A/N: Of course this is a parody. It is meant to be awful. As one of the many
who are tired of reading even the *summaries* of so many Mary Sue stories, I
decided to do my own, with a ridiculously beautiful and talented
high schooler who goes to Middle-earth. However, things don't always go as
planned... Muahahahahahaha.

Chapter One: Oh, To Be An Elf!

Isabella Anastasia Freebush looked up at herself in her full-length mirror
and sighed. She had been reading Lord of the Rings fanfiction, and
sympathized with the girls in the stories.

"I've had to deal with adversity myself," she thought. "I've always felt so

Isabella had had a difficult life. More beautiful than most, she was taunted
at school. The other kids had always thought that since she had such beauty,
she couldn't possibly be intelligent. Quite the contrary; Isabella always
made very good grades, and everyone expected her to be the valedictorian come
the end of the school year, her senior year. This made the other, more stupid
and pitiable students even more jealous, and resulted in more taunting.

As if going through life without friends wasn't bad enough, Isabella's family
was also jealous of her good looks and shunned her. Sure, she had all the
clothes and shoes she wanted, plenty of money in her pockets, and a gorgeous
car, but it was clear that her parents cared more about her sister, Alexandra
Helena Freebush. They were always talking about how wonderful she was. They
had all of her softball, volleyball and basketball trophies proudly
displayed beside their father's football trophy. Isabella's awards for her
academic accomplishments were on the bottom shelf, or on the wall behind the
trophy room's door.

Yes, the adversities poor Isabella had to deal with in her upper-middle class
life were truly enough to make even a grown man cry, she believed.

Isabella cut off her computer and crossed over to her copy of The Lord of
the Rings
. She'd read it once, mainly skimming through to find the lines
that contained the words "Legolas" or "Aragorn" or some equally appealing
name. She often wished to escape the horrible world in which she lived to
go to the wonderful world contained in her book. Maybe she could be an
Elf... Isabella smiled and ran her finger along the spine of the book,
considering another skim-session.

"Isabella!" a voice called from the other side of her door.

Isabella rolled her eyes. "What is it, Alexandra?" she called back.

Alexandra opened the door and came in. "Mom and I are going shopping. Do you
want to come along?"

"Can I check out that new boutique while we're out?" Isabella asked

"We're only going to one store, and it's on the opposite side of town. Maybe
we could talk Mom into a stop, though. Should I ask her?" Alexandra offered.

Isabella shook her head, causing her long blonde hair to brush against her
back. "Don't bother," she replied. Alexandra shrugged and left, and Isabella
flung herself onto her bed.

"It's not fair," she whined. "They hate me! They just hate me!" She stood and
decided a little skimming would do her good. Looking at her mirror once
again, she smiled at her reflection. While tossing oneself about as she had
just done would normally mess one's hair, Isabella's fell back into place

She grabbed her book and opened it. She felt what she thought to be a strong
wind pushing--or was it pulling?-- her forward. She closed the book and
looked around, but the wind had stopped. Shrugging, she opened it back up.
The mysterious wind began to blow once more, and she felt herself being
sucked into the book. Unable to fight the force of the wind, she let herself
be pulled in. The last thing she heard from her world was a loud slurping
sound and a thud, which she imagined to be her being sucked into the book and
the book hitting the floor, respectively.

Isabella looked around herself. She was in a white-floored room with enormous
black walls. She took a step towards one of the walls, then the bottom fell
out of the room and Isabella felt a falling sensation. She screamed as she
plummeted down, down, down, before she finally landed on something solid.