This chapter is amazingly short and I apologize I just wanted to at least update with something. Besides the first very long chapters I think make up for it.

Chapter Three


The wind pushes through the car as hair is flying on our way back to our houses as we all squash into the small car. It is supposed to fit five people but Katniss was lucky enough to get a car so with five people it felt rather claustrophobic. Things are different this year; this is what happens on days now for the ride homes if Prim's friend Rue comes with us.

Last year it was just me and Katniss, and of course the first day I managed a ride from my mother with my brother since it was our first day but now Katniss, Prim, Rory, and I all need to fit into the old car and now along with Rue.

Still with the fresh air that feels just the right amount of dewy without making me feel sweaty. Too bad we are almost home, though I will be glad to get back to my other siblings. They are all there already, took the bus. Especially since my little brother is feeling sick. It worries me, I wanted him to stay home but decided he would get stressed if he missed the day since he is just getting use to his new teacher and his new procedures for his class.

He always had trouble with that sort of thing, he won't have an easy time in Middle School I can tell you that.

"So I saw you with Mellark." I say suddenly before I even realize. Katniss chuckles giving me a curious look.

"Peeta," I add.

"You know him?" She asks.

"He did go to our school, have you really never saw him before?" I ask her stunned. She nods. I laugh as I see our houses getting closer and closer. We are neighbors, and being in similar situations Katniss and I bonded easily. Maybe I even feel more for her after all these years; I can tell Mellark fancies her. He is always staring at her, but Katniss hasn't even heard of him before now and he has been in our school for a few years now.

That makes me a bit guilty, how can I think that way? Well I don't like it, it just ends up like that.

"So what were you too talking about?" I ask curiously.

Katniss shrugs, "Not much really, just random stuff. He is nice."

"Yeah real nice." I say tensing up.

Katniss gives me a funny look, "are you jealous Gale?"

I scoff, "of course not!" I say and look back to the road.