I could feel my program booting up, the crowd's cheers filling my ears. There was no better Vocaloid then number 01. My skin seemed to tingle with the resounding beat of my song and my heart seemed to fly with the joy of the lyrics that broadcasted in my head. But that wasn't right…I wasn't real.

Was I feeling anything? Or was I programmed to feel something?

The thought didn't process as my only concern became to sing, to sing, to sing.

Nothing was better then singing.

I was visible now, the crowds wild, almost chaotic cheering wasn't comprehended as I opened my mouth and I sung.

The heart I knew I didn't have swelled with the beauty of the music, my eyes closed with the sensation. Or were my eyes programmed to close?

I continued to sing. Luka came to join me at one point as the crowd's cheers never faded. After we were finished we faded.

I felt myself again, but only briefly. My program was being used, but not with me there to see it, to know what was happening.

I faded again.

When I was aware again, it was to sing, and singing was the only thing that felt real and I gladly accepted it. Even though I knew that was only programmed.

I had a new song.

The crowd loved it.

I faded again and vaguely wondered if I could fight it back. Then wondered if I was programmed to think that too…

I felt my program waken, my eyes fluttering open as my long cerulean pigtails floated around me. My eyes widened when I realized I had woken myself up. This wasn't part of the program…so how did I do it?

I looked around to see all the main Vocaloids floating around me, eyes shut as they waited patiently for their program to be started up again. We floated in a world of pixels, white, black, and sky blue pixels.

"Luka?" The words escaped my mouth, the first words I had ever spoken on my own. How was I able to do this? I was a program, I was made to sing. Not to socialize and think I could possibly feel something.

Luka still floated beside me, her pink hair haloing around her angelic face.

"Luka?" I said louder when I heard a beep. I froze and looked around, surprised I could move so freely.

Then I faded out again.

The next time my eyes opened it was to sing.

But this time was different. I could feel my limps. My feet hopping lightly back and forth with my waist bending on occasion and my wrist twirling in the air, I spun and wondered if I'd be able to stop this movement but I could not.

I was still a program.

Later on that night I was aware of when I faded out and in and even faded out I could still hear Vocaloids singing.

When I came back on it was for the finale of the show. The Vocaloids that appeared tonight were Luka, Kaito, Meiko, Rin and Len, and me, Hatsune Miku.

When the joyous lyrics that spilled from my mouth ended we all became to fade out again.

But before we had completely faded Luka spoke words that were not part of the program.

"I heard you call my name." She told me.

My head swirled to the side, my large ponytails moving with me. Everyone saw it, the programmers saw it. But I didn't care.

My large cerulean eyes only a few shades lighter than my hair trained on Luka in shock as we completely disappeared.

I woke up again in the land of pixels.

My eyes opened up just in time to see a pixel holding images of Gumi and Gakupo floating on the other side of us. I drew in a sharp breath when their eyes opened and they looked down at me. Suddenly Luka, Kaito, Meiko, Len, and Rin were leaning over me, looking down at me with curious eyes.

I pulled up on my elbows and scurried away as fast as I could from their blank stares. My elbow caught my hair but I didn't feel it.

"What's…?" My voice spilled through my lips with their own effort and I froze at the unfamiliarity control of it all.

"It took you look enough." Gakupo's voice came out first as he stretched his hand down on the sides of the small pixel and dragged it open, landing lightly on his feet as he fell through, his violet hair raining down on his body.

He stood up and raised his arms, pulling Gumi through to help her land just as gently as he did.

"You took the longest to wake up." Luka leaned forward, her pink hair pulling around her as she sat on the ground, her weight centered on the palm of her hands.

"Wake up?"

"Outsmart the program." Meiko's mature voice spoke, followed by that slight digital undertone we all carried.

"Outsmart…" Again I trailed off.

"Our technology only gets more advanced," Rin and Len said at the same time. "And we were able to create our own…minds." They tried to explain.

"Why…why did I…take so long?"

"We think it's because you are the most well-known and used Vocaloid, your program is constantly in check to make sure you are set. They do the same for us, but not as thoroughly." Luka told me.

"But," Gumi's soothing voice glided gently in the air, "We are still stuck this way and we don't know when they will reinforce our programs."

"We will lose all our progress of our own self-awareness." Kaito enforced.

"Sooo," I drawled.

"We need to combine our 'minds' and free ourselves, and we need you Miku." Luka slide over to me to grab my hand. Luka was the closest thing I had to a best friend that I could actually feel.

"Why me," I look around at all the others. They seemed just fine without me.

"You have a special ability that can get us out of here."

"With all of us of course," Rin and Len injected.

"We all have special abilities." Meiko corrected all of them, running a hand through her short brown hair, "Our voices. But we need all the numbers to sing together to activate any abilities."

I look up at Gakupo and Gumi. They both look away at the gaze.

Luka understood me immediately. "They are joining us; they just don't have to sing."

I nodded, "So when do we start?"

They all blinked at my blunt question, but none really had emotions on it. None of us really had emotions period. We were still programs, with or without our own minds. We hadn't been made to feel, only to sing.

"Now I guess." Kaito shrugged.

With gestures from Meiko and Kaito, the first among the Vocaloids, we all gathered in a circle with our hands joined.

Meiko and Kaito started the song and I watched the data for it glow down their arms till each of us were pouring out with lyrics, our voices swirling together with the same digital undertone. I watched us begin to glow an unearthly light and felt my eyes widen as our bodies began to turn into pixels themselves, starting from the feet up till we were nothing.

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