Chapter 10

"Gajeel! We're never going to finish if you keep that up," I said while alternating between giggling and moaning. I'd had the brilliant idea of taking a shower together before we'd left the room to meet back up with Lucy and Natsu and now here we were, over 30 minutes later, still standing under the heavy spray of the shower head. Gajeel's hands were all over me, lathering my body up with soap. I swear, certain areas had never been quite so clean. Not that I could really blame him. I'd spent my fair share of time rubbing soap all over his delicious body when it had been my turn.

I laughed again when he lightly smacked my backside and then straightened up in front of me. "What's the hurry?" he asked, snaking an arm around my back and pulling our bodies flush together.

"Aren't you hungry?" I asked. His warm slick body felt so good and I simply couldn't keep myself from rubbing against him.

One of his hands slid slowly down my back and curved over my rear end. His fingers squeezed the flesh there and his voice rumbled as he answered, "Yes, I'm definitely hungry."

My body responded instantaneously, heat flooding my insides while a low, drawn out moan slipped from my lips. It was unfair the way he was able to do that. I lost complete control over my senses when he was near me. We'd accomplished next to nothing the past few days… not that there was a whole lot that needed to be done, but still, what would happen when we weren't vacationing at a resort and actually had real life things that needed to be attended to?

Returning to the question at hand, I finally managed to mumble a retort, "Lucy and Natsu are waiting for us."

Gajeel kissed the side of my neck, his warm lips parting and then his tongue sliding over my skin. "I'm pretty sure they are busy as well."

My eyes shot open and I pulled back a few inches to look up at Gajeels face. "What do you mean?" I questioned.

He chuckled deeply and leaned down again to trail his lips up the column of my throat. "Dragon hearing," he answered simply and my mouth opened up in a comical O.


He nodded his head and then captured my lips with his own. I sunk into him, placing my hands on his broad chest and then sliding them up and looping them around his neck. My fingers tangled in his thick hair and then I felt his hands pull my body tightly against his, sealing our bellies together, my lower belly pressing erotically against his groin because of our height difference.

I still couldn't quite believe that this was all happening. I mean, I was kissing Gajeel, in the shower, the man I'd had a major crush on for who knows how long. This weekend almost seemed surreal, like any moment I was going to be brutally awakened and everything was going to be as it was with me day dreaming about doing these things with him… to him, instead of them actually happening.

A surge of emotion flooded my body, heat exploding inside my chest. It was amazing how quickly life could change. I knew I was falling hard for this man. Every time I looked at him, every time I touched him, every time he touched me, the feelings inside of me would grow and expand, nearly choking me with the brutal force of my emotions. The physical attraction was enough to leave me breathless with lust but it was so much more than that to me and I hoped that he felt at least a little of what I was feeling. The idea of him not made a frisson of fear and sadness sweep through me. It would be devastating.

I clutched him tighter, one of my hands fisting in his hair while the other dug into his shoulder. It felt good holding him like this.

For the moment at least, he was mine.

The cool tiles pressing into my back jolted me out of my meandering thoughts and the next thing I knew, Gajeel was lifting me up, his arms hooked beneath my knees and his amazingly hard length pressing demandingly against the apex of my thighs. My head was tilted back so that I could look up at his handsome face and when his mouth reclaimed mine, a low moan vibrated throughout my entire body which turned into a gasped exclamation as his erection slid inside of me.

It wasn't long before the now familiar yet still devastatingly amazing feelings came upon me in a climax that left me panting and clutching at his body. He was there with me, grunting out his own release and we stayed locked together for several minutes afterwards, our heavy breaths mingling in the steam filled shower stall.

"You're going to kill me," Gajeel grumbled against my forehead.

I laughed and leaned back, my legs slightly wobbly as I tried to stand on my own. "I'm going to kill you? You're the one that started it," I complained lightheartedly.

"No, you did," he replied. His eyes were closed and he leaned back into the spray of water, rinsing off his body again.

"How do you figure?" I asked, my eyes watching the progress of his hands as they swept over his limbs.

He peaked one eye open and looked at me. "You took your clothes off."

"What?! How is that a reason?" I asked.

Gajeel stepped out of the stream of water and switched places with me, grinning as he answered, "You know I can't keep my hands off of you so it's your fault."

I laughed again and quickly washed between my legs, trying to get rid of the lingering traces of sex from my spent body. He couldn't keep his hands off me? A rush of heat flooded my body, bringing with it a surge of confidence that made me feel feminine and sexy. "I'll keep that in mind for the future."

Several minutes later after we'd dried ourselves off and gotten dressed, we walked back out to the main room and found Natsu and Lucy out on the balcony. Natsu was standing behind Lucy with his arms on either side of her body, her back to his front and I almost didn't want to disturb them but Gajeel ruined any chance of that happening as he hollered, "Hey flamebrain! Let's go! I'm hungry!"

The two jumped in surprise and turned, Natsu glaring at Gajeel who had already grabbed my hand and started tugging me across the room. I waved innocently at Lucy who smiled at me with a blush on her face as I was being pulled across the room and headed towards the resorts restaurant.

It was another picture perfect night as the four of us sat on the nearly deserted beach, several yards separating Natsu and Lucy from Gajeel and myself. There wasn't a cloud in the sky as we looked up and every star was clearly visible, the moon shining beautifully off the calm water.

I reflected on the past couple of days, amazed at how things had changed so quickly. Only a week ago I had been struggling with a crush that had left me with near constant thoughts of the man beside me. Now I was sitting in this gorgeous setting, his arm around my shoulders and I couldn't remember a time I'd been this happy.

Except… there was still this lingering doubt inside of me.

Gajeel had yet to say anything to me that would give any hint of any deeper feelings towards me. Everything had been purely physical so far. I don't know why this bothered me so much, it's not like I hadn't been enjoying it. Hell, I was equally guilty where that was concerned. But still, the feeling gnawed at my insides. I wanted more with this man; more from the guy who'd initially been my fierce enemy. He'd terrified me at first. The shock I'd felt when the Master had said that Gajeel would be joining the guild had left me nearly breathless. It had only been my complete trust in the Master that had kept me from being outright angry and furious over the news.

I wasn't sure when my feelings had started to change. Slowly I'd come to accept him. When he by chance walked past me in the guild I'd been able to not feel anything, like he was just another member of Fairy Tail. When he'd volunteered so demandingly to be my partner in the S class trials I'd been shocked and overwhelmed. I hadn't imagined someone like him would want to be my partner and with a request like his, how could I refuse?

My feelings had come a long way from there, gradually growing stronger and stronger till I barely remembered a time when I'd hated him. The only thing that scared me now about him was what he could possibly do to my feelings if he didn't return them. The thought made me anxious and without realizing it, my hands had clenched into tiny fists in my lap.

"Hey Shrimp, what's got you all worked up?" Gajeel's gruff voice said, his arm tightening around my shoulders.

Did I dare tell him what I was thinking? Pfft… yea right. "Nothing, just thinking about something."

"Are you remembering a fight or something? You're so tense you feel like you're ready to battle someone," he commented and I giggled.

"Sorry," I answered and wiggled against him, easing into his body more comfortably.

Nearby I could hear Natsu and Lucy whispering quietly to each other. Unfortunately I hadn't gotten any time alone with Lucy to ask what had happened between them but all throughout dinner they'd been glued at the hip, barely able to keep their hands off of each other… much like Gajeel and myself. I was dying to know who had made the first move.

I started to think about Gajeel and I and who'd been the first one to make a move between us. Thoughts of our first bath together entered my mind and a wave of warmth washed through me. I still couldn't believe he'd asked me and even more unbelievable was that I'd actually accepted. I was never going to be able to take a bath again without thinking about him. And then he'd told me he was going to kiss me. I'll remember that moment for the rest of my life. All the incredible feelings that had overwhelmed me and the powerful driving lust that had accompanied it. I still couldn't quite believe it.

Who was I kidding? All I had to do was look at Gajeel now and I could believe it. I still felt the same whenever I touched him or he touched me. I wonder how long that would last for. I guess I should be wondering how long we would be lasting for first. God, I hated this doubt. Why couldn't I just be brave and talk to him about it? Probably because I feared the answer. What if he didn't care about me more than just someone to mess around with? I don't think I could take the rejection. But could I handle this lingering uncertainty? What was going to happen tomorrow when we got back to the guild?

"You're awfully quiet tonight," Gajeel commented.

I pulled away slightly so that I could look up at his face. "I guess I'm just thinking about tomorrow."

"You have plans?" he asked, taking his arm from my shoulders and stretching them back behind him so that he could lean backwards.

I shook my head and turned back to look out at the water. "Nope. Nothing in particular."

"Then what are you thinking about?" he questioned further.

"Well," crap, what do I say? Maybe I could subtly bring up the subject of us… nah. I couldn't. But maybe I could hint at it and see what he says. "I was just thinking about being back at the guild and what people will think about Natsu and Lucy."

Gajeel scoffed and looked up at the sky. "Like anyone will care about flame boy."

I nudged him in the ribs playfully and leaned towards him. "I'm sure they will be the talk of the guild."

"Whatever," he said with a shrug of his shoulders and I sighed heavily. So much for that idea. He didn't take the bait.

"I'm going for a swim," I said, standing up and pulling off my clothes, throwing them into a pile and then walking towards the water in my two-piece.

"Shrimp, wait up!" Gajeel called out behind me and a moment later he joined me at the edge of the water. We walked slowly in till the water was belly high then Gajeel pulled me against him, my belly flush against his. I let my arms slide around his neck and then I was standing there, staring up into his gorgeous face as the water lapped at our bodies.

"This is nice," I said, leaning forward to press a kiss to his chest. The only reply I received was a barely audibly grunt from Gajeel and then his lips inched towards mine till he kissed me softly. "I don't want this weekend to end," I said when he finally pulled his mouth from mine.

"Why?" he asked, his arms tightening around my waist.

"I just," I stopped, trying to think of what to say. Oh hell, I might as well just get it out there. "I've just been so happy and I don't want this to end.'

He leaned back, one of his hands leaving my back and moving to my chin, tilting me face up so that I had to look at him. "This?" he asked, a look of concern etching his chiseled face.

"Yea, you know…" I began and then looked away, biting my lower lip nervously.

"No, I don't know. Tell me," he said, his brows furrowing.

I took a deep breath. 'Just say it Levy!' I yelled in my head, trying to psych myself up. "Well, I meant like… us."

Gajeel quirked his head to the side and then asked, "Us? Why would the weekend ending change anything between us?"

Hope blossomed hot in my chest. Maybe, just maybe he felt something for me. I took another deep breath and pushed on, "I don't know. I thought maybe… well, I wasn't sure if… erm…" my voice trailed away as I fought the embarrassment growing rapidly inside of me.

"Shrimp, what are you trying to say?" Gajeel asked. His tone wasn't angry but I could sense his frustration with my hesitating words.

A heavy sigh escaped my lips and I hung my head in defeat. "Do you have… feelings, for me?"

I couldn't help but peak up at his face and what I saw confused me. He was smiling widely with a big toothy grin and his eyes were alight with amusement. "Is that all, Shrimp?" he asked and chuckled.

Is that all? Did he really just say that?! A surge of anger flooded my body and I quickly spat back, "Is that all? What do you mean, is that all? It's a really big deal and it…" my words trailed off as he covered my mouth with his, effectively silencing me.

After what must have been several minutes, we finally pulled apart and he looked down at me with that signature grin of his and said, "Isn't it obvious? Who wouldn't have feelings for their girl?"

The End

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