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I looked out over the edge of the city. My sigh echoes through the moist dawn air. So much had changed in just a few years, back when I was fourteen, I'm seventeen now, the world had just gone on with business as normal. Concerts, government problems, nuclear missile threats, revolutions in certain countries… But now. Now the whole world was in shambles and decaying fast. Even its inhabitants. I could hear screams and shouts from down below, orders from a group's leader, I suppose. Seconds later there's a flash and a boom that follows. Just another example of the chaos happening. And yes, it's happening everywhere. But let's start from the beginning.

[Hanna Davis; seventeen-year-old; small town outside Charlotte, North Carolina]

It was the middle of a chilly of a December morning when the news started to broadcast a super storm on the horizon. Supposedly it was to mark the end of the world as we knew it. So my family, as being one of the more prepared ones, hid underground in our "community shelter", more like a bomb shelter. Every country was prepared for a disaster but not a natural one. Russia and a few of the other countries had threatened the world with nuclear bombs. As a precaution, the governments had bomb shelters placed methodically throughout their countries to help at least some of us survive if that happened.

The storms struck just a few days afterward and once we all emerged from our holes, we saw the damage that it had caused. Many towns were leveled and many others destroyed so that it would take years to rebuild. And that's when the fighting broke out. First it was only looters and swatters trying to hide out in someone's property that had went to live somewhere else at the time. But as time progressed, things got much worse. Valuables were all gone by this time and fights broke out. Let me get this straight though, not just in my town. This is happening all around the world, the storm swept across the globe with unbelievable force. Many countries just let these fights go on but others had their police force go out to stop these "problems". But the so called "problems" became whole revolutions in some countries like Germany, parts of the United States and Russia.

Lucky for me, one of the revolutions was close. I got a firsthand experience of this whole business. Let me just tell you though, if there's a way to avoid it, get out fast, it's not at all pretty. Ten police officers in my area died within the first couple days and the government had to intervene. Twenty more people were killed the next day and we made national headlines. "Small Town: We Want Protection" but all we got was persecution and heightened security measures. We were on lock down for a long time and each of us was questioned for information on why it happened. The interviewers all got the same answers. It's the end of the world and we've gotta live through it.

[Five months later]

Russia, China and the United States have finally decided to drop nuclear bombs on the most problematic countries: Russia, Brazil, Portugal, United States, Japan and Germany. They're scheduled to drop on May 27th. All other measures haven't worked with controlling the revolutions, even the automated police force that Russia had perfected. The information leaked out into the world a week earlier so the whole world had gone silent and dark as we hid, once again, underground to let this pass.

All was quiet for about two weeks after the scheduled destruction. But then the world emerged to a cloudy grey sky that hung over the atmosphere. Huge craters were shown from satellite images where the bombs were dropped. The crime and death level went down quickly and normal life resumed for about a month until a new virus was detected. The places where the bombs were dropped started to get infected first. A scientist figured out it was because of the radiation. Those poor people died just a few weeks later, but that wasn't all. No one knew at first, but their corpses reanimated. Yet again, information leaked and people began to call it the "walking dead virus". People started disappearing at this time, either they were the survivalists who fled to their mountainous refuges or they were the ones who thought life was becoming hopeless and killed themselves while the world slept. Lots of cases seemed to be turning up though of people dying mysteriously in their sleep. I had heard this happened a lot during wartime, but now? Scientists investigated and reported that these people had died because they had no hope left, no hope whatsoever so they had no will to live. After that, the scientists were useless. So was most of the world's military. They had only been able to hold off for so long before the numbers of the living dead grew too much. Many small countries didn't know how to deal with them so they got overrun quickly. The larger countries just figured out that the only way to kill these things was a shot to the head. Even decapitation didn't work; you'd have to do two blows if you wanted it done that way. These things didn't have any weapons, but they had numbers and those numbers were slowly approaching and taking the whole world.

Now, let's start with my side of the story, shall we?