Fluttershy hovers over to Rainbow Dash sitting on the couch. The yellow Pegasus is carrying a large tray with a pie on it.

"Hey, Rainbow Dash," she greets with her naturally soft voice.

"Oh, Fluttershy, hey. Hey, listen, I hope you're feeling alright about our little talk the other day. You know, about us being just friends and all."

"Oh, hehe, yeah. No, I'm fine, I'm fine, and...hey, look, I...I wanted to thank you for being so great to me, so...I baked you a pie."

"Oh, wow! Hey, that looks delicious!"

Fluttershy cuts her a slice, and she gobbles the delicious savory treat with delight.

"Mmm, whoa this is good. What's in there?" Rainbow asked with her mouth full.

"Well, there's some apples and some cinammon...and my hair."


"My hair's in the pie, Rainbow Dash," she answered with no expression. "And now, it's inside of you. Part of me is inside of you, Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow Dash looked wide-eyed at her friend as she spoke.

"Do you feel me, Rainbow Dash?" she continued. "Do you feel me inside of you?"

She playfully nuzzles her cheek, then flutters back over to the kitchen. Then, out of nowhere, Pinkie comes bouncing in and sits next to Rainbow Dash.

"Ooh, you've got some pie, huh? Can I have a piece?!"


She gratefully gives Pinkie her piece.

"Ooh, let me have some of that Cool Hwhip," she impared, pointing to the batch of Cool Whip next to the pie.

"What'd you say?" asked Rainbow, surprised at Pinkie's pronunciation of the word.

"You can't have a pie without Cool Hwhip," she explained as she scooped some onto her pie and ate a piece.

"Cool Hwhip?" asked Rainbow Dash, confused.

"Cool Hwhip, yeah."

"You mean Cool Whip?"

"Yeah, Cool Hwhip."

"Cool Whip."

"Cool Hwhip."

"Cool Whip," corrected an annoyed Rainbow Dash.

"Cool Hwhip."

"You're saying it weird. Why are you putting so much emphasis on the H?"

"What are you talking about? I'm just saying it: Cool Hwhip. You put Cool Hwhip on pie. Pie tastes better with Cool Hwhip."

"Say 'whip'."


"Now, say 'Cool Whip'."

"Cool Hwhip."

"Cool Whip."

"Cool Hwhip."

"Cool Whip!"

"Cool Hwhip."


Pinkie, alarmed, spits out the pie onto the floor.