"The world isn't perfect. But it's there for us, doing the best it can. And that's what makes it so damn beautiful."
- Roy Mustang





Chapter 1


Edward Elric lay still on the ground, barely awake. His eyes remained closed, but he could start to hear noises coming from around him. There were the soundsof footsteps, running, and then human voices. Raised, careful, dangerous. In a second his eyes snapped open, his whole body on alert. He jumped to his feet, and reached for the nearest shelter. As he did so, he surveyed his surroundings. Years of training and military had at least honed his senses enough to notice, even in the dark, that he was in a warehouse of some sort. It was supposedly abandoned, but well, not right now. He found himself wondering where he was, trying to remember what he did last, and came up blank. If Al had something to say about this-


Where was Al? What had happened? Did he have amnesia? He didn't remember hitting his head…

He was brought back to the present by the door blasting open.


He neither knew nor cared what that meant. He shuffled closer to the wall behind the crate where he was hiding, certain he was not visible. He watched as the four-no, five- people entered the huge room, torch lights in hand, guns pointed ahead. He could tell they were trained- military, perhaps? Though they wore no uniform as far as he could make out, only their jackets seemed similar.

"We've got another victim here!" one of them called out, voice female.

He saw the others converge around the one who had called, who was kneeling next to- oh gods – a woman lying in a massive pool of blood, eyes staring lifelessly up ahead. Her clothes were thrown a little distance away, and around the body was a bloody circle. Ed hadn't noticed all this before in the dark, but now that he had, he had the sudden urge to throw up.

He scooted further inwards, dislodging a small crate as he did so. It fell to the ground with a resounding crash, and suddenly he could feel five pairs of eyes upon him. And what was worse, five guns pointed towards him too.

His first urge was to run.

So he did.

Jumping above and behind the crates, he moved faster than they could fire. He could feel them chase him as he ran towards the back, noticing the door there. It was locked, but only took him a split second to clap his hands and open the lock. His pursuers seemed to not have noticed, seeing as they were lagging behind…

He ran straight down the road, not knowing where to go. He did not remember ever seeing this part of town. Am I even in Central?

He heard a sound to his left and stopped short. His pursuers seemed to have sent reinforcements. There were more people now, uniformed, armed. He made a dash towards the nearest alley and prepared for the worst.




SSA Aaron Hotchner had not expected this. There wasn't supposed to be a young boy at the crime scene. But there was, and he was running.

He could see he was fast. That's why he asked Rossi to bring the police team to the other side, to trap him in. So as he turned the corner, Hotch saw a flash of gold turn into the dingy alley. He called his agents to him, and went forward.

He could see they'd cornered him. Even if he could've jumped over the tall fence – and Hotch didn't think he could – they'd been far too quick. He had so many guns pointed at him that he'd be impossible to miss at this close a range.

But instead of surrendering, the boy seemed to have wielded a weapon- a blade of sorts- in his right hand. He could see what everyone was thinking. It was apparent in their eyes. This could all go downhill very quickly.

So instead of threatening him, he tried to reason with him. After all, he was a lawyer and a negotiator.

"You can't run anymore. Put your weapon down and we can talk."

The boy looked at him then, and he was shocked by his eyes. Molten gold.

But there was also fear, and trepidation, in them.

"Come on kid, we don't want to hurt you!" called JJ.

"I'm not a kid!"

He seemed surprised that he'd spoken, and Hotch saw his golden eyes go wide. But maybe there was something about JJ that he listened to her, more than he'd listened to Hotch, anyway. He looked down and sighed.

"Okay, I'm just putting down my weapon," he called to us, and then added, "don't shoot me!"

And without warning, he joined his hands, and a flash of light engulfed them. When it faded, Hotch half-expected the kid to be gone, but there he was, weapon-less, looking rather resigned and worn out.

"So... you wanted to talk, huh?"




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