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The days following Kevin and Edd's announcement were a blur for Edd. School went by quickly as always, and with surprisingly little trouble. Though he was still given all sorts of looks, no one actually approached Edd nor Kevin, who still had his rightful place at the football table in the cafeteria, luckily. Edd had also not seen or heard from Eddy even over the weekend, though Ed, on the other hand, called him a few times with his usual happy tone, and once again the following Tuesday, asking if he wanted to hang out with him the next day at lunch, to which Edd had happily agreed.

When said lunch hour was upon them, Edd had quickly made his way from class, his locker coming into sight. Once there, the boy slumped a little, rapidly turning his lock to each of the numbers composing his code and pulling it open before taking out his phone. Should I send a reminder to Kevin about my previous arrangements? I suppose so. Edd tapped and slid his fingers over the screen, writing up a message to Kevin with a smile on his face. Within seconds he pressed send and slid the phone into his pocket, turning his attention to his bag and taking out the unneeded textbooks from inside as he waited. Not long after a reply buzzed in his pocket and he took it out, reading it to himself with a giggle.

i know i know. i'll go to the caf. just make sure mr. monobrow gets you back on time. i'm walking you to class, k? love you.

Mr. Monobrow? That seems new. Edd bit his lip to keep from smiling to no avail, sliding his phone back into his pocket just as the one and only Mr. Monobrow came bounding up to him from behind.

"Double D!" Edd yelped as he was lifted off of the ground and into a bone-crushing hug, then swung about in a brash yet affectionate manner.

"Ed— please— put me down, Ed!" The boy stopped his swinging and set Edd down, his face lit up with a wide smile. Edd only sighed, straightening his clothes and beanie then looking up at Ed. "Thank you, Ed. Just a moment and I'll be ready." Ed nodded as Edd turned back, taking a small packed lunch with him and then closing his locker. "Alright. Shall we?" With a nod Ed led the way, his large shoulders bouncing with his step as they headed down the halls.

Soon enough the two boys made it outside to the front of the school, where others were walking around with their own friends. Edd quickly spotted a bench and led them to it, sitting down with his lunch in hand and Ed beside him. Of course he got straight to the point, looking over at his friend with a weak smile on his face.

"How is Eddy these days?" Ed smiled, noticing Edd's emotions and scooting over a bit.

"Eddy is okay, Double D. He's just thinking a lot, you know?" Edd nodded, listening to Ed's words carefully as he spoke in his usual odd tone. "When he saw you with Kevin he was so surprised! He wouldn't stop talking, like a noisy little chicken. Cluck cluck cluck—" Edd giggled softly, his hands finding each other and clasping tight. Of course he would be surprised. I was surprised all those months ago as well, really. "He is still angry, Double D. He feels betrayed, and I do not know why. Maybe because it's Kevin?" Edd whipped his head to the side, his eyes wide open.

"He thinks me a traitor?" Ed shrugged, one hand stretching back and hitting Edd on the back.

"It's okay, Double D! He'll come around!" Edd did not smile, his hands shaking now as he took his lunch in his hands, though his appetite was nearly gone.

"Bye-bye, Double D!" Ed plodded off to find Eddy, leaving Edd to himself at his locker. They had indeed spent the rest of their lunch together, though there was hardly another word from Edd. He was shocked and hurt and even a bit angry now, and was suddenly grateful that he didn't have any classes with the other boys.

As he gathered his textbooks, his thoughts in a mess, Kevin approached, leaning on the locker next to Edd with a grin.

"Hey, babe." Edd, clearly startled, jumped a little, sighing out at the sight of Kevin as the jock snickered. Thank goodness he's here. "Scare you?" Edd let out a small laugh and nodded.

"Salutations, Kevin! Did you have a pleasant lunch hour?" Kevin shrugged, standing up off the locker and taking Edd's free hand in his own. Edd turned pink at this, using his other hand to close his locker and lock.

"It was alright. Let's go?" Edd nodded, gripping Kevin's hand tightly as they walked on along to their next class, the warning bell going off as they did. I just want it to be the weekend, really—

The lunch bell rang the next day and Edd stood, his feet taking him out of class and towards his locker yet again. As he walked along, Edd took out his phone, cautiously in the bustling crowd, texting Kevin about his lunch plans in hopes that they could spend it together away from the cafeteria. I do hope he doesn't have any previous arrangements with his friends. After yesterday's conversation with Ed, I never really got to talk to him about it. Surely he will be my remedy, as always, the charmer.

Edd smiled to himself as he composed the message, dodging the oncoming students and finally reaching his destination. With a tap to send, Edd went about his business as he waited for the reply, which came quicker than expected.

wait for me at your locker. quick football meet for five mins then i'll be there, babe. Edd smiled even wider, about to slide the phone into his pocket as another buzz came, signaling a new message.

love you. Edd blushed and put the phone into his pocket properly, focusing on the task at hand though his lips could not resist pulling into a smile. Even such simple words can carry such depth, indeed they can.

When sorted and ready to go, Edd closed his locker, his hands grasping at his messenger bag's strap as he leaned back on the cold metal door. It was now coming close to April, and as such, the students of Peach Creek Secondary seemed increasingly busy, the last months of school closing in on them quickly. It was always an interesting time, and though it was rare, whenever Edd got a spare moment, he liked to observe the passing students, so desperately unique yet always the same, falling into the rhythm of the halls to get wherever they were going. The unity of a body of separate beings is so fascinating! Everyone is their own, but when mingled in the waves of the crowd, we follow and cooperate. Human instinct is so very interesting! Edd smiled gently, his scientific thoughts never quite overruling those of Kevin and their upcoming lunch but growing just the same.

At that same moment, Kevin himself was thinking thoughts of Edd as well, though he kept his face neutral in the company of the team.

"Alright! No practice for the weekend, got it?" The team all nodded and responded with a shout to the coach, getting up from their seats on the bench and heading out for lunch. The meeting had went quicker than expected as it was only about their schedule, leaving Kevin feeling extremely overjoyed that he would get to spend more time with Edd on the weekend. I'll take him out somewhere. Dinner and a movie, or maybe another museum, then home and into his bed. Damn, it's gonna be good.

Kevin sauntered out of the locker room, straightening his cap as he went. Since he was going to meet Edd at his locker right near the front entrance, Kevin, contrary to the rest of team, chatting amongst themselves as they headed off in different directions, decided to take the shortcut around the building instead. He was not the only one to take that route, however, as when he stepped onto the tarmac, that morning's rain lazily turning to steam on the heated ground, a sharp voice came from behind, calling his name with a venomous tone.

"Kevin!" Said jock turned, his gaze falling upon a group of boys, and larger than the week before, standing ten feet away. Seriously?

"What do you want?" The group of four came forward a few paces, cracking knuckles and looking ready to take on the worst. Kevin only sighed, looking back at the bunch of jocks with disdain. They've ganged up? Oh God this is so cliché.

"We've got some business with you, Kevin." Said jock only sighed again, making his challengers even more edgy at they shouted into the hastening winds. "Come on!"

"Look, I've got to get going. I don't have time for this shit. Later." With a short wave, Kevin turned, striding fast to get away from the gang.

"Yeah? Well we—" The voice of the ring leader was soft, as was the thumping of shoes against tarmac; so soft that Kevin did not notice with the wind in his ears and his thoughts running through his head. They better not come after me or there'll be hell to pay. "do—" Unfortunately for Kevin, that was just their plan, and within seconds of the last, barked word came a sharp hit came to the back of his head, sending him forward and into a defensive stance, his shoes gripping the dark pavement and keeping him upright.

"You fuckers—" The throbbing sensation in Kevin's head kept him temporarily woozy yet alert, his natural instincts and previous fighting skills coming into play. Not one fight since freshman year. I thought I was holding a record. His pursuers lunged forward, muscles working to bring fists and legs forward at amazing speeds. Sorry, Edd. Guess lunch'll have to wait.

Time ticked on, and Edd bit in his lip, his fingers twiddling with each other before pulling out his phone yet again. Nearly ten minutes had passed since the bell had rung, and quite frankly he was getting worried. Did something happen with the team? No— I recall seeing a few of the members enter the cafeteria earlier. The coach, perhaps? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear— Edd's palms started to perspire even more and he sighed to himself, checking his phone for the tenth time that minute as a couple of students passed by, their words ringing in Edd's ears.

"Come on, there's a fight out back!"

"For real?" Edd snapped up, his eyes going wide with shock. It couldn't possibly— With a rapid pulse, Edd looked over towards the front entrance, then back to the far halls leading to the locker rooms, where a group of boys were walking towards the cafeteria, one sporting an unmistakable head of teal hair. Nathan! Edd leaned up off his locker, almost jogging over to Nat through the dimming crowd, waving as he did.

"Nathan! Nathan, over here!" The boy gazed through the crowd, a wide smile coming to his mouth as the panting Edd came to a stop in front of him. "Thank goodness—"

"'Sup, doll?" Edd panted out, taking one large breath and standing up tall.

"Have you seen Kevin recently? Rather, since the start of lunch hour?" Nat nodded, shifting his weight to one leg as he spoke and casting the boys behind him to the side.

"Yeah, we had a meet, but that ended five minutes ago." Suddenly something seemed to click in Nat's mind, and a look of concern came onto his face as he leaned in, questioning Edd loudly. "Was he supposed to meet you? When?"

"Immediately after his football meet." Nat breathed out heavily through his nose, looking to the boys behind him with a worried mind. Something's happened. He'd never leave Edd waiting for so long intentionally. Edd spoke quickly again, his words coming out in an almost slurred manner. "I don't mean to be hasty, but I just heard a few students say that there is some sort of a fight taking place. 'Out back' they said. What if it's Kevin?" Nat went rigid, his wide eyes meeting everyone else's as he thought back to the meet. He wouldn't, but I know who would.

"Shit." Nat turned back to Edd, reaching forward and taking his shoulders in hand. "Let's go. Some of you go get the rest of the guys from the cafeteria. Everyone else follow us." The group behind him nodded, and Edd realized that they were all from the football team as well, which served as an odd form of relief.

Hastily the boys were off, heading back the way they came to the locker rooms as quickly as possible.

"I have a bad feeling, man." Nat spoke aloud as he led the way, turning to the group of boys and eyeing them seriously. "You guys go get any teachers you can find. The more the merrier, alright?" The rest of the boys broke off, heading towards offices and classrooms aplenty. "They must be out near the field—" Yelling voices could now be heard, coming through the exit at the very end of the hall whenever opened and getting louder as their feet took them closer. "I knew it!"

Edd hurried in front of Nat, finally reaching the exit and pushing open the doors to a sight he couldn't bear to see; a large crowd surrounded not only Kevin, but another four boys, blood and bruises vibrant through the mess of swinging limbs and shouts from the sidelines.

"Kevin." Edd's voice caught in his throat, the noise coming out as a squeak just as the rest of the boys from the cafeteria approached, their eyes going wide at the scene as well.

"Oh shit." The whisper escaped from Nat's lips before he could do anything, watching as Edd balled his fists and opened his mouth wide.

"Kevin!" Edd screamed out into the sky, his feet taking him down the steps and out onto the pavement at a wild pace, completely disregarding his aching lungs as he ran as fast as he could, Nat and some of the now approaching team close behind. The crowd did indeed notice this new group, and as they got closer they moved aside, letting Edd and everyone else in.

Within the crowd, Kevin lost his focus for all of a second, his head throbbing at the sight of Edd and his reinforcements but his body never stopping as he punched out another one of the boys, who was going in for an attack. Why is he here? Nat, the team too— I need to finish this— Kevin moved fast, his fists colliding with chins and stomachs as Edd popped through the crowd and into the supposed ring, his face contorted with fear and worry in the split seconds before a fist connected with his nose, knocking him back into Nat, who stood right behind him, with a horrible sound.

Even Kevin's attackers knew from the gasps and cries from the crowd that there had been a mishap, and all the boys stopped momentarily, watching Edd's blood drip onto the pavement, Nat being the only thing keeping him and his quaking legs upright.

Of course, Kevin would not stand for this.

Of course, he was angry.

"You fuckers—!" The rolling growl was absolutely poisonous and it poured from Kevin's mouth, his ripped knuckles tightening as he fought again, a previously hidden rage erupting from his pores and edging him on to finish the fight now that Edd was involved. How dare they even touch him—

Proper shouts now came from the team, indicating the approaching reinforcements coming from whence Edd and the rest had come, and serving as quite a distraction to Kevin's attackers. Not only did the rest of the team approach, but a hoard of teachers as well, including their very own Coach and the Principal himself, then followed by more students.

"All of you, stop it right now!" With these words from the teachers the attacking boys started to part, grabbing each other and breaking away from the crowd, taking their worn-out bodies off in the other direction as fast as they could manage, though followed by sprinting jocks, more than ready to tackle them without mercy. This left Kevin, still standing strong within the roaring crowds though blood trickled from his nose and his small wounds stung, his bloodied fists drooping down to his sides as he calmed down, turning to face Edd with worry in his heart. In front of him, Edd stood shakily, looking as if he would collapse on the spot and tears flowing free from his eyes.

In that moment, not a sound could be heard, not a sight could be seen, only each other. Kevin. It's Kevin— Edd ran forward, his arms wrapping around Kevin tightly and feeling his warmth, surrounding him and telling him that he was there, and that he was alright. Kevin did just the same, his arms wrapping around the boy in front of him and his face burying into his beanie as they sunk to the ground, Kevin landing on one knee and Edd to his knees.

"I'm here, babe. I'm okay, I'm okay—" Kevin murmured into Edd's ear, grasping the quaking boy tighter. "I'm here, I'm here— don't cry, babe, it's okay." Edd shook, his tears soaking into Kevin's Letterman as he sobbed out words.

"I-I wa-as s-so s-scared—" Kevin's brow furrowed deeply, and he wrapped one hand tight around Edd's head, cradling it gently as he spoke quietly to him, his other hand rubbing his back. "Kevin—"

"It's okay, it's over now. I'm fine, I'm here—" Edd's body still quaked with sobs and Kevin leaned back, sliding his hands to Edd's cheeks to wipe away the tears, toppling down his pale cheeks with each blink of the eye. "It's okay, Edd. I love you." Edd nodded quickly, his fingers trembling as he placed them over Kevin's, letting him lean in so that his chin rested atop Edd's head, uncaring for the boisterous crowds trying to catch any glimpse they could through the offending teachers trying desperately to clear the area.

After a moment Kevin removed his hands from Edd's cheeks, taking Edd's hands in his own instead as he stood, his now calmed lover coming with him. All around them students still watched, and Kevin, who quite frankly wanted none of the attention right then and there, stood tall, eyeing the crowd around him with sincerity as he spoke out, his voice loud and clear.

"Haven't you all seen enough to get it?" The crowd silenced somewhat, and teachers turned to look at the couple, holding each other proudly in the sunlight. "This isn't a joke. If it was, I wouldn't be bleeding right now. This is serious." With that the crowd erupted into voices once again, though with the shouts from the teachers most were starting to leave, off to spread the news like wildfire. Kevin and Edd, however, only turned to the rest of the team, standing side by side with Nat, who had a proud yet almost giddy look on his face.

"That was some brave shit, Cap. Everyone's gonna be talking about this! And that hug, oh my God—" Nat gushed, waving his hands at the two before Kevin cleared his throat, getting him to stand straight and tall.

"Thanks, guys. If you hadn't come, those guys would've never stopped." The boys nodded, earnestly responding with 'you're welcome' and the like as a few teachers approached, looking wary and angry. Among them was the Principal, her arms crossed over her chest and her brow thoroughly creased.

"Alright, enough of this chatting. Kevin, you will be coming to my office, as will the rest of you. I want to know just why exactly this happened."

After twenty minutes of questions and explanations, Kevin finally left the Principal's office, feeling fairly joyful in his battered state. His attackers from the team had indeed been tackled and taken in, and though they tried to insist that they were doing nothing wrong and that Kevin pursued the fight, witnesses aplenty proved them wrong, leaving Kevin with nary a scratch on his profile, and two weeks suspension for the other boys.

With a smile on his face Kevin left the office, meeting Edd at the entryway, where he had been patiently waiting for some time and entwining their fingers together immediately.

"Lucky we got the rest of the day off, huh?" Edd giggled quietly, his fingers tightening around Kevin's and making him wince slightly. I forgot that he's hurt!

"Are you alright?" Kevin nodded and smiled down at Edd, the crusted blood on his lip cracking as he did. "Oh, we need to get you cleaned up!" Kevin only laughed, leaning in and kissing Edd's head, making Edd flush a bright pink. So cute.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go already." Off the two went, walking towards the front of the school only to be stopped from behind by none other than Nat, who came waltzing up, his arms wrapping around the two lovers and startling them.

"All's well that ends well, am I right?" Nat snickered as Kevin shrugged him off, clicking his tongue quietly and walking on.

"Don't you have class now, Goldberg?" The boy shrugged, moving over to match their pace at Kevin's side.

"Enough about me. There're more important things to talk about. For instance, the fight." Kevin swallowed dryly, hearing Nat's voice change ever so slightly to a tone he knew all too well. He won't start talking about it now, right?

"What about it?"

"Didn't they'd have the guts to pull something like this, huh?" Kevin shrugged, feeling his tongue go dry as Nat continued on. "Didn't think you'd fight back, either, Kevin." At this Kevin's jaw tightened, his voice staying steady though anger and worry simmered beneath the surface in Edd's presence. Don't you dare go shooting your mouth off, Nat, I swear to God.

"It was defense, Nat." Said boy put up his hands in his own defense, pulling a long face and looking away innocently.

"Okay, okay, you don't need to bite my head off." Through all this, Edd only looked between the two, feeling the grip on his hand strengthen slightly with each word. "I was just curious. It's been a while, right?" Kevin swallowed down yet again, nodding once and turning partially to Nat.

"Enough, Nat. I get it already." With that Kevin sped up his pace, turning back towards the front entrance, whose doors were open already, and walking straight out with Edd by his side.

"You can talk to me anytime, Cap!" Nat called out his words in a sweet voice from the entrance, full out laughing when Kevin raised his free arm into the air, his middle finger sticking up as he went.

"What was that exchange there all about?" Kevin looked down at Edd, his worried visage sporting a pink flush and his nose swelling slightly.

"Nothing much—" Kevin winced as a gust of harsh wind his open wounds, causing them to sting upon his face.

"Are you sure you're alright, Kevin?" Kevin just nodded, smiling down at his concerned lover. With a sigh, Edd continued, asking about Nat yet again. "Was it really nothing much, Kevin? It certainly didn't seem that way." Kevin snickered, biting the side of his lip to keep in his smile as Edd began to pout, his bottom lip jutting out unconsciously. He's so cute, oh my God.

"You're a stubborn one, babe." A small growl came from Edd and Kevin snickered again, unlatching their hands to wrap an arm around Edd, pulling him closer and gently kissing his forehead yet again, murmuring his words against pale skin and dark hair. So damn cute. "Later, 'kay?" Edd blushed, his hands gripping at his messenger bag strap tighter as he hummed an okay to Kevin, walking along with Kevin's warmth all around him.

"This will sting, just as a precaution." Edd leaned in, gently pressing a cotton ball lightly doused with rubbing alcohol to Kevin's wound, making him wince and grumble.

"Why do I need rubbing alcohol when it's already clean, goddammit?" Edd gave him a look, pulling away the cotton ball and inspecting the tiny wound before leaning over to his first aid kit, where he neatly placed his supplies and took out new ones. "Can I have a band aid already?"

"Oh shush, Kevin. I do not want anything to get infected, and I'm sure you don't either." Edd whipped around, holding a small band aid in his gloved hands. "Hold still please." Kevin clicked his tongue, letting Edd go about his business. Once done, Edd turned back, sterilizing his utensils and putting them all back in the kit as Kevin ran a hand through his hair, leaning forward and standing up behind Edd's back.

"We good now, fusspot?" Edd giggled, snapping his gloves off and putting them aside to put into the trash later.

"Mhm! We are quite finished, indeed."

"Good—" Edd gasped as Kevin slipped his arms around him, his chest pressing against Edd's back and his chin lowering down so that he was almost level with Edd. "Thanks, babe." Edd blushed, leaning his head over to the side and turning it slightly so that he could see Kevin.

"You're welcome, Kevin." Said boy smirked, his lips finding Edd's with ardent yet playful force, and his hands moving a bit over Edd's thin shirt. Edd only moaned quietly, his fingers wrapping around Kevin's forearm with a slow motion. When they finally broke apart, Edd looked forward, trying to pry Kevin's hands from his waist. "W-Wait. You still have to tell me about Nathan! And I had a study session planned!" Shit. Kevin gulped quietly, trying his best to keep Edd off the subject and distracted.

"Oh come on. That can all wait—" Kevin kissed Edd's neck, making a short moan escape his lips, to Edd's embarrassment.

"But you said—" More kisses came, traveling up Edd's neck and into his hair, right behind his right ear. "Please—" Edd shivered lightly but pushed at Kevin's hands anyhow, his face horribly crimson at this point. "W-We have the weekend, do we not?" Kevin stopped, nuzzling his nose into Edd's hair and murmuring gently, the rosy scent filling his head.

"Yeah? So?" Edd bit his lip, his fingers wrapping even tighter around Kevin's forearms.

"Once it's the weekend, we'll have plenty of time to spend together, right? We can do a-all sorts of things then, but now is the perfect time to study, you see?" Kevin breathed out heavily, his grip tightening a bit as he stood taller, still hugging Edd's back.

"Fine." Edd sighed with relief, only to be kissed on the ear, a rumbling murmur following it. "I'm going to do everything you like, Edd. Promise." Edd shuddered, the slow voice captivating his mind and making him positively melt as he weakly pushed away Kevin's arms.

"O-Okay." Kevin smirked, kissing Edd's hair once again with his battered lip and taking his hand. "But you still must tell me about Nathan. R-Right now." Kevin stopped, his body going a bit rigid.

"It's nothing. Not important." Edd grumbled, squeezing Kevin's hand with all his might. "Hey— ow! I just bandaged those!"

"I want to hear about it, Kevin. You said so yourself; no secrets, right?" It was Kevin's turn to grumble now, leaning back off of Edd and thinking fast. He doesn't need to know everything, right? Not for now, at least? "Well?" Kevin looked down at his pink-faced lover, a quick smirk gracing his lips.

"Nat and I met in summer camp, but because he only lived up in the city, we hung out plenty when I was in my last year of middle school and in freshman year." Kevin rubbed the back of his neck and looked away, wanting to finish things up quickly. "Nat and I ended up getting into fights wherever we went, and shit happened, you know? It was bad, it ended, and it's over now. Understand?" Edd sighed gently, his brow furrowed and his lips drawn tight as he nodded, worry claiming his thoughts. Freshman year?

"I never knew of this."

"I don't like talking about it too much." Kevin looked away from Edd, eyeing the clock and then looking back. "Let's drop it, okay? Didn't you want to study?" Seeing the look on Kevin's face, Edd decided not to pursue the issue, smiling gently and tugging on Kevin's hand to lead him to his room. I suppose another day.

"Right. Shall we?"

Apart from the prior Wednesday, the day following the fight was the most interesting. Upon arriving to school, hand in hand as usual, the boys were bombarded with all sorts of looks and questions. Apparently the news had indeed spread like wildfire, and with Kevin's wounds the story was only confirmed, causing an uproar that ripped through the school almost as fast as the week prior. As for the loving couple, they just went about their business as usual, though Kevin did seem more apt to give Edd kisses and hold him tight in the halls, just to show off.

After school, Edd packed away his textbooks, only taking the bare minimum with him for the weekend, and also to save his aching back. Throughout the day he had hardly been given a chance to relax with all sorts of questions coming from students he had never talked to, and now he was quite exhausted. On the other hand, however, it was finally the weekend, and Edd was rather excited to spend it with Kevin. The last one had been a bit of a letdown, as Kevin had been strung up with all sorts of football work, giving him almost no time to spend with Edd. Now, however, as there was to be no football practice in the coming days, they had some time to spend together and with wonderful weather expected as well.

Edd closed his locker, clicking the lock and turning it so it would not be left on the last number before leaving the metal case, steadily walking out to the parking lot. As he did this he could feel the stares of his peers, but surged on, his head held high as the refreshing spring air hit him, clean and pungent over the smell of pavement and exhaust.

Quickly he made his over towards Kevin's Impala, parked closer to front this time for obvious reasons. When there, Edd leaned against the passenger door, his mind swirling with thoughts. Rumours really are quite powerful, aren't they? Such a radical change, and only after word of the fight spread. Edd looked up, biting his lip and furrowing his brow. It is a good thing that people are now taking our relationship with seriousness, but it has been over a week now. Did it really take ten days—? Edd thoughts were cut off by the sound of buzzing in his pocket, and he quickly took out his phone, his eyes widening at the caller. Eddy? With now quivering hands he raised the phone to his ear, pressing talk as he did.

"Hello, Edd speaking."

"Hey, Double D." Edd swallowed down, his hands trembling slightly. It's fine. It's just Eddy.

"Hello, Eddy. May I ask why you are calling me?" On the other end the faint scuffing of shoes and a quiet, muffled voice could be heard, along with a cough to clear Eddy's throat.

"I want to talk with you. Today, if that's okay." He's being so polite. That's quite rare. "Can you come over?"

"Yes. I'll inform Kevin of my plans when he arrives." More scuffing and a grunt could be heard on the end, and Edd raised an eyebrow. "Eddy?"

"Cool. Come over whenever." The line suddenly cut, leaving the same beeping as always. With a sigh, Edd removed the phone from his ear, pressing the end button and sliding the phone into his pocket just as Kevin ran up to the car, causing Edd to look up at him.

"Hey, babe. Sorry that took so long." Edd only smiled up at Kevin, leaning off the car so that they were standing closer. Kevin smiled as well, though he did take notice of the look in Edd's eyes; not quite content and a little bit shaky. "You okay, Edd?" Said boy slumped his shoulders and shook his head lightly, breaking the gaze between them to look to the side as Kevin closed in, taking Edd's hands and entwining them with his own. "Hey, what's up? Can you tell me?"

"Eddy called me just before you arrived. He says that he would like to have a talk with me this afternoon." Kevin furrowed his brow, exhaling steadily through his nose. Now he wants to talk? What a jerk, that dork.

"I'll wait for you." Edd eyes flicked back to Kevin's, a weak smile tugging at his lips again as he breathed out his words.

"Thank you—" Edd hardly had time to finish as his voice was swallowed up by Kevin's lips, taking his with heat and love and making him melt. Shifting feet led to Edd's back being pressed against the car, along with their entwined hands, sweaty and warm in each other's. For a moment they broke apart, and Edd spoke through short pants, his voice sweet and quiet in Kevin's ear. "We're at— school, Kevin— People are— watching—"

"One more, 'kay?" Kevin leaned in again, his tongue going deeper and making Edd moan with the pleasure of the kiss. Once finished, Kevin pulled back with a smirk on his face, quickly pecking Edd on the nose before speaking again. "Let's go."

Edd gripped his messenger bag's strap, his tongue running through his gap as he did so. After driving back to the Cul-de-Sac, Edd had parted with Kevin, and now stood squarely in front of Eddy's front door, hesitant to ring the doorbell. It feels exactly like the previous visit to Eddy's humble abode— oh dear, I'm sweating. I just have to calm myself. Calm, calm, calm, that's it. With a slow and trembling inhale, Edd stood taller, his hands unlatching from his messenger bag and one finger pressing the doorbell, awaiting Eddy's appearance. Within seconds the door opened wide, revealing none other than Eddy, who briefly met Edd's eye only to deviate his gaze within milliseconds.

"Come in." Edd did so, following Eddy in towards his living room where Ed sat, his smile as bright as ever. Once they were all seated, Edd looked from the downcast Eddy to the bouncy Ed, deciding to keep his silence for once. That, however, proved to be Eddy's plan as well, and a terribly tense silence pursued them, several minutes passing before Ed finally butted in, elbowing Eddy harshly and giving him a wild look. This did indeed snap Eddy into it, and he lifted his head, though his eyes never met Edd's.

"I want to say sorry, Double D." Edd breathed in sharply, his eyes getting wider with Eddy's words, rolling off his tongue and reverberating in his ears. Eddy— "I completely ignored you for weeks, just because I was shocked." Ed elbowed him again and Eddy grunted, waving his hands at Ed with a snarl. "Alright, alright. I was angry and all that shit too. I was being a jerk to you just because you like dudes, and well, Kevin, too." Edd giggled under his breath, feeling his heart leap with joy at Eddy's words. "I'm really sorry, man. I'm still a bit shocked but I can get over it. It was just really sudden, you know? And with Kevin of all people, yeesh—" Eddy drew out his exclamation, his head throwing back a little bit as he spoke.

"Thank you, Eddy." Edd spoke clearly, though a lump formed in his throat soon after. I cannot cry now! "Thank you so much—" The last word of his sentence was but a squeak as Edd swallowed down, sniffling slightly as tears stung his eyes. Both the other boys noticed this and moved in, Ed speaking with a concerned but bouncy voice.

"Are you okay Double D?" Edd nodded wildly, smiling so wide that his cheeks hurt at the same time.

"I told myself I would not cry, and yet— I'm just so happy—" Eddy couldn't help but crack a small smile as well, looking away awkwardly until Ed jumped up, his long arms stretching out to his sides.

"Hugs!" Ed bellowed the word before tackling the two boys, his arms wrapping around them and bringing them all into a friendly yet tight embrace. Heads bumped together and limbs were tangled, but Edd could not keep from laughing and smiling, his heart positively soaring with his friends' approval and Ed's crushing hug. Even Eddy, the most squished out of all of them, kept his smile, odd relief filling his heart as they all laughed with each other, finally feeling like friends once again.

After minutes of this, Ed finally let go, allowing the boys to talk freely once again. First came the obvious questions, which Edd was more than happy to answer.

"So you and Kevin, huh." Edd nodded at Eddy, who sat lazily in the loveseat with raised eyebrows. "Never saw that one coming." Edd nodded yet again, shrugging his shoulders before talking in a light tone.

"I can assure you, dear Eddy, neither did I." Eddy quirked one of his brows, shifting in his seat again.

"How long have you guys been together?" Edd flushed slightly, his hands sliding together in his lap.

"Nearly fifteen months." Eddy sighed loudly, mumbling under his breath and getting up from his seat. "Eddy?"

"So that's why you've been so busy. No wonder! That shovel-chinned jerk wad stole you from us, goddammit—!" Eddy cracked his knuckles, stomping over to Edd with a sour look and his bottom lip jutting out ever so slightly. In front of him, Edd's eyes widened with worry and fear, his thoughts running amok. He can't possibly be angry now? That would be absolutely pre— Edd's thoughts were cut off by Eddy's words, loud and clear. "If you don't wanna be a traitor, you gotta make time for us, got it? Shovelchin can lay off once in a while so we can hang, cool?" He's jealous? Edd smiled, his own eyebrows raising as well.

"Of course, Eddy, of course." Eddy leaned back, exhaling shortly from his nose as he stared down at Edd's sly face. "You had better be careful, though. Kevin can be quite possessive, and if you call him things such as 'shovel-chinned jerk wad' and try to claim me I doubt he'd be all too pleased with you." Beside him Ed snickered, looking up at Eddy who only retreated back to his chair.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Be nice. Yuck." Edd sighed out a laugh, his eyes softening as he looked from friend to friend with a feeling of growing bliss. It's feels as though nothing has changed, yet something has. They accept me and my choices, and still stay by my side.

"Thank you, gentlemen." The boys looked to Edd, Eddy quirking a brow again.

"You ain't gonna cry again, right?" Edd giggled, shaking his head and breathing in deeply.

"No, Eddy. I'm just… really grateful for you both at this moment. Thank you, gentlemen."

"No problem, Double D! We love you!" Edd smiled even wider, meeting Ed's joyful gaze. This really is just the beginning.

Part Four: Winter, Spring, Junior Year


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