Sorry, not a chapter but a note. I know that a lot of you feel like killing me for killing Jack in this story so I have decided to be… kind to you all :D

I am herby offering you a chance to vote. Here is what you are voting for!

1: Yes, a sequel to this story would be great.

2: No, this story doesn't need a sequel.

The choice is entirely up to you. I just felt really mean and guilty for ending the story like that as I know how much you all love Jack. I do to! He is my favourite character! So vote in your reviews guys! I need to know! Yes, in your reviews, not a poll. Reviews.

Oh don't forget about my video too! If you are a Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fan, then I have made a trailer for it and it will be a future fic too! The link is on my profile if you want to watch it but please comment though!

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