"They" say people learn to forget; and usually when "they" say things, "they're" right.

It's funny though, because "they" also say first loves last a lifetime, and even so, by the end of the school year Finn and Rachel's relationship was nearly a blur.

So maybe "they're" not always right.

Finn went on with the school year, soon graduating with a modest B+ average, and Rachel began her reign on the Broadway world, gaining experience for future performances while she continued school in New York. They were both moving on with their lives and surprisingly happy.

So yes, Rachel and Finn nearly forgot each other.

Key word being nearly.

But what are the odds that Kurt's dad, Burt, and Finn's mom, Carole, start seeing each other?

Next to none.

But they did.

Finn knew about it; it made him think of Rachel.

Rachel didn't know about it.

Well, yet.

"They are simply the cutest couple ever!" Kurt squealed into the phone one Friday afternoon.

"Wow; that's crazy ironic! How did they meet?" Rachel asked.

"At the Lima Bean," Kurt sighed happily. "My dad accidentally picked up her order and they've been inseparable ever since! Isn't that great?"

"Have you been seeing Finn a lot?"

"Oh, yes-sir-ee! He's like my brother, Rach. Aside from my dad and Blaine, probably one of the greatest guys I've ever met. It sucks that things didn't work out between you two."

"It really does."

"He's going off to college, you know."

"Really? Wow, that's great," Rachel said sincerely. "Do you know what he's majoring in?"

"I should; shouldn't I?" Kurt chuckled. "I'm guilty of selective hearing. But anyways, I have to go. I'll text you later, babe! Have fun at rehearsal tomorrow!"

Rachel said her goodbyes and put the phone down before plopping on her bed, Finn Hudson, for the first time in months, on her mind. Flashbacks of a now completely clear relationship flooded her mind. His gentle touch, soft lips, affectionate gestures... She missed him now more than ever.

And where do you go when you want to relive?

Back to the beginning.

Rachel opened up her laptop, blowing off a stray croissant crumb in the process, and logged into her old account: ALostStar.

And you'll never guess who was in her "online" box.

Rachel hesitantly opened up a chat with "BadBoySexShark".

ALOSTSTAR: Can you tell Finn to log on?

BADBOYSEXSHARK: well well well if it isnt rachel bery

ALOSTSTAR: Two R's, but please. Tell Finn to come online.

BADBOYSEXSHARK: wut so no sex 4 puckzilla?



ALOSTSTAR: Thank you.

Rachel exited out of the chat and watched as "Quarterback" immediately came online.

QUARTERBACK: Rachel, hey.

ALOSTSTAR: I'm glad to see your messaging literacy is still in tip-top shape. Congratulations, Sawyer.

QUARTERBACK: r u sur abt tht?

ALOSTSTAR: Finn, I will slap you.

QUARTERBACK: You'd have to come back to Lima to do that.

ALOSTSTAR: You know I can't.

QUARTERBACK: My bad. How's Funny Girl coming along?

ALOSTSTAR: Look who remembered the name!


ALOSTSTAR: It's been an amazing experience. Every day I'm living my dream.

QUARTERBACK: That's great, Rach. I guess this star isn't so lost anymore, eh?


ALOSTSTAR: Oh! My username!

ALOSTSTAR: Hah. This star has been found for a while now, actually.

QUARTERBACK: Intriguing. Elaborate?

ALOSTSTAR: Well, a few months ago, this star logged onto this chatroom, and her life changed forever.

QUARTERBACK: I like where this is going.

ALOSTSTAR: She met a man here; a man who went by the name of Tom. And she really, really liked Tom- enough to meet him somewhere dark; somewhere where the two could be intimate without knowing the other's identity. But sadly, Tom turned out to be a very forgetful person, and forgot protection, leaving the poor, innocent lost star to wonder where they stood.

QUARTERBACK: Tom sounds like a stud.

ALOSTSTAR: Don't interrupt.

ALOSTSTAR: This wasn't the last of Tom the lost star saw, though. At school, the power spontaneously went out and the two found themselves together again, ironically in the dark.

QUARTERBACK: Spontaneous!

ALOSTSTAR: Would you shut up?!

ALOSTSTAR: The lost star, being as witty and intelligent as she was, figured out Tom's true identity: Finn Hudson. She eventually told Finn her identity, too. Ms. Rachel Flawless Berry.

QUARTEBACK: Conceited, much?

ALOSTSTAR: Oh, you have no idea.

ALOSTSTAR: One more message and you're free to speak as much as you please.

ALOSTSTAR: Simply put, Rachel was found. Everything finally made sense in her world, all thanks to Finn Hudson.

QUARTERBACK: Mm, guilty.

ALOSTSTAR: So that happened.

QUARTERBACK: I like that story. It cuts off the sad ending.

ALOSTSTAR: Sad ending?

QUARTERBACK: The part where Rachel flees to New York and is never to be seen again.

ALOSTSTAR: Oh right; that part.

QUARTERBACK: You know, it doesn't have to end that way.

ALOSTSTAR: Tragic endings are always the most dramatic.

Rachel heard a knock on the door.

ALOSTSTAR: One second. Someone's at the door

Rachel opened the door, revealing who else but Finn Hudson.

With a goofy grin, he asked, "You know these things are mobile now?"

Gotta love cliff hangers, eh? ;)

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