The tubes containing the contestants rose to the surface. All 24 of them were now in for the adventure of their lives. A game; but not a fun game like tag or Monopoly, but a sick, twisted game devised by the evil government. A game which ended with the death of 23 of the 24 people. Except in this case, the death of 23 's right, the contestants of this particular Hunger Games were ponies from MLP:FIM. Twilight Sparkle was one such contestant And although she was shaking in her hooves, she knew what she had to do.

Twilight had always grown up avidly studying the games. Ever since she was a young filly, she had always studied constantly. One such thing she studied were the games. She knew that the players who teamed up often lost; 75% of the time by betrayal. So Twilight knew she would have to leave her friends behind; no matter how much it pained her.

Snips looked over at his best friend Snails and tried to make a wasn't paying attention though. The countdown started and the tubes were released from around the players. Dead silence. And then the start of the race. Snips quickly ran to the center. He knew that in order to survive, he would have to get some grabbed a backpack and ran off, hoping to get some good supplies. An arrow, launched by the Cupcake Pony, whizzed by his head. He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Snails running in a different direction. He changed his course of action and headed after Snails.

Pinkie Pie skipped to the center. She really had no idea what she was doing. Shining Armor collapsed next to her with a deep sword cut on the back of his hoof. Big Mac had slashed his foot and then run off. "Please help me," Said Shining Armor. Pinkie screamed and ran further into the center. Owlicious flew off into the sky with 2 swords. Dr. Hooves grabbed a hammer and ran off. Pinkie picked up a grenade. "I wonder what this does," Said Pinkie as she pulled the pin.


Bits of Pinkie's body flew all over the screamed as her blood drenched him. He quickly ran and took shelter under the horn in the center. Roid Rage hit the mother-load He had found a machine gun. He picked it up and fired several rounds at Dr. Hooves who quickly managed to escape into the forest.

Dumbell grabbed a rock, the only weapon he could find. He thought about ways he could kill people with it. But before he even could, he felt a javelin wound to the back. He was dead instantly. Luna had stabbed him. She pulled the javelin out and ran off. "Luna!" Screamed Celestia. Luna was already gone. Bullets flew past her heard. Roid Rage had shot at her. Celestia quickly ran off after Luna.

Derpy was prancing around the Hornucopia, not knowing at all what she was doing. Roid Rage turned and saw her. He fired several bullets in her direction. Derpy skipped out of the line of fire. The bullets hit the forcefield at the edge of the arena and bounced back. All of them ricotched back and pummeled his body. He was dead. Derpy skipped up to the gun and took it, not knowing any better. She then derped off.

Twilight was breathing heavily. She didn't have the courage to go into the Hornucopia, she had just run off. She decided she would see if there were any supplies left. She glanced around cautiously. She made eye contact with Spike,who was still hiding under the horn, crying. Twilight felt a twinge of guilt She knew she couldn't team up if she wanted to win; but she had to. "Spike!" She shouted. Spike looked up and saw Twilight. He ran as fast as he could in her direction. He jumped on her back and they ran off.