Here with Me

Description: Yondaime Kazekage's love for his wife. Fluff. Drabble.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Kishimoto's and Shonen Jump's.

A/N: I named Yondaime Hirohiko. This is a 350-word drabble. Based on Dido's song "Here with Me."

Thank you to all who read and review!

Hirohiko often watched Karura sleep when he was restless in the night. Certainly, he couldn't sleep without her and her calm chakra in bed beside him, and on those nights when he suffered insomnia, he gazed at her in the moonlight. Her face was always relaxed and calm, her chakra soothing. This was quite unlike Hirohiko, who often had nightmares and had to use a mouth guard because he clenched his teeth in his sleep.

Each night, Hirohiko tried to get around the nightmares by thinking about positive things before he slept, like his wedding day or the birth of his first child. He'd think about Temari's first birthday, or the fact Karura was pregnant a second time now. But then he'd fall asleep and have nightmares about the village's imminent economic collapse or an attack on the village that killed thousands. The more stress bore down on him at work, the more violent or apocalyptic the nightmares became.

After these nightmares, Karura would sometimes sit up and hold him with his head on her lap. She would stroke his hair until he fell back asleep. That always worked; he wouldn't have any more nightmares that way. Or sometimes she would just roll over and spoon him, wrapping her arm around his waist. That usually worked as well, or at least ninety percent of the time it did.

Simply, he couldn't rest as well without Karura's love and help.

Hirohiko believed his wife was the best woman in the world, even an angel. He often told her that, and she'd laugh and blush, deferring the compliment. But Hirohiko was sure it was true. Karura had a large heart, a loving heart, the kind of heart that put others first. She didn't mind comforting him after a nightmare; she didn't mind holding him in the night. She thought nothing of making him confess his nightmares and shooting holes in them until they seemed unrealistic. She rained love on him until the world was bearable again.

And so it was that Hirohiko couldn't sleep, couldn't breathe, until Karura was resting beside him.