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Chapter Six: Orcs Don't Make Good Barbers

Isabella was absolutely miserable. She knew there was to be a fight soon, but she couldn't remember exactly when. She mentally kicked herself (again) for not paying more attention to J.R.R. Tolkien's work. She vowed that if she ever got out alive, she'd most definitely reread the story all the way through.

There had been a few seemingly minor things happen during the long walk in the dark, which she had to do without Legolas at her side. He'd insisted that he should walk in a different place in line to help guard them. She had reluctantly allowed him to go without putting up a fuss. She decided that it was for the best. At least there would be one more person on guard.

During their trip through Moria thus far little had happened. They walked, ate, slept, walked, ate, walked, walked, walked... Isabella had never walked so much in her life! There were songs sung, stories told, and something dropped down a hole by Pippin. Ever since that incident Isabella had been on edge.

She sat silently, sweat on her brow, as the Company talked about which way to head after breakfast. She was shaking as Gandalf began leading them again. Slowly the fear began to leave her.

Maybe the fight was just added for movie-effects, she thought hopefully. You know, more action or something... Yeah, that's it. We'll be all right.

She had a little more spring in her step after this thought...that is, until they came to the Chamber of Mazarbul. A light poured down on the familiar looking tomb. Isabella began to once more perspire as Gandalf read the inscription. It was Balin's tomb. Gimli pulled his hood over his face and the others stood silently by. Isabella felt frantic.

"Let's leave!" she said. Her voice was shrill. "This place is dangerous! Let's get out of here!"

The others were searching the room for information. Gandalf told her to calm herself and picked up a book. He began reading words that were familiar to her from the movie.

Gandalf finally decided that they should be back on their way after he read a bit of the book aloud. Isabella gladly started for the door. Then they heard the drums again. Then the footsteps.

Aragorn called for the door to be shut, but Gandalf stopped him. He said they should leave one door ajar, and keep their packs on for as long as they could. The Fellowship drew their swords at the sound of footsteps in the corridor. Isabella felt panicked. She had no weapon and no knowledge of how to fight.

Gandalf said, "Isabella, stay behind us as long as you can. Find a weapon and hide if possible."

Isabella nodded and grabbed an axe that lay on the ground nearby. The handle was partially gone, but she hoped not to use it, anyway. She then hid between a chest and a wall. She pulled her cloak over herself, hoping to be passed over. She left just enough of a gap in her cloak that she could peek out at the chamber. She clutched the axe handle tightly. Gandalf walked from her view, and then she saw a flash of light. When he came back in she heard him saying something about Orcs, Uruks and cave trolls. She shuddered in her hiding place and grasped the handle of her weapon ever so much tighter.

Boromir closed the doors and everyone stood ready, waiting for the fight to begin. Very soon they were at the door, trying to bash their way in. Frodo struck a foot that stuck under the door. Then the doors gave and the Orcs rushed in.

The Fellowship began cutting or shooting them all. One fell backwards and his disgusting hand landed on Isabella. She shrieked, which rose curiosity in two of the Orcs, who hurried over to where she was. One pulled back the cloak. The other grabbed her by her hair and lifted her to her feet. She howled in pain. They laughed wickedly and used one of their scimitars to cut her long, beautiful hair off close to her head, then threw it at her. They pulled her out into the open and prepared to strike her, but fell to the ground.

"Merry! Pippin!" Isabella cried gratefully. "Thank you so much!"

Isabella held her axe tightly and took a swing at a nearby orc. The axe was fairly heavy, so she didn't do much damage, but she did give him a nasty gash in his arm. The orc turned to kill his attacker, but she swung again and caught him in the face this time. He howled and backed away. She looked triumphant until she realized that the orc hadn't given up. He jumped at her.

Isabella shrieked once again and began running about, dodging the orc as he chased her around the chamber. He was gaining on her when she heard a loud thud at her heels. She skidded to a halt, turned around and looked down. The pursuer lay on the ground, dead, an arrow in the back of his neck. Isabella looked up at Legolas, who looked agitated.

"What are you doing?" he said.

"I..." Isabella began, then stopped. Legolas fired another arrow at an orc and left her to herself.

She did what anyone would do in her situation--she felt her hair. Tears sprang into her eyes. She had lost one of her most prized possessions and her head was throbbing. She looked up just in time to see Frodo get stabbed by a huge orc.

Aragorn killed the orc and his followers ran away. Gandalf then called for everyone to run out the eastern door, which was clear. Aragorn scooped Frodo up and pushed Merry and Pippin out in front of him. The others followed, with Legolas dragging Gimli away. Isabella still clutched the axe. She was breathing hard and couldn't hear what was being discussed. Her mind was whirling and her heart was racing.

She allowed herself to be led down the stairs. There they waited in the dark for Gandalf. Would he never come?

This question was answered as Gandalf came flying down the stairs. He thudded on the ground before them and got to his feet. He said very little before calling for them to follow him forward and away from the door.

They fled into the darkness with Gandalf and Gimli leading the way. Isabella longed to run faster, but Sam was directly in front of her, blocking her way and she dared not go on alone. Instead she continued as closely to the person before her as possible, nearly knocking poor Sam to the ground several times in her hurry.

Finally Gandalf said he had to rest, so they paused. Isabella was grateful to be able to sit, but was anxious to be on their way. At the same time, she didn't want to continue. She knew what lay ahead...