The Two Sides of a Same Coin A Fanfic based on Lucky Star

Author Note - The band Children of Hell is formed as the following:

King (Guitar/Lead Vocal/Backing Vocal) (OC)

Keeper (Guitar/Lead Vocal/Backing Vocal) (OC)

Mr. Madman (Bass/Backing Vocal) (OC)

Savage (Drums/Backing Vocal) (OC)

Author Note 2 - When someone if thinking it will appear as italic.

Author Note 3 - Hope you have fun with it :D And let the story begin!

Berlin Airport – Morning (Sometime between 6AM and 7AM)

"Man... I can't stand anymore! Where in the hell is the airplane?!"

"I told you to don't wast the money from the last two tours in trash! But you insisted in buying new things! If we didn't wasted all the money we could buy a particular airplane."

"What are you talking? We know you're crazy, it's even in your name!"

"Ahem... STAGE NAME!"

"Yea, yea... Screw this... You're too jealous because you can't sing too well while playing your bass aren't you?"

"Guys, let's calm down. It had been only one hour, there's no need to worry, the airplane is soon coming..."

The band Children of Hell started some years ago and was one of the most influential bands of all time, playing from Hard Rock songs to Death Metal ones, they always did an amazing work. A four members group.

King is the band leader, a stylish guitar player, he knows a wide range of techniques on both guitar and vocal. Has many guitars, but uses mostly three: a Gibson Les Paul, an Ibanez and a custom Music Man guitar, all them white. His vocal style is remarkable, he only sings the Power Ballads and the Death Metal songs, considered one of the bests guitarists in the world by the magazine Rolling Stones, although he don't care about that. A tall man, with "not too short, not too long" light brown hair, Japanese descendant. He's the one who composes most of the band songs.

Keeper is the second guitarist, many consider him even better than King, uses Dean and ESP guitars, he also make the lead vocal for some songs, principally Rock and Metal songs, also considered one of the best guitarists of all time by the same magazine King was, don't care even a little. A small man, long dark brown hair, his family origins is unknown.

Mr. Madman is the bassist, he did an amazing work until now. The silly guy in the band, don't mind too much to ranks, but never was ranked tough. A very tall man, being almost 200 cm, has no hair, and in the head he tattooed the word: "Bass".

Savage is the drummer, many consider him as the second most important member in the band, only losing to King (the original founder), is considered the fastest drummer in the world, also is known for playing drums with creativity, one of the best drummers of all time by Rolling Stones, different from other members he does care about the ranks, and being one of the best is not enough, so he is still up to become the best. An average height man, but as strong as a MMA fighter, long blond hair.

After two hours of delay the band was finally inside the airplane and ready to go to Japan, make an amazing concert. Two hours signing autographs and taking photos, now that they are inside the plane there's no more need to worry about it, they got the entire A-Class section for themselves.


Hiiragi's House – Night (sometime between 23PM and 2AM)

On Kagami's bedroom, she was already on her bed, preparing herself to sleep, when she suddenly remembered an important thing. She ran quietly downstairs and picked up the telephone, her cellphone was charging, with no more battery left so she wasn't able to use it, and typed a number quickly, then waited anxiously to hear the Otaku voice.

"Kagamin~~, why are you calling me this late? If I didn't wake up fast dad and Yutakka would wake up..."

"Sorry for bothering, but... I told you I was going to call you this night, didn't I?"

"Ah, yea, you told me that at school, but I forgot and slept before waiting for your call, anyway, what's the matter?"

"I just wanted to know how well you were..."

"For your information, I was doing amazing with amazing dreams until I hear my cellphone ringtone and it's you..."

"But... I'm sor..."

"I didn't finish it! Let me finish! Don't say a word until then ok?"


Tears were already falling from the pretty light violet eyes, she didn't mean to make Konata feel bad, she only wanted to talk a little with the little girl, then she receive that answer, such a rude one... That almost made her hang up the call, but instead she waited and heard Konata words.

"So, where was I... Ah! Until I hear my cellphone ringtone and it's you... That made me feel so relieved, I thought you forgot me Kagamin~... Please never do it again *sob*"

"I promise you, I won't never forget again! NEVER! Please forgive me..."

Both were already crying while talking.

"I forgive you Kagami... Love you..."

"Love you too..."

When Kagami hung up the call she broke down in tears, how would she say to her family about her feelings. No one ever suspected it, until that night, when Tsukasa was going to the kitchen get some water and found her sister on the phone, she heard every single word going out Kagami's mouth, principally "Love you too". Who could it be? The younger sister wondered, But most important, why was onee-chan crying? I have to figure it out.

The older twin went up stairs and laid down on the bed again, it was already 2 AM, but she only was able to sleep one hour later, all the crying almost took her sleep away, but it didn't when she remembered there was someone to call her "wife", and that person she would met again in some hours. Even they were secretly dating for some weeks she never felt that way, maybe the night confusion disturbed her mind. The dinner was quite boring, dad and mom weren't at home, so we had to do our own stuff, but again Matsuri started picking a fight with me, because Tsukasa forgot to say to me to buy groceries... It's already the second time, but now there was missing lots of items on the supermarket nearby, I had to go even further to get it and when I come home all I hear is Matsuri angry words... She was so angry that she didn't do the food well and it was tasting bad, then I had to finish studying and after forgot to call Konata which mislead to something bad... At least in the end turned good. Good night myself. And then she slept... She had no dreamsand woke up some hours after, got ready to go to school and when walking downstairs found Tsukasa eating her bread, but differently from other days today she was serious, and that never meant a good thing.

"Good morning Tsukasa..."

"Good morning..."

"Why all this serious look?"

"It... It's nothing!"

Tsukasa don't know how to lie and it was clear she was lying this time, but why would she lie to me? Could it be...

"Kagami, Tsukasa, hurry or you'll be late for school!"

Inori differently from Matsuri worried a little more about her younger sisters, and she was right if they didn't hurry they would be very late, Kagami didn't finish her bread and ran away with it in her mouth while Tsukasa ran on her side.


Well, I'm not late at least! Kagami thought, now i have to run to my classroom otherwise I will be late for sure!

And then she got on her classroom, Misao and Ayano were already worried about her, she never misses classes and never gets late, but that day she was already late, Maybe something happened to her? Misao thought, she was desiring that nothing happened to the tsundere, when she found Kagami coming near them she was tranquilized, nothing happened to the girl.

"Hiiragi! Why were you so late? I was already worried about you"

Kagami heart was beating fast because of the running, so she wasn't able to properly answer the question, she was breathing too fast so the answer looked like:

"*Pff...* *Pfff...* Sorry *Pff...* My alarm clock didn't work... Ahh..."

Then she sat on the chair and prepared herself to classes.


Kyoto Airport – Many hours after the band took off

The band was very close to Kyoto, the plane was about to land and that's where they would do their first concert in Asia for this tour, a huge crowd was already waiting for them, but to don't be annoyed by this crowd they "disguised" as normal civilians, put hats, and cheap sunglasses, also a big jacket to hide the body, so no one would recognize them, in the last moments they exited from A-Class and sat on four places they paid on the Economic Class, it was the first clever thing Mr. Madman suggested since the band started.

"I just hope the crazy guy idea works... The people here knows that we're Children of Hell..."

"No worries Keeper, I gave them a free copy of "Marching to Hell" single with my signature to they keep their mouths shut."

"Who in the hell would like your signature *evil laughs*?"

"Why do you two keep picking up a fight?"

"That's because I know he's jealous of my amazing vocal *evil laughs*."

"Meh, you only shouts... Keeper is the one with amazing vocals."

"Did you forget about songs like 'Running Through The Rain' and the melodic part of 'Marching to Hell'? I don't only shout *laughs*, you forgot that I also sing the Power Ballads."

"That doesn't matter, mostly of the concert you only shout."

"Guys, let's calm down, the plane is already landing, let's prepare to get out here."

The plane landed as soon as Keeper suggested to stop the fighting, they exited and no one noticed that they were the famous band, just four weird looking guys, so many even kept distance from those four people.

"Ahh... We're finally here!"

"Hell yea, I think I won't be able to play drums in some hours after staying all that hours in a plane..."

"Man, I'm tired, will we go to the hotel now?"

"Soon, just let me buy some food."

"Savage, you only think about food don't you?"

"What can I do King? I need to eat a lot to have enough energy to play drums *laughs*"

The four weird guys went to the nearest cafeteria and as King was the one who knew Japanese best he asked for four Shoyo Ramen and paid with the money which was changed from Euros to Yens in the end of the European part of the world tour. Even the waitress wanted to keep distance from them, they were too weird to be normal humans.

"What is this?"

"Shoyo Ramen. It's pretty good, taste it."

"I thought we were going to eat sushis."

"What do you think? That everyone here eats sushis and sashimis? Nah... It's stuff for rich people."

"And aren't we rich?"

"We are, but if we bought that I wouldn't have money to pay the food and would have to pay with my credit card, then everyone would know that we're the members of the band those guys there are waiting"

"Makes sense to me..."

"See, not every drummer is idiot *laughs*"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I didn't have to explain it to you twice *laughs*"

All the four members laughed, and that made people keep a distance bigger from them, they aren't only weird looking, they are crazy too, a normal civilian thought.


Post Author Note (PAN) 1 - This was it! The prologue! Hope you enjoyed it. I made the band parts longer because I wanted to better introduce them, the next chapters will feature mostly only Lucky Star cast.

PAN2 - The band is a reference to many other real bands I like:

Stage Names - Based on Helloween Songs:

King - King for a Thousand Years

Keeper - Keeper of The Seven Keys

Mr. Madman - Who's Mr. Madman?

Savage - Savage

The guitars used by King and Keeper are also references:

Gibson Les Paul - Michael Weikath (Helloween)

Music Man - John Petrucci (Dream Theater)

Ibanez - Steve Vai (Steve Vai)

Dean - Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

ESP - Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom)