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Today was just like any other day. North rubbed the side of his temples as he watched the Easter Bunny and the Winter spirit arguing yet again. Why they bickered like this, he would never know. Personally, some arguments were quite funny to watch like when Jack dumped a load of water on Bunny who had to hair dry his fur.

But today wasn't like the other days. Bunny seemed more ticked off than usual and Jack seemed to be a bit…nervous than cocky this time. Maybe it was the fact that Jack had made a little snow shower yesterday which also happened to be Easter. Now North was aware about the blizzard of 68 and Jack had promised to leave Easter free of snow days. He didn't expect this argument to be so stressful.

"How many bloody times do I have to tell you?! No snow days on Easter!" Bunny bellowed up at Jack who was sitting up on the globe with his staff balanced on his shoulder. His face was anxious and his knuckles were whiter than usual.

"Look I didn't mean to! I thought it would make the eggs look prettier!" Jack protested. Now Tooth, Sandy and North were watching below the globe but a few steps away from Bunny. He wasn't nice when he was angry.

"Well it did nothing but cause trouble for the kids finding my eggs! I lost a few believers!" Bunny snapped, his knuckles crackling and crunching. This was very true as some lights had flickered yesterday but that wasn't a problem for Sandy's dream sand.

"Now Bunny, Sandy fixed that and you know it" Tooth said. She didn't like arguments at all. Jack smiled at this but Bunny's grin didn't fade. It only deepened into a dark frown and his tone also darkened.

"That's just it! Jack always has someone to clean up his mess for him! He never cares what he does and we are always there to pick up the pieces!" Bunny snapped angrily and Jack's eyes flashed with hurt.

"That is not true! I have made a few messes a few times yes, but I have fixed them! The blizzard of 68 wasn't one of those times" Jack admitted. He didn't want to be in another argument because he didn't like them! That blizzard had been an accident! He had fallen asleep in a tree and he had had a nightmare which caused a fierce blizzard to occur while he was asleep.

Now Bunny had had more than enough and his anger took over his mouth. "Will you just SHUT UP?! You never care for anyone but yourself! Why don't you just go away?" Bunny yelled.

Tooth gasped in horror and Sandy was shocked at this. North was the most shocked, "Now Bunny that is enough! You have no right to speak out of term like that!" he said sternly. Jack's eyes were starting to brim and he floated down from the globe so he was facing Bunny.

"Look I am sorry! I was trying to gain more believers so more kids would be happy" Jack said with a strain in his voice.

Tooth smiled at this, "That does sound like a good idea if I must say so myself" she said and Sandy put a tick above his head. North stroked his beard with a smile.

"Now when I think about it, that is very good plan!" North exclaimed. In the three months that Jack had been a Guardian, he had gained a lot more believers and they had all spent more time together than they used to. But Bunny was blazing and the next thing he did horrified everyone.

"We were better off without you! Why don't you just go and drown in your lake!" Bunny blurted out and he gave Jack a hard shove so he fell roughly to the floor. Bunny only realized what he just did as Jack's shocked face looked up at him and the tears that started to spill.

The others were speechless at what Bunny just did. What had he done? He had just hit a child! A three hundred year old immortal but he was stuck as a seventeen year old but still a child!

"Jack… I…I… didn't…" Bunny stuttered and went to help Jack up but Jack scrambled away from him. North gasped; it was like Jack was actually afraid of Bunny! After what just happened, he probably was.

Jack got to his feet and as Bunny went to him again, Jack pointed his staff at the Pooka and it started to glow a dangerous blue. Bunny was quite scared at the deadly glare coming from Jack's eyes and the tears that were coming out of his icy blue eyes.

"Leave. Me. Alone" Jack hissed. Tooth fluttered towards him and so did Sandy.

"It's okay Jack…" Tooth started but to her shock, Jack pointed his staff at her!

"Is this how you feel too?" he asked coldly and he started to make his way towards the open window.

Tooth was shocked at this. How could Jack even think this? But then again, he had been on his own for a long time. "Jack please calm down. We can talk this out like family" North said gesturing with his hands. What Jack said next, wracked North's heart with guilt.

"Talk this out? Like a family? Ha! You didn't want me as your family until Manny told you that I was going to become a Guardian? All those years alone, I wondered if any of you guys could see me. Yeah you could but did you ever come and say hello to me? No! None of you did! You know what? Bunny is right. You ARE better off without me. I will leave you alone with your 'family' and I will go back to my lake and maybe I will actually listen to Bunny this time!" Jack shouted and before anyone could say anything, Jack flew out of the window with snowflakes and tear drops flowing out behind him.

Bunny was literally frozen to the spot.

What had he just done?

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