Two Sides of The Same Coin Chapter 5 – (Almost) Back to Normal Life

"This feeling inside me

Finally found my life, I'm finally free

No longer torn in two

I learned about my life by living through you

This feeling inside me

Finally found my life, I'm finally free

No longer torn in two

Living my own life by learning from you"

Scene Nine: Finally Free – Dream Theater

A Cheaper Hotel in Kyoto – Morning (Sometime between 9:00 and 10:00)

"King... King... King! Mr. Madman asked me to wake you up..."


"You are exiting Kyoto today! Get up!"

King woke up, tried to get up but he wasn't able, damn it, I forgot about the shot... Man that is hurting so much...

"Hey, Kagami... Can you help me get up?"

"Ah... Sorry... Let me pick your wheelchair."

Kagami walked close to the door and picked up the guitarist wheelchair, she then crouched by King's side and helped him to get up. He's heavy... I don't know if I will be able to hold him... Just a little more... And... King was up, with Kagami's help sat in the wheelchair. She blushed, then he noticed that he was bare chest and only with boxers.

"Sorry! I... I... I d-didn't mean it!"

He blushed as well, that was such an embarrassing scene to both, specially King who was the one getting helped. When I find that shit eating bassist I'm sure to make he eat his pants...

"Wait... I will get you a shirt... And your pants..."

"No worries..."

The talk was really short and no one even dared to see each other face, they were too ashamed. Both were really red. Kagami was wearing a white dress and was using her classic twintail hair style, she picked up King's Helloween shirt and jeans he used the day before. She threw the clothes over the guitarist and waited patiently looking outside the window, while the vocalist was putting on the clothes.

"Okay... I'm done here... Sorry again... I will make that shit eating bassist eat his pants..."

"No! No worries! I was wrong as well... I should have given you your clothes before waking you up and helping you to get on the wheelchair... Sorry..."

"This talk is really useless... I'm hungry... Let's eat something?"

"Sure! I think the rest of the band and Konata are waiting for us downstairs."

Kagami helped King to put his things back on the suitcase and then both went to the elevator going back to the main hall.


A Cheaper Hotel in Kyoto – Morning (Sometime between 10:00 and 11:00)

The place was really empty, it seems no one recognized the four guys again, even wearing the same disguise. This time they were with no disguises, it was all packed in a bag which Savage was carrying, they were wearing normal human clothes. Savage was smoking outside the hotel, while talking to Keeper, Konata and Madman were waiting for the guitarist and the tsundere close to the elevator. The drummer was wearing a Dream Theater T-Shirt, Keeper was with a Metallica one, both with sunglasses, while Konata was with some casual clothes and Madman was with a plain white T-Shirt.

"King! Good morning!"

"What do you mean by 'Good Morning' you shit eating bassist?! You knew I was wearing nothing but my boxers and you asked to Kagami go wake me?!"

The small girl and the bassist started to laugh as Kagami and King were blushing and looking down, Madman came close to King and put his hand on his shoulder speaking calmly, as if nothing happened.

"You're really funny. You both actually! That was one of my best jokes ever!"

"Hey! Don't forgot who told you to do something like that!"

"KONATA?! You asked him to do it?!"


Kagami hit the otaku head, as well King punched Mr. Madman stomach. They alone were already very irritating, together they were nothing but a hell of stupid jokes.

"I wanted to see Kagamin~ embarrassed... Maddy then remembered that King was sleeping, and he never wears anything to sleep, so I suggested to ask you to wake him up."

"But... But... When did you two talk about that?"

"Late night I felt thirsty, then I went to the 24h cafeteria nearby, Madman was there eating an hamburger. So we started to talk."

"I can't believe you went outside late night alone! If I saw you exiting the bedroom I'd kill you!"

"Sorry Kagamin~..."

Konata hugged the purple haired girl and kissed her cheek, Kagami blushed a little but she enjoyed the quick romantic moment they shared right in the morning, as an almost married couple.

"I'm still thinking if someone watched us last night on the TV... I'm worried..."

"Me too Kagamin~, I imagine if my dad would accept that I have a girlfriend..."

"Your dad is not really a problem I think, but what about Tsukasa? Inori and Matsuri? Dad and Mom?"

They kept on talking while walking outside, the bassist started to carry King outside as well, then they started to talk.

"Hey King, do you have any idea of what they are talking about?"

"Nope... I imagine their parents didn't know about their relationship... Now who are Tsukasa, Inori and Matsuri I don't have any ideas, maybe her friends!"

"Who knows? Last time you guessed they were sisters, and you were really wrong..."

"Stop remembering me that!"

"*laughs* I still don't know why you don't really accept them as a couple... Maybe you liked one of them *grin*."

"No... *blushing*"

"*laughs*I knew it! I knew the almighty King liked one of the two! I can't wait to tell about it to the rest of the band."

"Shut up your shit eating bassist! I hold no more feelings now!"

"You're only trying to hide it..."

"That's true... But seeing them both as a couple is really cute!"

"Who was the lucky girl?"


"Was it Konata or Kagami?"

"Er... I won't tell you that."

"You spoke that there are no more feelings, so I see no problems!"

"Well... It was Kagami..."

"You both make a nice couple... But Konata and Kagami are perfect the way it is."

"I guess so as well... What can I do? I'm even exiting Kyoto today... Where are we going next?"


"Great. Off we go!"

The two guys exited the hotel and greeted Keeper and Savage. The taxi was already waiting for them, they were off to the luxury hotel and then to the airport, going to take off to Seoul. Kagami and Konata walked together with the band close to the taxi, they put their suitcases in the trunk.

"I guess this is our last goodbyes..."

"Don't say that King! We can meet again!"

"Who knows..."

Kagami hugged King as they were saying goodbye, followed by him, Kagami hugged Mr. Madman and Keeper. Konata was speaking farewell to all, Savage was the first, Keeper the second and Madman the third.


"Kagami... It was great to meet you... A huge pleasure."


She was dropping tears while hugging the drummer, Konata was done, Keeper helped King to enter the taxi, while Madman put the wheelchair in the trunk.

"Savage... Will we ever see each other again?"

"I hope so... But I can't promise anything."


"We're really busy... We don't know when we will meet again someone... That's why everyone here is single, we can't have a normal relationship. Anyway... I hope we see each other again for sure!"

"I will miss you."

"Me too..."

They embraced again and then Savage entered the taxi. The motorist started the engines up and off they went. Kagami and Konata waved their hands. When the car was out of view they entered in the hotel again and went to their bedroom, pick up their things.

As soon as they entered in the bedroom they found the two guitars cases, with their new guitars inside. The bags were already prepared, with the money they got and the drum sticks.

"I will miss them..."


"I know we've known each other for only one day, but that was one of the best days of my life. Thanks Konata. Thanks for inviting me to that concert."

"So, we have to go as well, we have classes tomorrow, and as you said to me we will study and I will enter a good University!"

The two girls picked everything and exited the bedroom.


Subway Station – Noon

The two girls were standing there waiting for the subway, which was soon coming, to they go back to Saitama. Kagami was eating a natural sandwich, while Konata was having an hamburger, they were holding hands as well. There was still some posters about the Children of Hell concert, some people were looking it, while some band fans, who went to Kyoto to attend to the concert as well, were talking about how it was.

Kagami finished her sandwich and then waited Konata to end her hamburger, as soon as the blue haired girl finished her lunch, Kagami invited Konata to a small walk, they still had to wait anyway. While they were walking some people started to look at the two, in a weird way.

"Isn't she the girl from yesterday concert?"

"I think so..."

"So the small one is 'Konata'?"


Some random talks like this were able to be heard, Kagami started to blush, only then she noticed how big was the declaration, everyone who attended the concert remembered. She didn't look back, instead she held Konata's hand and both started to talk.

"Hey Konata..."


"Don't you feel a little embarrassed because of that people around us?"


"Aren't you listening? Many of them were in last night concert... I can clearly hear some 'Isn't she the girl from yesterday concert?'."

"No... That I understand. But what to feel embarrassed? I feel like if people recognize out love! Which is great!"

"Thinking in that way it seems to be... But you know, many people in Japan are agains same gender marriage. Which can be really bad for us..."

"We're in a free world! We'll do it! Because we can Kagamin~! Also I don't think those guys who attended yesterday concert are worried about it."

They heard a noise, it was the subway coming. Both girls ran back to where the door was opening, as soon as they entered and the doors closed, some claps were heard. I can't believe it... Many people with Children of Hell T-Shirt were clapping outside the subway, which was starting to move. One of them even shouted:


They are really cheerful about us... I think headbangers are quite liberal about things like this... Konata waved to the fans while smiling, as soon as the subway got speed and the fans get out of the view, Konata looked to Kagami again and sat by her side.


They were going back to Saitama, and probably every single Children of Hell fan will react someway to what happened in that notable Kyoto Concert, which happened in a Saturday, with many problems and everything to go wrong. King was shot, Konata was in depression, Kagami was willing to kill herself, the band was mad about the happenings, but, in the end, "the concert was the best one we had even we started the band, I don't know if it was because of everything that happened, or if it was because it was in a city where a legendary samurai lived... And that samurai being of the same family as me. I really don't know, but something made this concert amazing".

"Kagami! That's King in the radio!"

"I heard that! That was the best concert of the band since the start... I feel so proud of being there *smiles*."

"You weren't only there, you were one of the center of attentions!"

"I guess so..."

"Savage seemed to be so happy when he said your love declaration... I think he shipped us all the time. Even not knowing about it."

"Or he knew the whole time, that thing of we two being together and really close must have made him think about something. I wonder if he will speak on the radio as well today."

The two continued talking until they heard another familiar voice. It was Keeper speaking on the radio. "Who knew that would happen? I mean... King was shot and... I can't even remember that scene *laughs*. We were so nervous, what would we do without our vocalist and guitarist, also he's the band charisma! Most of the fans like him! However don't think wrong about me *laughs*, I'm still the best *laughs*! At least that was what King said. That concert will be marked down on history... King was shot, but was playing very well, showing even more charisma! Savage beat his world record, one more time! Madman is still mad, so don't care about him *laughs*. As for me, I don't know, but it was a pleasant experience... Ah! And how could we forget that love declaration, I remember pretty well when that girl came to talk with me and Savage, it was some hours before the concert, so I and the drummer was playing some guitar, just for fun, she then knocked on the door, she was desperate in search of the small girl, we helped her, and also when she asked to do it, all I thought was 'is she crazy or what?', but it was cute one way or another, I was still thinking, however Savage said it was going to be okay, he then picked up a pair of rings, which I still don't know why he bought *laughs*, and then he took a photo of that purple haired girl... Well it was great... Anyway, I guess I spoke too much *laughs*. I'm going off *laughs*."

"He surely talks a lot don't he?"

"Yea, I didn't see him talk too much before we went to eat pizza, but there at the parlor we had a great time. What is bugging me as well is that ring that Savage got... Why would he get one? Was he waiting I go ask for him something?"

"And you did. I thought Madman got that ring..."

"No, I knew since the beginning that the ring belonged to Savage, and it didn't seem to be bought that day, neither in the early days... Maybe something happened to him and we don't know? Who knows if he wasn't married someday?"

"And why would he say that they are still all single? Someone as kind as him isn't likely to divorce from a wife, specially because I think he would love a wife too much to divorce from her."

"Hey Konata... I'm thinking about one thing now, how old are they? I can't really tell by their looks... When was that band formed?"

"I don't know... I guess they are in the middle twenties!"

"No way! They were influential in the whole metal scenario, and that picture... Of the guitarists... Wasn't it taken years ago?"

"Don't ask me that things Kagamin~! I'm an otaku! Not a musician! Neither a music addicted!"

"Sorry, so I guess I will be the one who will invest in a music career, huh?"


"We have amazing new guitars and money to get many things to play now. I already know flute, why not to be a little radical and play guitar? *smiles*"

"That looks to be great! I will be by your side till the end of your journey!"

A beep was heard, the subway achieved it's station, the girls picked their bags and the guitar cases then exited the subway, going to pick a train then to go back to their good ol' lives in Saitama.


Kagami's House – (Happening at the same time as scene above)

The house was quite quiet, the three sisters were sat down watching TV, they watched the interview with Savage and King before the concert the night before, so much things happened in just one day. At that time it was showing the end of a last interview with King in Kyoto, as they were soon taking off to Seoul.

"That guy is really handsome..."

"Matsuri! You'll never meet him, so you don't expect anything!"

"But... I never expected anyway big-sis... I just thing that I'd be a good wife for him!"

She was saying that with much confidence of herself just like if she was the most powerful woman in the world. The light brown haired was of course exaggerating, and as always Inori had to keep calm and make Matsuri see the reality. She is so childish... I can't believe she's alerady in University.

"Matsuri... I think you should stop dreaming this high and see the reality. This is no man for people like us... Common girls without any fame or things like this. And also, you forgot that he's a METAL guitarist? You don't even like this kind of music!"

"And do you like?"

"Differently from you I'm not saying that I will be his wife..."


"Thanks King! We wish you a safe and good trip! And now with you, the best moments of Children of Hell yesterday!"

Off TV

"Hey Tsukasa, change the channel... I don't want to listen to this heavy music..."

"Okay! Er... Where's the controller?"

"You lost it again?!"

"Sorry onee-chan!"

"Hey... You two, stop fighting, it isn't as bad as I thought... Tsukasa, weren't Kagami going to a concert in Kyoto?"


"I guess if it was this one, I don't think so... But who knows..."

"Inori... Now it's you who are thinking crazy things! Kagami?! In a Metal concert?! You make me laugh *laughs*!"

Why can't I remember what concert Kagami went... It was yesterday! Sorry Kona-chan... I forgot to tell my sisters it was some kind of concert...

"Girls! Look!"

Matsuri was pointing to the TV, it was the part of the concert when Kagami was showing off the ring, the special board about it cut exclusively the part which Savage was starting to speak:

"Now, I will speak exactly as Kagami did and asked me to do: Konata! You're the love of my life! Everything I ever wanted! I know we fought sometimes, I know I'm not the perfect person, but I know I'm the one who loves you most in the world, you're the missing piece of my life big puzzle! Konata, do you want to marry me?"

A huge crowd applause was heard, and then it was cut off again and it showed they playing Hangar 18. Matsuri and Inori looked to each other, while Tsukasa was really surprised.


I somewhat knew it! Something was happening between Kona-chan and onee-chan, now it's completely clear.

The two older sisters exited the room and went to the older one bedroom. The two weren't completely shocked.

"Big-sis, I don't think we should talk a lot about this..."

"That was really surprising, but for some reason I'm not really shocked..."


"Don't you remember when we were at their age? We did something like this, right?"

"I somewhat remember this... But it is becoming clear now... I don't think it's completely wrong now, but anyway, how will we speak about this to dad and mom?"

"We won't tell to them anything, as well we won't tell them about this moment..."

Inori pushed Matsuri to the bed, laying she down there, as soon the older sister came with her face closer to the light brown hair one, their breathing was constant, and then the inevitable happened. Their lips were coming close to each other until they kissed.


"Yes Matsuri, that's what we did back then... I'm worried about Tsukasa now... What will be her reaction to all her sisters lesbians?! What will happen to us? Kagami was really brave to declare her love that way, all that cheering the band fans showed was amazing... I wanted to assume my 'real I', but... Somehow I can't... I CAN'T MATSURI! Neither declare me a lesbian, neither find a boyfriend!"

Inori was dropping some tears, she was worried not about she being that, but about disappointing her parents, as it's the biggest problem for the first-born, they never want to disappoint their parents. How did I come to be like this? I've born to be a good wife, but Matsuri is so eccentric, so amazing that I don't resist... I remember the old days when we first kissed each other, it seemed so normal, we liked each other so much... But after we saw that it was impossible to keep up... We had to stop... That love was twice forbidden, and now... That I thought I was free I'm going to fall in the trap of love again.

"Inori... You don't have to worry... You'll find a man suitable for you. Someone like you don't need me as a partner, think about it. I-I will see if Tsukasa is alright..."

"Wait. How do you know I will find a man?"

"Because you're perfect in many ways! You're very pretty and intelligent... Who would refuse someone like you?"

"Matsuri... You'll find someone too... Please don't rely on me, one day we will separate, soon or later. Many boys like your aspect!"

"Although... I kind liked it..."

"Liked what?"

"That... What happened."



"I have to say I enjoyed it as well..."

Both the girls were blushing and looking to opposite sides, they were little embarrassed, doing that didn't show much comfort, but it was a feeling that both shared and liked. And if it is like that who is going to interfere, it can be the forbidden incestuous love, but it's still a love, they never thought it was going to be this way, but they were willing to be good women and some secret times share a passion moment.

"I wonder, if we will ever do it again..."

"Matsuri? I... I really don't know, but that's not a bad idea..."

In the end the two hugged and forgot everything about it, no one knew that kiss they shared, no one knew about Inori's disturbed thinking, no one knew about their secret talk. It was all a well hidden secret. Kagami's free will showed they new paths, the tsundere could love another girl with no problems, as long as their parents don't know about anything. And the two older sisters are willing to sacrifice everything until Kagami and Konata can have their wedding.

After the hug ended, the two went back to where Tsukasa was, she was nervously typing a message, it was for Kagami. Matsuri panicked and just after she heard the *beep* of message sent she jumped over Tsukasa, picking her cellphone, which contained the message:

Onee-chan! You're going to marry! All the best! Hope you and Kona-chan have a great time together as a couple, and I hope you two to grow even further!

In the end, Tsukasa was too innocent to think bad things about their relationship, it was love after all, and who among all of us can judge a true love bond between two people?

Love is a feeling that everyone can feel, but most don't believe it's that feeling. People in love start to be more caring about the one who he or she likes, since Kagami met Konata she felt a tingly in her belly, she always cared about the small girl since then, until one day it grew so big that they became a couple. People often confuse love with a feeling that's not as pure, when in love it's not about have her/him for yourself, but to be happy when by him/her side, feeling good just because you're close to that person. No matter if you met her/him at school, at work, in the streets... When in love you're ready to take a long part of the day just to be with that dear person, who you care at most. Kagami showed her love by caring about Konata the whole time, at school about studying and her grades, going to shop with her any crazy thing, helping her studying to go enter University. Sorry for taking your time with this paragraph my dear reader, although what can a writer in love do but show some philosophy in his favorite story? "It's better be feared than loved" as a king, but it's better be loved than feared as a mere mortal man.


Shinosaka train to Tokyo – Afternoon (Same time as scene above)

The two girls were already in the same train everything started one day ago. It was all the same, except it was now the opposite way, sometime soon they would arrive Saitama and everything would be back to the normal, at least that was what they thought until a *beep* was heard.

What is this? Message from Tsukasa? Hum... "Onee-chan! You're going to marry! All the best! Hope you and Kona-chan have a great time together as a couple, and I hope you two to grow even further!"... Wait... WHAT?! How does she know about it? Did she watch the concert? No way... Tsukasa doesn't like this kind of music...

"Hey Konata... Konata... Konata!"

"Er... *yawn* Good morning... Kagami-sama..."

"No time for this! Tsukasa knows about us! And if she knows what about the others?! Also... STOP CALLING ME KAGAMI-SAMA!"


"I received a message from Tsukasa congratulating us for the marriage... What now Konata?"

"Now that the truth was revealed... Why to continue hiding it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Tell your parents about it... They will understand *yawn*..."

Konata was getting sleepy again, Kagami tried to wake her up, but had no luck, the otaku started to sleep again. The tsundere was worried about it, many 'what ifs' were passing in her head, she looked at the guitars standing there between her and Konata legs, I can't leave Konata... Neither I can tell dad and mom about it... What now? Can someone help me?


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