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He was changing, morphing and he had no clue where his friends were. The wolf was tearing at him from the inside, trying its damnedest to get out. He was gasping for air in between howls of agony.

And then she was there before him. Her slender fingers were surprisingly strong as she pinched his nostrils together and forced his head back. Unable to breathe, his mouth fell open even as his claws started forcing their way out of his nail beds. Every one of his nerve endings was on fire and then he was choking on a rancid substance.

She poured every last drop of it down his throat, watching as he fought between trying to hack it up and not suffocating on it. He tried to swipe at her, but she let him go and swirled out of the way of his emerged claws.

He fell to his knees, hacking and groaning and shuddering. It was a strange feeling, being so aware of the transformation, actually. He stared at the hairs on his arms as they became coarser and denser. In all honesty, he should have been taken over by the wolf already.

The wolf was only present physically.

Remus looked up at the girl with wide eyes. How am I still here?

She stood in the Shack, with the hood of her dark robes drawn deep over her face. Remus' senses adjusted until he could see the filtered moonlight glint off her irises. Bright tawny eyes looked back at him, soft in their compassion. He greedily took in her scent and filed the information in the more primal part of his brain.

There was a sound of a dog barking and despite him trying his best to track her, she disappeared.


Unsurprisingly, Sirius Black noticed the new woman in Potions first. None of his friends were particularly surprised. It did not help matters that she was very pretty. She was not drop-dead gorgeous. Instead, she had one of those faces that Remus would pleasantly notice if he passed on the street. Little bow lips, a straight nose and spattering freckles-visible from even his spot- all endeared her to him. Sirius threw himself into his seat and sent a glance to Remus, wiggling his eyebrows. Padfoot approved.

Professor Shaw waited until everyone was seated before sending a large grin their way. "Okay, simmer down, simmer down. I have someone very important to introduce." The professor motioned to the stranger standing staunchly in the front of the classroom. "This is Miss Grey. She is a recent graduate from a small girl's academy out in Wales and is interning with me in the hopes of becoming a Potions master herself. Let us please say hello."

The students dutifully gave off a small greeting, with some-Sirius-being more enthusiastic than the others.

The girl smiled primly in response, but her straight posture seemed to imply that she would rather have been somewhere else. Physically, the new addition looked to just a smidgeon older than the seventh years in the class, early twenties at the latest. Miss Grey's gaze roved around the room, arresting the people she touched with it. Her eyes looked ancient.

"She will be sitting and observing your classes as well as aiding me in anything I need. So be nice, because she will be grading your essays!" There was a snigger and Professor Shaw caught it right away. "Potter!" She reprimanded before going on to outline the lesson for the day.

Professor Shaw's assistant quietly slipped to the edge of the classroom. As she moved, she briefly matched Remus' stare. Her tawny eyes worked better than any stunning hex.


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