire that wasn't lit by hate, but by lust. Lust for her, and that made her feel powerful, invincible even.

She took a deep breath, her skin nearly sizzling when the tips of her already crowning breasts brushed his chest. A knowing smile began to peak at the corners of Vegeta's smooth lips. Blood pounded in Bulma's ears, weakening her knees.

Vegeta trapped her wrists in one big fist, lowering his other hand to toy with the straps of her dress.

"You came back."

It wasn't a question, it was a statement. A statement of dominance. The very words branded her as his . . . only his and no one else's. Vegeta's husky voice caressed her bare skin, sending shivers down her spine. It was all she could do to nod in agreement.

"Then you accept this. Us."

When Vegeta said `us' it felt like the world shook beneath her feet. The word struck her square in the chest, burrowing its way through the skin to embed itself in her heart.

She tipped her head forward, in the barest gesture of acceptance. Her head felt heavy, her neck boneless. She could only move because he asked it of her. No, demanded it of her.

The sheer heat, mingled with the sensual promises that lit his eyes set her afire. She ceased to breathe, the desire to inhale inconsequential next to her desire for him.

She didn't need to respond. Vegeta watched as the black pupils of her eyes dilated with excitement, leaving only the thinnest band of blue.

Bulma felt the tiniest tug on her dress; it was so subtle that if she wasn't so hyper-sensitive at the moment she wouldn't have noticed it. She dropped her astonished eyes just in time to see Vegeta move his hand to her other strap.

"I'm going to make you come, without even touching you."

Bulma's eyes flew up to his, panic thrumming through her veins. She couldn't go through that again. She needed him to touch her, to spread his fingers across her naked skin, to lay his body next to hers. Her attention was so completely caught by his words she didn't notice as her dress slide down her hips to pool at her feet.

She opened her mouth to protest, her desire practically spilling from her lips.

"Shush. You will be far from untouched by the end of the night."

Vegeta cupped her face, his flesh so close to hers she could feel his heat. He traced the pads of his thumbs over her upper lip, never quite touching her. The intensity of his presence, the sensation of his nearness thrilled her.

Power danced over her skin, pressing on her with invisible weight. Her lips parted, her breathing shallow. He had released her hands, but she kept them above her head, knowing instinctively that she was far from free.

She was vulnerable; her body arched away from the wall, awaiting his touch. Thoughts of what he could do to her ran rampant in her mind, spreading warmth through her veins, igniting liquid pools of pleasure at the bottom of her belly. She pressed her thighs together, almost embarrassed at how excited she was.

Vegeta shifted his hands, tracing his thumbs over her finely arched brows. He feathered over her eyes, barely grazing her lashes. Her eyes fluttered closed as she allowed herself to drift into the moment, existing in a real life fantasy.

"I promised you heaven," Vegeta whispered in her ear, curling her toes. Briefly Bulma surfaced from her haze of delight, realizing she was completely naked except for her black high heels and gold jewelry. She should feel exposed, instead she felt beautiful and enticing.

"Heaven isn't white, fluffy clouds and pink cherry blossoms blowing in the breeze."

As he spoke his mouth moved over hers, his breath caressing her lips. He was so close, yet he left her untouched. When he moved, she felt it. When he spoke, the words vibrated inside of her. Sensation massaged her lips, parting them, worshiping her mouth. Lightning sparkled along her teeth, tingling her tongue and electrifying her body.

"Its lips and teeth. Wet kisses and hot breath."

He moved down, under her chin, along the throbbing pulse in her neck. She felt it when he bared his teeth, a shift of air, a kiss of breath.

"Heaven and hell aren't other worlds. It's what we make of it right here, right now."

His hands framed her breasts, his thumbs teasing the hard crowns of her nipples. She arched, pressing herself towards him, aching for his touch, overwhelmed by his presence. It was his aura she felt on her skin, caressing her body, poring over her like liquid heat.

His words rang inside her like the chime of church bells. A man such as he couldn't believe in heaven or hell, to do so would be to believe in the total desecration of his soul. Hell for him had been daily life, to believe that there was something worse waiting for him beyond this mortal coil would have made life unbearable.

"Heaven is wanting, needing. Aching flesh and heaving bodies. It's sweat and sweetness all in one breath."

It wasn't so hard for her to understand Vegeta's need to make his own heaven. If he believed that hell existed here, with him, then heaven should too.

Vegeta fell to his knees, his hands braced beside her hips, his tongue only a whisper away from her belly button. His aura snapped, raising the fine hairs on her body. It felt like she was caught in a tumultuous summer storm as Vegeta's power danced over her skin.

Bulma slit her eyes. Her once dark room was now bathed in a sparkling light that was deep blue one second and nearly white the next. It washed over her in a sultry wave, creating a timeless ambiance.

Vegeta's head dipped, and her thighs parted on their own accord. The evidence of her wantonness was now free to coat her inner thighs.

"Heaven is one little death after another."

His hot breath pored over her already blossoming bud, sending tremors over her entire body. Her head fell back, her eyes staring sightlessly towards the ceiling. Her fast, shallow breaths became long, gulping pants as she fought to coax air into her shrinking lungs.

Vegeta licked his lips calling forth a surge of ki that arced from his mouth, unerring finding her most sensitive flesh.

Bulma's orgasm was instantaneous. A shocked scream broke passed her lips echoing through the room. Her body arched away from the wall, and her knees began to buckle.

"Keep standing," Vegeta ordered, piercing the haze of her pleasure.

"I can't," she gasped.

"You must."

Her hands fell from above, finding purchase on his wrists that where braced on either side of her hips. Her legs crumbled, but she barely remained standing.

The pleasure was so intense that for a split second she thought that she might die. All the power that had soaked in through her pores now burst forth, tantalizing every nerve ending in her body.

As it ebbed away, she could no longer hold herself up. She collapsed, unafraid of falling. Vegeta gathered her up against his chest, draping her thighs over his. He remained kneeling, his thick hardness thrusting up between them.

The feel of his body against hers was Bulma's idea of heaven. He felt so strong and warm. Undefeatable and unbreakable. When he wrapped his arms around her, she knew that no power in the universe could pry her away. She was safe, protected and cherished by her master. The only man to see her as she truly was.

"Say it," Vegeta whispered in her ear. Bulma sunk deeper into him, melting her body over his. She couldn't deny him, she didn't want to.

"Master," she replied with a breathy sigh.

"Again," he demanded

"Master," she whispered against his cheek. "Master," she muttered against his lips. "Master," she spoke into his mouth as he devoured her with a kiss.

In the boardroom, she was all powerful. In the ballroom, she was a dazzling beauty. She dominated life and everything in it, but it was in her bedroom that she felt most secure. Power could be taken, beauty would fade, but the emotion Vegeta evoked inside of her would last a lifetime. In his arms her power was stripped, her beauty was nondescript. All that remained was her, and it was her that he worshiped.

Vegeta might lay her back and demand that she call him master, but his actions spoke louder than her softly spoken whisper. His passion in pursuing her, his commitment to possess her, his unyielding dominance said one thing: he wanted her, and only her. No other woman would do. He might threaten to leave, or deny her his touch, but in the end, it was her that he laid down beside, it was her that he kissed.

Vegeta's tongue thrust inside her mouth as his hands found their way to the underside of her thighs. He cupped her cheeks in his big hands, lifting her up effortlessly. He maneuvered her without breaking their kiss, lowering her onto his thrusting cock.

She slid down this thickness with ease, her already slick passage convulsing around him with pleasure. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, her fingers thrusting into his thick hair at his nape. She pressed her body closer to his, flattening her soft breasts against his solid chest. She deepened their kiss, drinking in his essence. His arms tightened around her as if he were loathed to let her go.

He thrust into her, and she broke away, moaning. She tried to catch her breath, but it hissed away with every thrust of his hips. She panted against his neck, her hot breath feathering against his sweat-slicked skin.

His hand dove into her tangled hair, his fingers cupping the back of her skull. He angled her head up so he could peer down at her. His raven black eyes pierced her to the core, driving deep into her heart.

"You're mine." His words laid claim to her like a brand, a burning caress that covered her body. She shivered under his gaze, and goose bumps skittered down her arms.

Acceptance of his claim steeled her spine, chasing away her fear and doubt. She had run away for this very reason. She wasn't a woman to be owned; she wasn't a slave. She was Bulma Briefs, the woman on top. But in the end, she had returned for the very same reason. Being owned by Vegeta meant owning him in return. In the bedroom he gave her what she needed, and she was never going to give that up.


Vegeta must have read the possession in her eyes for his own burned hot at her declaration. Her single word bound them together. Master and slave, male and female, lovers forever.

He gripped her tighter, thrusting into her with renewed vigor. Bulma's head tipped back and behind her eye lids the world turned blue as Vegeta's ki illuminated the room. Something warm gathered at the junction of their bodies as blue lightening danced along their skin.

Bulma could hear the crackle of ki in the air, and hot flashes kissed her everywhere. The warmth built, a hot tight ball that was pressing against her insides. Vegeta's chest rumbled, his excited growl mingling in the air.

All at once the ball exploded, and a shower of ki sped through her veins, intensifying her pleasure, exhilarating her. Her eyes shot open at the shock of so much ecstasy. She watched mindlessly as blue lightning danced with dark shadows on her ceiling.

The light faded, and the pleasure passed. They melted together onto the floor, lying side by side. Vegeta breathed heavily through his nose, vainly trying to hide the intensity of emotion their climax had caused. Bulma had no such problem and panted loudly. After a few moments her hand crept over to his, and she gently intertwined their fingers. She remained still, afraid that he would toss her hand away, but he remained beside her, his hand gently folded with hers.

Vegeta was right, this was heaven.

The End