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The girls giggled again and Carol shook her head at them, though smothering her own smile. The atmosphere was festive. Maggie was a radiant bride and Hershel's pride in both her and Glenn was plain to see. It was welcome, this day of celebration. Not just of Glenn and Maggie's marriage, but of life. This was why they fought so hard. Not just to survive, but to live.

"Carol," Beth teased. "It might be your turn next!"

"Hush." Carol admonished lightly. It was awkward, though. He hadn't stopped staring all night.

They had managed to find alcohol for the festivities, and it seemed most of them had been in the mood to imbibe. Whether to celebrate or commiserate, she didn't know.

Daryl had claimed a bottle for himself and had been nursing it all day. He rarely let his guard down, so she'd been happy to see him join in. She remembered him drunk at the CDC. He'd been fun. Entertaining. They'd all needed to relieve some stress and Carol was expecting a similar version of Daryl at the wedding.

His eyes followed her everywhere she went. She thought she was imagining it, at first. Convinced herself that she was being ridiculous. But then it became obvious to everyone else. And then it became funny. To the others, anyway.

He was completely relaxed, leaning against a log near the fire they'd lit for the evening. His open expression made him look years younger. Almost like a boy.

"Take a picture, Dixon, it'll last longer!" Glenn yelled out.

Carol felt herself flush with embarrassment. Worse was knowing how Daryl would react in the morning when everyone started teasing him. He would hate that. Would start keeping to himself again. Would blame her.

"Get outta the way, dumbass!" Daryl responded. "Yer blockin' the view."

That set everyone off into peels of laughter.

Thankfully Beth chose that moment to sing another song and Maggie grabbed her husband for a dance.

Carol decided to bring Daryl some food, thinking that proximity would at least make his attention less obvious.

"I thought you might be hungry." She said, sitting down next to him.

"Thanks." He said, digging in.

She found it unnerving that every time she glanced at him, he was staring back at her.

"You've started all kinds of gossip." She scolded.

"Fuck 'em." Daryl shrugged, digging into his food.

"You won't feel like that tomorrow." She warned.

She stood to walk away, thinking she might turn in early. She jumped, startled, as Daryl placed his hand on her bare leg and ran it up the length, well past the hem of her skirt. Her hands shot down to hold her skirt in place before he exposed her to the whole group. Someone wolf whistled.

"Daryl!" She hissed.

He dropped his hand and smirked at her. "You've got great legs. Ain't ever got a look at 'em before. You should wear dresses more often."

"Are you done?" She asked, rolling her eyes.

"I guess. Unless you'll let me give them something worth talking about?"

"I think they've got enough." Carol said. She decided then she'd put some water and Tylenol in his cell. "I'm going to bed."

"Yer ass looks great in that dress too." Daryl observed as she walked away.

She ignored the snickers, and walked back to the prison. Feeling his eyes on her the whole way.