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Bran woke up like a shot, hesitated, and then groaned. And then looked around wildly, hoping no one had heard the groan. None of the sleeping figures around the campfire stirred, and only two pairs of reflective eyes stared back at him. He sighed—only the wolves.

This was humiliating enough without witnesses. For the third night now, he'd had these dreams. Yes, he had the green dreams that he told everyone about, but these weren't like those dreams.

Except in one way: they all stared a young ranger boy, who stared straight into his eyes in a piercing way that never happened in normal dreams. The boy was about his age, maybe older, and Bran had absolutely no idea who he was. But he always spoke as if he knew Bran, and something about him made Bran shiver…

And not entirely in a bad way. He sighed and looked down at himself in mild disgust. Now he'd have to find a time to discretely wash his clothes.

Thank the gods his brothers weren't here for this—well, Rickon didn't count. His baby brother was sometimes a little too perspicacious, but he was too young to guess about this. But Rob and Jon would've laughed at him and scuffed his hair and said things like Tell us what it was about! What gets little Bran wet? No wait—don't! We don't want to hear! and tell him to take care of himself more often and it might not happen as much.

Bran wouldn't want to tell them what it was about—he wasn't sure what they would think; what anyone would think. But there was really no helping it. Whenever he closed his eyes, all he saw was fierce green ones staring back through windswept sandy hair.


Jojen huffed into his hands, covering his face.

"Bad night again?" his sister asked sweetly.

He groaned. "Just…yeah. Bad night."

Meera smirked to herself and banked the fire for breakfast. "What did you see this time?"

Jojen wasn't about to tell her the truth—at least not all of it. "Brandon Stark again, is all.'

Of course, the young Stark was who he had been honing in on for the past weeks as they searched for the boy, so it was no surprise that that was who he dreamed about.

"I thought the green dreams were different than normal, sleeping dreams. That they were ones you instigated at your own control when you were awake and ready."

Jojen eyed her with narrowed eyes. "Yes…"

"So," she asked with a blatant smirk, "this must not have been a green dream…"

Jojen glared. If she was waiting for a response from him, he wasn't going to give her the satisfaction. Sometimes his sister could be annoyingly astute.

"…so what was Brandon doing in one of your normal dreams, dear brother?"

She laughed and ducked as he threw a shoe at her, and used the distraction of it to pull the blanket further over his lap.