Whoo! Sequel! I forget when i posted the epilogue for Ice Dragon and Chaos...meh, whatever. Here's the prologue to the sequel, Gaian Reapers! MY title makes it pretty obvious what's gonna happen...but how and who is the mysterious part *evil laugh* I've been working hard on this one. After reading the recent chapters of Bleach, i realized my idea of Hyorinmaru as a Weapon kinda clashes with the canon...soooo, i'm gonna pretend i never read it and stick with what I put to keep it consistant. Ha!

By the way, i'm thinking of putting pairings in, but i'm going with as canon as possible pairings. I don't like sticking random characters together for reasons that don't make any sense. In case you're wondering what those pairings are, i'll list them here(if you don't wanna know, read past): ToshiroXKarin(I know they don't meet in the manga but they do in the anime, twice, and the first time when she got hurt he looked VERY concerned, so i'm sticking with it), IchigoXRukia, CloudXTifa. Those are the only ones i can think of right now. If you have any others post them and i'll take them into consideration. Again, i need good reasons for them to be a pairing, not just cuz 'they'd be cute together'.

Hope this one is as good as the first since there's no game or movie to follow off of and make slight changes to, it's all my imagination at work here. Enjoy!

...I need an icon picture for this story...and its prequel...Any ideas? (I drew a picture for the first one but I don't have a scanner)

It had been waiting for this chance, this one moment with which to appear. Finally it could arise from the darkness once more and take revenge on those who had done wrong to them. The minute that swirl of foreign power left, it knew it could reopen the gate to the spirit being's world and become a god worthy of its idol. It knew such a journey would take time to accomplish, as travelling through the planet's life energy and then the harsh pressure of the dead would tax his spirit. But it would not give up, not until it had the power it wanted.

For months it waited to take its chance, ever so patiently hiding in the shadows until its opportunity presented itself and he took it gladly.

The lust for blood this dark being felt echoed through the emerald streams under the crust of the planet, warning another being to its dark intent. The figure became frantic at the possibly catastrophic threat and immediately turned to their outside aid to call for assistance. An emerald tendril of light spun in the figure's hands into the shape of an aqua butterfly, black lining the outer rims to give it a physical manifestation.

Leaving their message with the ethereal insect, the figure sent it off towards the allies before mentioned and hoped for the best.

The shadow made it through first, but caused no havoc in its new terrain, moving immediately to its familiar domain of darkness to gather its strength. As it did so, the aqua butterfly flittered past, unnoticed, and rode the wind to its chosen destination. The insect's target was resting as of that moment, unaware that their power, and that of their comrades, would soon be needed in vast volumes. Both the world they inhabited, and that of their allies, would soon be in grave danger.

The chime of bells from the aqua butterfly caused a white haired boy to look up, teal eyes filling with curiosity at the strange colored insect. He held his hand out for the butterfly to land on…and the chain of events leading to war was started.