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Stitch and Lilo were sitting on their beds tossing a ball back and forth. It was very hot out today, Lilo and Stich were not in the mood to get up and do anything.

"Hey Stitch" said Lilo in a strictly low voice.

"Yes Lilo" said Stitch exhausted from the heat.

"Want to go see what Jumba and Pleakley are up to?" asked Lilo.

"Sure" replied Stitch.

They both walked into Jumba's and Pleakley's room. Jumba was nowhere to be seen only Pleakley remained. They let out a sigh of boredom.

"What's wrong with you two?" asked Pleakly

"It's so hot and we are SO bored" said Lilo

"Well that's too bad." It stayed silent for a while until Pleakley broke the silence "Little monster" Stitch looked up.

"Jumba wanted me to give you this" he held out what looked like a radio with a harness on it.

Stitch put it on, and it itched. Stitch tried to yell something out but, what came out shocked everyone. Stitch yelled out "idiot!" not in any language just in normal English. The reason why was because it was a voice communicator able to change any language to English. Just then the computer let out a faint beeping noise.

"Experiment 630 activated" said the computer.

"Cousin" said Stich. Just then Jumba walked in and saw the computer. He quickly ran in and nearly shut the computer on Lilo's fingers.

"Do not look into Jumba's stuff without asking little girl!" Jumba yelled out.

"What is experiment 630?" asked Lilo, with a confused look on her face.

"None of little girl's honey collecting insect's wax" he said.

"Come on Jumba." Lilo said. "Please" said Stitch encouragingly.

"Ok if little girl and 626 want to know so much Jumba will tell you." He finally said.

Stitch and Lilo sat down as if to listen to a good story.

"Experiment 630 is very volatile and dangerous experiment, even too much for 626 to handle." He said in a sad tone.

"What is so bad about 630?" questioned Lilo.

"Well, experiment 630 has power to turn people very, very angry. It transmits anger through bite or scratch." He explained.

"Well what if me and Stitch find some cousins to help?" said Lilo with a tone of encouragement.

"Could work." replied Jumba finally. "but-"Jumba continued "you must have at least four more experiments to help" he finished.

Lilo and Stitch went to all parts of the island and got four more experiments. The experiments were Kixx, Deforester, Richter and Angel. Stitch had rounded up Kixx and Deforester. Lilo went to Nani's work and got Richter. Angel just had heard about and decided to help.

The six of them walked down the street to see it in ruins. Flames were everywhere, cars had crashed, buildings in ruins…it was utter chaos.

"Wow" Stitch said. He looked a bit annoyed; he took off his voice communicator and put it on his back so he could speak in his foreign language again.

Then he appeared….Experiment 630.

It stood there in the middle of the chaos.

This experiment looked a lot like Stich in some ways. It had Stich's body, legs and arms but, it was different. It had a fin on its back and instead of having a bare face like most experiments it had an almost tiki mask but, it had curls on the end that almost looked like ram horns. Its coloration was very different too. It was grey with green eyes and lighter grey, swirled stripes running all across its body.

"Stitch, can you try to make friends with him?" asked Lilo.

"Naga" replied Stitch. He rolled into a ball and took off rolling towards Experiment 630. He jumped into the air and tried to kick the experiment. Then just as he was about to knock down the experiment, the experiment caught his foot in mid-flight, without even taking his intent focus on the group. The other five were speechless. The experiment then looked at him with a menacing stare. He threw Stitch into the air and kicked him into a building which broke to pieces.

The other five were not only speechless now, they were shocked.

"A..Angel…" Lilo stuttered. "Could you try to sing to him" Lilo asked. Angel nodded.

She began to sing the most delightful and wonderful song she had ever sung, to keep the group and herself safe, but to no avail. Experiment 630 merely stared at Angel and cocked its head. Angel ran back to the group.

"Great….Deforester your up next." She said to the experiment. It nodded.

Deforester started out strong turning into a giant spinning tornado and zoomed towards 630. Experiment 630 merely stood his ground. When Deforester nearly had collided with the other experiment, 630 held out his paw and just barely poked out a claw and touched the tornado. Deforester came to a stop. The group now looked as if they had seen Experiment 300, Spooky.

Experiment 630 then sucker-punched Deforester in the face, Deforester whizzed by the group and crashed into a fruit cart. The group was in awe.

"You're up next Richter" said Lilo in a depressed manor.

Richter then jumped into the air and slammed into the ground only a few feet in front of the group. Then he smacked down his tail and created a large crack in the ground that headed straight towards Experiment 630.

"We got him this time" said Lilo mockingly.

Then when the crack reached 630 it stopped and formed a crack around him and not at him. Richter looked at the experiment angrily and smacked down his tail dozens of time all going around the experiment. Then he charged at him with rage in his eyes. At the last moment Richter swung around his tail to hit the experiment. Then before he could make impact Experiment 630 grabbed Richter's tale and smashed him into the ground.

"Oh my god…" said Lilo worried that someone could get killed.

"Naga" said Kixx. As he put a hand on Lilo's shoulder. He jumped up where the previous cousin had been and charged at Experiment 630, all fists heading straight towards 630. Then out of nowhere Experiment 630 grew extra arms, like Stitch! He caught all four fists and looked at Kixx face to face. Kixx looked afraid; Experiment 630 on the other hand, had no mouth so he showed no emotion, 630 head-butted Kixx straight on. The force of the impact caused Kixx to go into unconsciousness. Then 630 grew his arms back in.

Then right when it seemed that no one was left, Angel of all people joined the fight. She didn't fight though she just went up to 630. He didn't respond to her presence. Lilo looked confused; he had taken out every other experiment but, not Angel. Did her singing have an effect that she didn't notice until now? Then he went up to Stitch who was buried under a ton of rubble.

"STOP PLEASE! DON"T HURT HIM!" she cried. She tried to run over and help Stitch but, Angel held her back. 630 removed the rubble off of Stitch. He then took the communicator and strapped it to himself he then walked over to Lilo.

"I am so sorry" he said in a raspy very hissing like voice.

"Wait what?" she said in a very confused way.

"I am sorry that I hurt your friends" he said in a very sorrowful tone.

"Why did you hurt them in the first place?" she asked in an annoyed tone.

"Defense" he stated.

"What!?" she yelled.

"Your friends attacked me." He stated in a calm voice.

"So you nearly killed them!?" she snapped.

"That is why I am sorry. Angel is the only one who gave me the opportunity to explain myself" he stated.

"Then what happened here?" she asked much more calm.

"The Native islanders yelled and screamed 'LIVING TIKI! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!' it caused great chaos here." He said.

"Oh…." She said.

"Here let me help" he said with that he helped up the rest of the experiments and realigned their bones with lots of cracking and screams of pain. A couple of hours later the experiments all left except for Stich, 630, and Angel. 630 had gotten rid of the translator and was talking to Stitch in his native language.

Translation mode activated

630- Stitch?


630- Are you going out with Angel?

Stitch- No I was thinking about asking out Lilo.

630- Ok, just making sure.

Angel- Hey what are you guys talking about?

630 & Stitch- Nothing.

Translation mode Deactivated

"Hey Experiment 630" Lilo called. The experiment looked up.

"I think I finally decided what to call you….Berserk! Cause your always driving people crazy." The experiment looked satisfied with the name and went to sleep.