Mary woke with a sore neck and a pain in her stomach staring into darkness, at first she thought she was dying but that feeling soon disappeared when she figured out that the pain was from having to go to the bathroom.

That was a problem.

She licked her dry and chapped lips and tasted blood in her mouth and tried to look around in the darkness.

But to the left of her she could she a faint outline of a person she felt her heartbeat quicken,


She honestly didn't think he would care if she pissed herself and she really didn't want to tell him that she had to go.

But the pain in her stomach soon became unbearable and she cried out softly, Otis's soft snoring stopped and then she heard him groan lowly and then heard the old springs from his bed squeak as he sat up.

"What the fuck are you crying about?!" he yelled grabbing her by the hair and yanking her head back, Mary bit her lip trying not to scream "Well!" Otis yelled.

"Bathroom!" she told him "I have to go to the bathroom…"

"Jesus Christ" Otis muttered "You wake me up for that?!" Mary took a sharp breath and closed her eyes.

"P-please..just let me go to the bathroom…" she begged "Please...Otis.." saying his name was like ripping wax paper off her tongue she bit her lip when he let go of her hair and she felt him untying the ropes around her wrists and ankles.

He pulled her up and forced her to the door, "Come the fuck on!" he growled as he shoved her out the door into the hallway.

Walking down the hall Mary noticed painting smeared along the wall she took note that each painting was of a murder, she took a shape breath and looked down at her feet.

Otis tightened his grip on her arms making her gasp, "Move" he hissed "I don't have all fucking night" Mary gasped and tried to move faster but stumbled to her knees.

"I-I'm sorry" Mary said getting back up "I'm sorry" she said again tears forming up in her eyes, Otis scoffed and wrapped an arm around her stomach and pushed open a door in front of them and pushed her in.

"Hurry and go" he said walking in and closing the door behind him, Mary bit her lip "D-do you have to be in here?" she asked Otis leaned against the door.

Mary held back a sob and stood up and walked over to the toilet and pulled down her pants and panties behind her Otis whistled, Mary's heart was pounding her chest, and her stomach was in a knot.

She sat down and did what she had to and stood back up tears of humiliation spilled down her cheeks as she walked back over to him, Otis grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back to his room.

After returning to his room Otis pushed Mary against the wall, "Well mama I did something for you now you do something for me" he said Mary shook her head "No please.." she begged "Please!"

Otis laughed "Please" he mocked her as he reached for her sweater and tore it from her body, Mary screamed and tried to cover her chest up,

"So that's what you've hidden underneath that shirt" Otis said as he ran his rough hand over her breasts.

Mary wished for Satan himself to reach up from hell and pull her into hell, but the ground didn't open and she wasn't pulled into hell but she didn't need to be pulled she was already in hell.

Otis started kissing down her neck and running his hands down her sides, Mary shook her head and tried to wiggle out of his grip "Please…stop…I don't want this…" she cried out when Otis bit into her neck.

"I really don't give a rats ass what you want" he said as he tugged on her bra, "But I can show you what I want" he said as yanked the bra from her body causing a Mary to let out a gut-wrenching scream.

This had to be hell. To have this creature fondle and kiss her. What did she do to deserve this?

After a while Otis must have got bored because he stop fondling her and let her sink to the floor and sob, "Well damn mama" Otis laughed roughly rubbing her head "You ain't gotta cry" he laughed.

"I like you" he said suddenly "I think I'll keep you around for a good while mama"

"Please god just kill me now" Mary thought bitterly "I'd rather die then have…Satan here like me" She glared up at him but he was already back in his art room, she grabbed her sweater and hugged it close to her.

"Please god just kill me now"