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The door was gone. Alice even backtracked to again come across Melvin the Weepy. She was intensely embarrassed to have pulled Frank all this way just to look like a liar.

But she was also worried. What would happen to Miss Grey if Alice could not get back in? Who would make that potion? Or would the woman disappear again?

Alice chewed on her thumbnail as she paced in front of the door. Frank stood warily in front of her.

"I don't understand! The door was right here!" She reasoned.

Frank tried to be supportive, which only made Alice feel worse. "Maybe we're just in the wrong place, yeah?"

"No, I would have remembered." She stated authoritatively. "Melvin's portrait is still over there."

Not only did Alice need that door to come back so she could prove to Frank she was not loony, she needed to make sure Miss Grey would be alright. It just so happened that she unknowingly activated the Room.

"Alice." Frank said. "Is that the door?"

Alice stopped pacing and relief swelled in her chest. "Yes!" She exclaimed and claimed Frank's hand. Dragging him into the room, she closed the door and then pulled him to the side of the bed and waited expectantly.

"Look," she whispered.

Frank's eyes widened. "Who-who is that?"

Alice reached out and brushed a blonde lock of hair out of the woman's face. Miss Grey was sleeping peacefully, but still looked pallid and sick. "It's Miss Grey," Alice stated.

Frank leaned over and saw that indeed, this was the woman he was used to seeing. "She's been gone for over two weeks. I thought when she disappeared she had just decided to leave."

Alice directed her worried gaze to the boy towering over her. "Apparently not. But that's not the worst of it. She still hasn't recovered from those curses."

Frank's lips pursed. "She needs medical attention."

The fire in Alice's eyes matched the one still burning merrily across the room. "Absolutely not. You made a promise that you wouldn't tell anyone what I showed you."

He frowned at her. Any other time, his disapproval would have stung. But Alice was starting to feel protective over Miss Grey. The intern needed privacy and Alice would provide it.

"If she is seriously injured-"

"Then why hasn't she gone to Dumbledore? Or Madame Pomfrey? She has lasted two weeks while being in hiding this whole time. Why is that? Also, there were potions and supplies here. Who else could have gotten those other than her?"


"No." Alice argued. "I understand what you are saying, but this needs to be Miss Grey's choice. I just need your help to heal her until she can take care of herself."

Honestly, Alice should have ignored the brains part and just straight up gone to Hufflepuff. At least they were loyal.

The corners of Frank's mouth twitched. "You're not going to let me argue, are you?"


He gave a soft smile and ran a hand over his face. "Well, how about this? I will help you, but if she's getting worse or does not get better in a week, we take her to the medical wing. Hmm?"

The Ravenclaw considered it, picking apart his statement for loopholes. "Very well."

They shook on it. "What do you need me to do?" He asked, all business now.

Alice dashed to the desk and waved him over. "Miss Grey needs this. It's a mix between a potion and a complicated spell. I can barely manage the potion but I'm pants at incantations."

Frank nodded and looked at the parchment she handed over. He squinted at the fine handwriting. Alice resumed biting on her nails as she alternated staring at Miss Grey and trying to discreetly stare at the side of Frank's face. After a few minutes he sighed. Alice jumped, sure that she had been caught.

"Well, from what I can see, these incantations are a series of simple healing spells. There are directions on how these spells should be said during the brewing but no wand directions at all. I know how to do some of these spells, but I'll have to look up some of the more obscure ones."

Oh Merlin, if Alice was not so worried, she was sure her knees would be a little wobbly. Nice, fit and smart?

She cleared her throat and tried to sound professional. "Well it says it will take five days to brew and we don't need the first incantation until the latter half of that. If I start brewing now, will about two days be enough time to find out how to do the first spell?"

"Hmm, I can do the first four," he said after turning back to the instructions. It's the fifth and seventh that will give me any issues. I can definitely learn those in four days."

There was that Gryffindor confidence every Ravenclaw was secretly jealous of.

Alice smiled and nodded, feeling lighter than she had since Miss Grey disappeared. "Deadly. I guess I'll be seeing you then!"

Frank nodded and borrowed some paper and ink from the desk to copy the spells he needed. "Yes you will." He rolled up the paper and strolled to the door. Before opening it, he stopped and looked back at her.

"How did you find her?" He questioned.

Alice shrugged. "I don't know. I'm glad I did."

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