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Chapter 4: A New Life

Yoshino and Shikamaru were staring blankly at the sleeping blonde who was gazing at them with a sleepy look. It took a few moments for Naruto to register that he is in a foreign room, with people he doesn't know and the last thing he remembers is passing out after another maiming attempt. So when this finally got through his skull his brain went on overdrive and he quickly backed up into a corner of the bedroom and started shaking in fear.

"Wh-who are you people" Naruto asked. "A-are you gonna hurt me?" Needless to say both of the Naras where shocked. They had done nothing to instigate him and he was already in the corner nearly crying bloody murder. Yoshino quickly shook herself out of her chocked state and rushed to Naruto's side. The blonde flinched as he was pulled into a warm hug by the female Nara.

"It's ok Naruto we're friends, you are part of our family now" Yoshino said softly. Naruto was at a lost for words, here he was in an unfamiliar house, with a woman and boy he doesn't know, and instead of trying to kill him she runs up to him and hugs him. Not only that she tells him that she is his new family. He would never have thought this was possible.

"F-family?" Naruto asks still skeptical. Yoshino smiles brightly at him and nods. She proceeds to tell him about Shikaku who saved his life and about the adoption. She also introduces herself as Yoshino, his new mother. She explains to him that they never hurt him and will always care for him as long as they can and also everything else that has to do with being a Nara. By the end of this Naruto is just blankly staring at Yoshino. Suddenly tears fall down Naruto's face, a big smile could be seen etching its way on to his face. Without warning he throws himself on to Yoshino and sobs onto her chest. "Mom!" Naruto exclaimed. Yoshino was slightly suprised at this, but then smiled and pulled him into a tight embrace. She whispered soothing words such as "it's ok mommy's here" and "It's arlight Naruto-kun you have a family now."

Meanwhile Shikamaru was still in shock after what the Uzumaki exclaimed soon after he woke up. He thought that he and his mother were about to hurt, even possibly kill him. Being Shikamaru he deducted that this boy...his new brother had not had an easy life beforehand. He grew even more suprised when the Naruto threw himself on his mother in a crying fit and yelled 'mom'. AS his mother calmed the boy down and whispered soothing words Shikamaru could only feel happy at the sight. Mabye..mabye this wont be so troublesome after all he thought. Seconds later Naruto's crying died down and he was standing in front of Yoshino, still with a smile on his face.

"Now Naruto" Yoshino said with a cheerful tune. "How about we go meet your brother" Naruto nodded slowly as they walked towards Shikamaru. They stopped in front of Shikamaru with Naruto behind Yoshino's leg looking up at her quiestioningly. She only looked down and nodded and pushed him towards Shikamaru slightly. Naruto took a catious step toward Shikamaru.

"Hi there, I'm Naruto" He said sticking out his hand. Shikamaru stared at his hand for a moment, then took it in his hand and he smiled slightly at Naruto.

"Shikamaru" he replied back. Yoshino smiled happily at the sight. She had no doubt in her mind that they would get along quickly. For now however they would need to go get themselves aqquainted with each other as a family.

"Ok kids, how about you two go play while i finish breakfast. The two nodded and then ran off to go outside to do whatever kids do. Yoshino then went back to the kitchen to finish the breakfast that she was taken away from by Shikamaru's shouting. As she was cooking over the stove she couldn't help but wonder what the two were doing. Probably playing tag, hide & seek, or just some kid stuff she thought to herself. She then decided to take a peek out the window to see their activities. She sweatdropped as she saw the two of them laying down on their backs on a hill watching the clouds. She then proceeded to cry anime style, Whyyy, now there are three lazy men in this house! Was her current train of thought at the moment. Still crying she went back to making breakfast.


"So...You just sit here and watch clouds most of the time?" asked a little blonde. Shikamaru just huffed and turned his head to face him.

"Yea, it's too troublesome to do anything else." Shikamaru replied. Naruto seemed to accept this answer, but soon started fidgeting seconds later. Shikamaru glanced at him and sighed. " It's troublesome, but we can do what you want...for now. Naruto jumped up in joy at this. He never had anyone to play with ever! This was easily the best thing that happened to him!

" I know of a game we can play!" he said jumping up and down. "I've seen other kids playing it in the park, they run around and try to touch each other it looked really fun!" he said as he stopped jumping and put on a thoughtful face. "Although, i dont know the name of it." Shikamaru was taken aback at this.

"You mean tag?" he asked. "You never played before? It is a fun game to play...even though its troublesome." At this Naruto's face beamed with understanding.

"Yea Yea!" he exclaimed. "That's what the kids in the park called it! I wanna play tag!"

"Geez must you be so troublesome. Ok! Ok! We'll play. Since it's your first time playing I'll go easy on you." Shikamaru said with a smug grin. Naruto just nodded in recognition. "Alright i'll count to ten while you go off somewhere and remember once i tag you your it!" The blonde just nodded and ran off. The Nara slowly counted to ten in his head and once he was done he took a look at his surroundings. "OK READY OR NOT I'M GONNA GET YOU!"

Naruto at this moment was running through the shrubs in hope that he could get away from his newfound brother. He ran pretty far from Shikamaru even though it has been only ten seconds. Then again why shouldn't he be fast when he has to run away from a bunch of idiot demon haters every day. Naruto stopped aruptly and hid behind a tree, he took note of his surroundings judging which way would be the best route to go. Now Naruto is by no means an idiot, however, he hid this so the villagers hopefully wouldn't attack him all the time, alas that failed. Anyways he is pretty smart for a five year old so he knew two things at that moment. One: is Shikamaru has a huge advantage since he knows his home better than Naruto, and Two: This is probably the best time of his life. He is only five years old and had NO KID TIME whatsover. Usually its running from the idiots, foraging for food or clothing, and trying to learn whatever he could to survive. Well anyways lets get back to the main topic.

Naruto spotted a good tree and quickly climbed up it as fast as he could. And not a moment too soon. The second he settled himself on a branch Shikamaru came bolting out of the bushes and frantically looked around. Naruto held his breath and waited for him to pass. After a few seconds Shikamaru quickly headed down a dirt path leading deeper into the forest. Seeing he was gone Naruto let out a deep sigh. He promptly froze up again as he felt a tap on his shoulder. He slowly turned his head only to see the Nara smirking at him in a crouched positon behind him. Naruto just broke into a series of incoherent babbles and stutters.

"Wha-ho-di-...HOW DID YOU GET HERE!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Oi Oi! Not so loud. I'm right here you know."

"He he sorry..." chuckled naruto as he sheepishly scratched behind his head. "But still how did you find me? I thought i was perfectly hidden!"

"Well my dad has given me some ninja training so it wasn't that hard. Besides a tree isn't a good place to hide you know, that's basically the hopping grounds for Shinobi." Naruto had stars in his eyes. He couldn't beleive Shikamaru had Ninja training! His mind nearly broke as he tried to comprehend all the justus and tactics Shikamaru could possibly do!

"Shikamaru! You gotta teach me that! I wanna be a ninja too!"Shikamaru just sweatdropped at the oogling naruto.

" Ok ok later though because i beleive now..." Shikamaru bolted down the tree and through the bushes. Hard to beleive that he is actually running he should have found it too troublesome, but a kid is a kid. Anyways...

"Oi Shikamaru Get back here!" Said Naruto as he tried to make a hasty chase down the tree and through the bushes. Instead he fell off tree and into the bushes. "ow ow ow..."


"H-his parents?" stuttered Shikaku. "I thought no one knew who they were. I thought they died! Did they abandon him?" Shikaku asked. The tired hokage sighed.

"No, nobody abandoned him." Hiruzen replied. "His parents did indeed die in the kyubi attack..They were both near and dear to my heart."

"B-but hokage-sama! Did you not inform us that identity of his parents were unknown?"

"Yes i did tell you that but it was all a lie...a lie to protect Naruto. Many people would indeed try to kill him if they knew who that boy is, especially Iwa."

"I-Iwa? Shikaku tried to get his mind around this. A five year old boy is a threat to one of the great shinobi villages? It seemed preposterous. Why would Iwa want a little boy who was five years old, has blonde hair, and blue...eyes. Shikaku's face twisted into shock. How could he not have seen it before?! The hair, the eyes, and the fact he was born on the same day he died! "Yo-yondaime-sama?" he asked. Hiruzen nodded with a knowing look.

"Indeed Shikaku he is the son of the fourth and Kushina Uzumaki." Shikaku's face went to a bigger level of shock if that was even possible. It was obvious if you thought about it. Minato and Kushina were together a lot and seemed like a couple. Then Kushina dissapears for a couple of months and dies the same day Naruto was born. Plus how many people have the name Uzumaki in this world besides Kushina and now Naruto. "Shikaku, you cannot tell anyone the information that has been realeased right now...except to Yoshino, she deserves to know too, afterall she and Kushina were the best of friends." The old Nara nodded. "Now i have a request of you. I wish you to train Naruto to be a Shinobi. I know in fact that he desires this but those villagers" He spat that last word out "would never let him continue with his education. However, they wouldnt have much choice if a major clan was in the way."

Shikaku nodded. " I will do this Hokage-sama. In fact i will teach him our clan techniques. This is not what the old sarutobi expected. He wanted Shikaku to teach the young boy some tactics, tracking and weapon throwing, but this...this would be great! Finally the boy he sees as his grandson would finally get the reward for his torture and suffering. Hiruzen smiled warmly as if a great weight was liftedc of his old bones.

"Thank you warms my heart to hear that. Please take care of him." Shikaku smirked and nodded. He prepared to leave, but the hokage quickly called him. "OH! One more thing." He said as he pulled out a scroll. "These are all the details of the incident surrounding Naruto that night. I would like you to memorize this and burn it." Shikaku took the scroll and skimmed through it. He gasped at what he read, this...this unexpected. Without another word he tucked the scroll in a pouch and Shunshined out of there with one thought on his mind.

How am i going to explain this to Yoshino without getting killed.

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