Here's a little fic I started writing in class and got an idea on how to do the whole thing so y'all won't have to worry about it being unfinished. I promise I've not lost interest in AMDFT I just haven't been able to word it the way I want. Please take this as a peace offering.

The Bet

There she is. I watched as she walked through the door of the diner in her black pantsuit with a dark purple silk dress shirt, and black stilettos. With each click of those authoritative heels my heart skipped. "Emma. Emma. Emma!" I jumped when I felt someone kick my shin; instantly taking my attention off of the dark haired goddess.

"Ow! What?" I turned to the source of the interruption.

"Honey, how long are you going to drool and oogle the woman before actually going up and speaking to her? You've been head over heels for the devil woman since you got here." I glared at my friend. He knew I hated when he called the Mayor 'the devil woman.'

"Be very glad I love you Jefferson and want to keep you around." He flashed me his perfectly white teeth.

"Yes because where else in this town could you find a sassy gay best friend like moi?" I rolled my eyes and cracked a smile. He had a point. He is the only gay guy in all of Storybrooke and the only guy friend I had. I glanced back at the Mayor to see her and Henry sit at the bar ordering food to go. My head sank to the table and I mumbled. "What was that?"

"She wouldn't go for me. Besides, she's sleeping with Graham." I shuttered with disgust at the thought of him touching Regina's curvy toned body.

"Wipe the grin off your face quick before she sees you." When I didn't move Jefferson kicked me again and I jumped.

"Ow! What did I just say?" I glared at him and rubbed my shin.

"Miss. Swan." I froze and didn't dare look to my left. I suddenly could smell apples and felt a strong vibe beside me. Slowly I turned my head to look and there she was. Regina standing in all her glory with her hands on her hips staring down at me with those fierce eyes.

"Y-yes Madame Mayor?" I tried clearing my throat and I knew I was turning red.

"Your files are late…again. Is it so hard to do your job and get things in on time?" I tried to keep my eyes on her face but I couldn't help but glance down for a second and see the peak of cleavage. My eyes darted back up to her face and I bit my lip. "Well?"

"I'll have them to you by lunch tomorrow."

"No. You will have them on my desk by 9am sharp. Graham may have hired you," she leaned down to get inches from my face. "But I can fire you." It took every ounce of my energy to not cup her cheeks and plant a hard kiss on those perfectly sculpted lips of hers. "Do I make myself clear Miss. Swan?"
"Yes Madame Mayor." I hid the shiver she gave me every time she calls me 'Miss. Swan.' With that she turned and headed out the door, Henry in tow. I watched as they walked out. God she had a fine ass.

"Why do you put up with that?" I could feel Jefferson's eyes watching me.

"I don't know. It's not me that she hates it's a show she puts on." I watched as they drove off.

"A show? Honey I think you're blinded by her 'hotness' or whatever you call it." I huffed and turned my attention towards him. "Or it could be she's not getting what she needs from Graham and is sexually frustrated." My eyes got a little wide thinking of Regina sexually frustrated. "Maybe she needs a certain deputy to work out that frustration…" I kicked his shin and his jumped. "Damn woman. Calm down."

The rest of the night Jefferson wouldn't let it go that I never just go talk to Regina and somehow get to know her. "Jefferson drop it. I need to get these files done and get to bed."

"Yes I know you need to get them done so you can go see your woman." He leaned over my shoulder to look at what I was doing. "Just don't get distracted by the idea of having sex with her on that desk of hers." I leaned back and glared at him.

"I hate you…a lot." He laughed as he went to his room. I couldn't focus on these files now. Not when the idea of Regina on her back with her long toned legs wrapped around my waist panting my name was in my head. "Damn it!" I could hear Jefferson laughing in his room.