The two Weapon hosts moved a little further away before Toshiro picked a spot and sat down, stabbing his zanpaktou into the ground in front of him and taking a meditative pose. Vincent sat across from the boy and did the same, though he placed his zanpaktou in his lap.

'Chaos, we'll do an in between state.' Hyorinmaru called out as Toshiro reached out towards Vincent with his mind.

'Yeah, sure.'

Both masters were pulled into their Inner Worlds while also being pulled towards one another. Vincent felt very cold suddenly, while Toshiro noticed it wasn't as cold as he usually was. Opening his eyes, the familiar icy landscape was dotted with ruined pieces of Nibelheim. The two Inner Worlds were temporarily merged. His ice dragon sat behind him, icy wings spread, while Chaos hovered above Vincent a few yards away. There were also shadows further back that Toshiro assumed were the gunman's Inner Hollows.

"You're looking well, Chaos." Toshiro said offhandedly.

"Oh you think you're so charming." The demon zanpaktou scowled. He looked up at Hyorinmaru as the ice dragon growled in warning. Right, those two were a closer bonded pair than he and Vincent.

"So are you and Hyorinmaru sparring?" Vincent turned to look up at the hovering spirit.

"Something like that."

"I'll be using only my zanpaktou powers, not anything I earned by becoming a Weapon." Hyorinmaru explained. "My power will be limited to how much you have, therefore I will not use any Bankai techniques."

"Most of your attacks are part of your Bankai, I thought." Vincent looked at Toshiro.

"They are, for the most part." He replied. "I'm capable of using them in Shikai I just don't have as much control. But don't worry, Chaos will have his hands full with just the Shikai if his performance in our battle before proves anything."

"We'll see about that." Chaos smirked, bringing the Shikai form of himself to hand. "You going to revert to your humanoid form or do I have to fight you as a dragon?"

The ice dragon answered with a low rumble and spreading his wings, icy coils tensed to spring. Despite the change that made him more fish-like, he lost none of his regal appearance. If anything, the shimmering scales and sleek fins added to his kingly stance.

Using Flash Step, Toshiro moved off to the side and away from the Weapons. Vincent joined him and they watched the spirits stare one another down. The sky turned dark as Hyorinmaru's power gave him the advantage and created storm clouds, the temperature dropping further.

"This is my most basic, but also my strongest technique." Hyorinmaru explained as the demon glanced briefly at the storm clouds, the wind beginning to pick up. "You've already experienced it as it was used by my master."

"Subjugation of the Heavens…" Chaos growled out the name. "I countered it once, I can do it again."

"Don't assume as such. My master is strong but he's still developing his power and his control over me. As his zanpaktou, my control of this attack is far deadlier than his. It's to be expected that a Soul Reaper's zanpaktou is stronger than its master, considering they know themselves better. It's why communication is such a vital key in learning how to control one's zanpaktou."

"Enough with the lecture already!" Chaos aimed the large gun and the dragon bared his teeth. "I came here to fight!"

"With what? You only know one attack that I'm aware of."

"Time to cut this lizard down to size." Chaos shot forward with a strong flap of his wings before Hyorinmaru could say more.

Hyorinmaru roared and lifted off into the skies. Wind picked up around him and attempted to catch in the demon's wings, slowing him down. Not that Chaos stopped. The demon lifted his weapon and let out a powerful blast, what Vincent's attacks would be like if the two could just get along. Hyorinmaru lifted his tail and sent a wave of ice-water up to block the shot before casting it aside and lunging forward with gaping jaws. Scowling, Chaos dove downward to avoid the ivory teeth before shooting at the dragon's belly.

Bursting into ice, the dragon seemed vanquished. Only for him to rise from the frozen ground once more and spread his wings to fly again.

"Subjugation of the Heavens." Hyorinmaru called out the familiar name and the storm worsened, a thick blizzard surrounding the two fighters. Ice shot up from the ground in a freezing wave and threatened to swallow up the demon zanpaktou.

Letting out a feral growl, Chaos shot around him six times, the shots staying put by his command and glowing white hot as fire condensed in the dark spheres. Pointing down at the rising wave of ice, Chaos charged one final shot, the ball of Spirit Energy burning with darkness and fire. Once the energy was high enough he let off the shot and it slammed into the ice-water with impressive force, the six spheres he'd first created arcing outwards before slamming into the ice from all directions, exploding on contact into an inferno.

"So you can learn." Hyorinmaru rumbled as the heat calmed the blizzard around them.

"I just modified one of my Weapon attacks." The demon snapped, leaning his gun on his shoulder. "Just like you changed your trademark Tidal Wave attack into Subjugation of the Heavens."

"Tidal Wave?" Toshiro questioned Vincent.

"Leviathan's main attack." The gunman replied.


"You still don't have a name for it, do you?"

"Maybe I would just prefer not to say it." Chaos motioned with his head towards Vincent. Hyorinmaru nodded in understanding before letting his power rise and bring back the blizzard. He still had the advantage despite the demon's new attack.

"I have a feeling Chaos isn't going to stop this fight until he wins." Vincent sighed, sitting down.

"Then he better be prepared to fight for several weeks." Toshiro shook his head. "Hyorinmaru has far more experience as a zanpaktou then he does, that last attack had too many weaknesses."

"Hyorinmaru's did?"

"Yes. It looked impressive but the ice wave was hollow and the blizzard mostly wind." Now Toshiro sat down. "Also, you should probably start calling Chaos by his zanpaktou name. It will help him adjust faster, even if he doesn't think so."

"Makes sense, I suppose."

They both turned back to Chaos, or Gurthatsa, and Hyorinmaru's fight. Ice water and dark fire continued to clash as the Weapons fought tooth and bullet. Every time the demon seemed to learn something new with his zanpaktou power, Hyorinmaru would up the ante and come at him even harder. No matter how angry he got or how much power he released, Gurthatsa just couldn't beat Hyorinmaru's immense Spiritual Pressure and weather advantage.

Toshiro sensed something happening outside and decided enough was enough for one night. Catching on, Hyorinmaru stopped his attack and burst into ice before reappearing behind his master, startling Vincent as he sat next to the boy.

"It's been several hours." Toshiro reported. "The others might be worried, let's leave this in between realm and return to reality."

Chaos snorted but did not argue, vanishing into darkness along with Vincent. The Nibelheim rubble faded and Toshiro was alone with his dragon in an icy field once more.

"How fast is he progressing?" He turned to the Weapon.

"As one of his power would, very quickly. He already recognizes that he must teach Valentine how to use his powers on his own."

"The only concern now is if they can get along well enough to do so."

"Yes. With some support, there is a chance of getting them to work together."

"Tomorrow we'll let them talk alone this time." Toshiro closed his eyes to return to the real world, hearing voices around him. They sounded surprised and he grimaced; something must have happened during their mental fight.

Upon opening his eyes he realized what that was. He'd frozen over a good amount of the ground around him, though there were burnt patches and wisps of darkness where Vincent had been sitting.

"It seems the fight extended past the Inner World." Yoruichi snickered as she leaped across the ice to land on Toshiro's shoulder. "The two of you need to keep an eye on that."

"I was unsure whether or not this would happen, that's why I moved away from the others." The Ice Captain pushed her back off onto the ice while lowering his Spiritual Pressure, allowing the ice to melt.

"Glad you did." Cid said gruffly, looking around as the ice broke and faded away. "Would not want to be under that right now."

A few of the Gaians looked at Toshiro warily once more, wondering what he had been doing with Vincent to cause such a reaction. The gunman quickly explained while Toshiro was occupied with Karin, the teen asking the tiny Captain to help train her, to Kisuke's surprise; he'd been training her these past few weeks even before the Gaians were in need of help, along with Ichigo's assistance.

"I can see my zanpaktou spirit now and she's a fire-wind type." Karin explained. "If I went up against an ice-water I'd have a challenge."

"Without your zanpaktou's name there's no way you can fight on par with a Captain." Toshiro argued.

"I'm this close to hearing it." Karin held up her hand with a tiny space between her fingers to show what she meant. Toshiro raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. "Oh come on, please!?"

"I'd suggest training with Lieutenant Kuchiki first. She also has an ice type zanpaktou and hers isn't a Weapon from another world."

"Your zanpaktou isn't special just because it's from another world." Karin crossed her arms with a pout. "And I thought he couldn't use his Weapon power here."

"The point is, I'm a Captain, and you don't even have Shikai yet." Toshiro stood and began to walk away. "If you can fight on par with Lieutenant Kuchiki then I'll spar with you."

"Vincent only just got his Shikai and you're training him."

"Actually Hyorinmaru is training Chaos." Toshiro corrected, pausing his walking for the moment. "He's teaching his fellow Weapon how to be a zanpaktou. I'm really taking no part in it. Plus, as the Captain in charge of Gaia, it's my duty to watch over all of them and train them appropriately."

"Okay, fine." Karin shrugged. "But I'm holding you to your word. I fight at Lieutenant level and you train me. Promise?"

Toshiro turned to look back at her, noticing the determination in her gaze. She was not about to back down. Why did she want him to train her anyway? He could see the challenge of ice-water against fire and why she would do it, but training? She should ask someone with a fire-type zanpaktou for that. Momo would be more help to her than he could on mastering fire. But, she had that stubborn look in her eye, and he really didn't feel like arguing with a stubborn Kurosaki. He admired her determination.

"I promise to train you once you have Lieutenant level power, Karin Kurosaki." He smirked at her and finally walked away.

"Good." Karin smirked back, satisfied.

The female Gaians giggled, seeing something in that exchange that the boys did not. Rukia was with them as well, a knowing look in her eyes. Things were going to get very heated very fast. She had to tell Rangiku.

"Alright, Gaian Reapers, time for some rest!" Kisuke waved his fan at them.

They looked at him, confused.

"What did you call us?" Shelke questioned.

"Well, you're not Soul Reapers in the true sense." The man explained. "So I thought, since you're from Gaia, we call you Gaian Reapers, eh? Sound good?"

"It does have a nice ring to it." Yuffie hummed.

"Gaian Reapers it is." Cloud shrugged.

And so the name stuck.

So now the title makes more sense, hehe. Oh, and Chaos's new attack was taken from one of the moves he has in Dissidia, I looked it up on the wikia. All his moves seem to be fire or earth in Dissidia but since with Vincent he's a demon of darkness I figured fire would go better, so Chaos is a fire-darkness type zanpaktou. Sorry it's so late, i'm stuck T^T I'm trying to get my muse back, though! Promise! So sorry!