NOTE: This story follows the events of Iron Fist: The Movie and Luke Cage: Hero For Hire (The Movie). While this story stands on its own, reading those previous stories might deliver a better sense of continuity.

A small private plane flies over Chinese mountains. The engines give out and it plummets. A young Danny Rand watches as his mother and the plane fall into the darkness, "Danny!". The mystical city of K'un L'un materializes behind him. He turns and sees two monks peering down over him. Danny Rand practices martial arts alongside other children in K'un L'un. He is brought to the shrine of Shaou-Lao as an adult. He palces his hands in the shrine as he hears his mentor's words, "The power of the Iron Fist will never leave you." The symbol of the ancient dragon appears on his chest. He then stands in ceremonial K'un L'un attire. His fist ignites with chi energy and he strikes with an explosive punch.

Daniel Rand, the Iron Fist...

A young Carl Lucas breaks into a man's apartment alongside Willis Stryker. The owner of the apartment turns on the light and Lucas turns his attention. Cops pin him down as they arrest him not far away and then he is standing in front of a judge, "Carl Lucas, the jury finds you guilty." The warden slides a piece of paper toward him, "There's a rehabilitation program for medical research." Carl is strapped to a gurney with canisters inserted into his arms. Nanobots are drained through the tubes into his body. He screams as his muscles buldge. Next, he is standing in an abandoned warehouse with bullets bouncing off him.

Luke Cage...


Distant gunshots and explosions...Afghanistan. A small group of Special Ops race through a battle-torn city, dodging enemy fire along the way. The sun is high in the sky, making the situation even hotter and more intense. The four men drop behind a truck parked on the side of the road as bullets fly overhead. The lead soldier strips his helmet off, revealing the face of Mitchell Tanner. Tanner is in his mid-30's, handsome and athletic with brown hair and blue eyes: the posterboy for American military might. He pokes his head around the front of the truck to get a better view but ducks back once he sees a flare from across the street. A moment later, the headlight next ot his head is shattered. One of his men disconnects the digital parascope from his rifle and holds it above the back window of the truck, getting a good look across the road.

"How many are out there?," Tanner asks.

"Hard to say, Captain Tanner," the soldier replies, "Wherever they are, they're well hidden."

Tanner turns to a soldier with a radio, "And reinforcements?".

"Air cavalry is unavailable, sir. Ground support is approximately 30 minutes out."

"We're almost surrounded. There's no way they'll get through to our location in time," Tanner peaks over the hood of the truck again. He spots a bombed out and abandoned building nearby and sinks back down, "You see the two-story building to our left? We're gonna make a run for it. We'll hole-up in there and fight them off until support arrives. First, we'll secure the ground floor, then sweep through the second floor. Understood?" "Yes, sir," the men respond as they gather their rifles and gear. "Move out!," Tanner rolls out from behind the truck and sprints toward the building with his men following closely behind. Bullets erupt from every direction across the street, narrowly avoiding them as they make their way to the building. Tanner and the first soldier stand on either side of the doorway as the last two rush in, quickly taking point by the busted windows on either sid eof the room. The ground floor has been mostly demolished aside from the walls and a stairwell. With a man at every entrance, Tanner begins to move toward the stairs.

"Stay below and keep the area secured. I'm going topside."

"Are you sure you want to go alone, sir?," one of them asks.

"We don't have much choice," he tells him as he ascends the stairs, "Wait for the all-clear."

"Yes, sir."

Tanner quietly makes his way up the steps to the top floor, which is equally as desolate as the bottom floor. He passes through the main room, and as he passes the doorway of a smaller room, he does not notice the insurgent hiding behind the wall with a knife. The insurgent rushes him from behind and he has just enough time to turn, deflecting the knife strike with his rifle. He turns the rifle around, removing the knife from the insurgent's grip using the bayonet. He spins the rifle back around, striking the man across the face with the butt, staggering him. He presses the attack, jabbing the butt into his ribcage and then into his chin. Once his foe is down, he raises the rifle above his head and plunges it down, bayonet-first. Below, his men wait silently until they hear him shout, "All clear!". One soldier briefly glances at the top floor to acknowledge and turns back to the window.

Across the street, an insurgent races onto the middle of the road with a bazooka on his shoulder. "Take cover!," he shouts and opens fire. He hits the the sinurgent but not before the enemy fires a single rocket, launching it toward the upper floor. Tanner looks up in time to see a missle coming toward the second story window. He turns, throwing himself into the smaller room. The walls explode around him, tossing him into the air and out the opposite window. He smashes through the glass, falling helplessly. From his point-of-view, the last thing he sees is the hard ground.