Doccubaby. What's the next best thing? Doccutoddler. Something different from the drama and angst. This will be a two shot of the dress-up adventures of Bo and Lauren's little girl. Yes, I know the crack shack is far from childproof, but I do so love the clubhouse.

I hope you enjoy the Doccufamily!

Kenzi tiptoed into the bedroom to check on her charge. She promised Bo there would be no mishaps this time. When her eyes fell on an empty bed, she instantly accepted defeat. Shit. Failed. Again. "Charlie, you're supposed to be in bed!" She stomped into the main room and took a quick gander before yelling up the stairs as she climbed, "Your moms are going to kill me. Help a sista out!"

Maneuvering into Bo and Lauren's bedroom, the woman continued, "I told you no upstairs. Mommy leaves her weapons lying around for god knows what reason." Seeing the girl in question standing on the bed, Kenzi propped her hands on her hips and demanded, "What the hel-eck are you doing?" The shock soon gave way to uncontrollable laughter.

The golden haired four year old towered over four stuffed animals she had arranged on the bed. With her arms outstretched as if she were flying, she inhaled deeply and loudly for several seconds at a time. She squinted at each animal in turn. Dropping her voice as many octaves as possible, she boomed, "I must take your breath to save Mommy." Kenzi inched closer for a better look, but the girl warned, "No, no, Auntie Kenzi. Stay back. I don't want to suck you."

Keeping her mouth closed, Kenzi simply inspected the child from the bottom up. This girl was a sight to see. A pair of Bo's high topped boots swallowed Charlie's little legs. Although zipped up to her thigh, a few inches of the leather drooped down her legs. A black lacy bra hung from her shoulders across her chest. Her brown irises were dwarfed by an inch of bright blue eye shadow caked around her eyes. The woman feared she might pull an ab muscle from convulsing with amusement.

"Ebony!" The girl addressed a teddy bear, "Give me your breath!" Charlie had met the Morrigan once completely by accident. In her honor, the blonde named a large grey and white bear after her. Although consistently corrected on the pronunciation, the toddler adamantly called the bear 'Ebony'.

After a couple more minutes of intense air gulping and shouts at her stuffed friends, she clapped her hands and swatted the animals off the bed. Confused, Kenzi asked, "Did you just succubus kill them?"

Charlie plopped down on her stomach and scooted carefully off the edge of the bed. With a clomp, her feet in Bo's boots hit the floor and she waddled over to Kenzi, "No, silly. They're just tired."

With the blonde close enough to examine, Kenzi snickered at the makeup splotched around her eyes. When she glanced down at her hands, she whined, "Charlotte, you got it all over your fingers." She herded the small girl to the sink, turned on the facet and lifted her up, "Holy shish kabob! You're getting heavy."

"Mama says I eat for two."

"I agree with the Doc on that one. It's like I've picked up an actual person."

"I am a person!" Charlie shot back defiantly.

Struggling to support the child's weight, Kenzi disagreed, "Kids aren't people. I'll let you know when you're a people." Charlie violently splashed the water around in response. Kenzi instructed, "Dude, get some soap and chill with the water attack."

The hand washing adventure ended with a blue puddle on the floor around the sink and a very wet Kenzi and Charlie. Kenzi carefully slid a few feet away before setting down the delighted girl. The toddler admonished her, "Auntie Kenz, you made a water mess."

Since arguing was futile, Kenzi nodded, "Yup. I gotta clean up my water mess before I bust my as-wesome little butt."

Charlie giggled at the flub, "That's not a word."

Putting her hands on her hips, the woman asked, "Where did you get the eye shadow from?"

The girl motioned to the foot locker and replied, "Big box."

"Note to self," Kenzi mumbled aloud. "Lock the foot locker."

Much to her dismay, Kenzi realized her toes were cold and submerged in water, which meant her boots were soaked. Shrieking, she desperately grappled with the material to yank them off without slipping and falling on her ass. Charlie clapped her hands in merriment as the woman groaned and hopped around, "Not the shoes! Not my beautiful new boots!" Displeased with Charlie's reaction, Kenzi sputtered, "This is not funny! These were very expensive."

Charlie cocked her head to one side and raised an eyebrow, "Mommy says you steal."

With a deer in the headlights look, Kenzi replied, "That doesn't mean they weren't expensive."

Scolding the woman, the blonde wagged a finger, "Mama says it's wrong to steal."

"Well, it's also a crime to destroy people's property, so there!" Kenzi huffed childishly. Charlie squeezed her eyes shut and stuck out her tongue. The woman's mouth dropped open, "That did not just happen."

"Kenzi!" Bo shouted up the stairs.

"Babe, Charlotte could be asleep," Lauren whispered.

"Well, she isn't in her room," the other woman lowered her voice.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Bo was immediately greeted by a very awake Charlie. "Mommy, Mommy," she chirped and gestured proudly at her face, "I look like you! My eyes are blue now!" Before Bo could get a good look, the girl hobbled as quickly as she could and leaped into her mother's arms. Wrapping her tiny arms around the brunette's neck, she propped her head on her shoulder and smiled at Lauren, who was standing a step behind Bo, "Hi, Mama."

The doctor snorted at her daughter's raccoon eyes. "Why are you all blue, Sweetheart?"

She reached out to try and brush off some of the makeup, but Charlie pulled away, shook her head and explained, "No, no. I took their breath to save Mommy. So my eyes are blue."

As Charlie leaned back to stare at Bo's face, the brunette giggled out of confusion and amusement, "Took breath from what, Blue Baby?"

Instead of answering, Charlie smacked a hand on either side of Bo's face and exhaled directly into her mother's mouth.

Bo snapped her mouth shut and groaned in disgust, "Oh, Charlie, you did not brush your teeth." She reeled from the stench. "What did Kenzi feed you?"

Kenzi answered, "The little gremlin might have gotten into my Cooler Ranch Doritos."

Rolling her eyes, but grinning at her sweet daughter, Bo replied, "Well, that explains that."

"Yay!" the girl threw up her hands, "I saved you! Like you saved Dyson."

Now it made sense: the "breath", the blue train wreck on her face and the unfortunate gust of Doritos. Lauren stood next to Bo and asked, "Did Kenzi tell you a story?"

Charlie nodded firmly and began clawing the air near Lauren's face. She couldn't quite reach her mother. She begged, "Mama! Give me a kiss, please!"

As Lauren leaned in and pecked the girl on the lips, Kenzi sighed, "Well, I'm glad she found her manners."

Suddenly noticing her own shirt growing damp, Bo asked Charlie in surprise, "Why are you all wet?"

Saying nothing, the girl forcefully pointed at Kenzi.

The accused woman gasped, "Liar! It was so her fault and my boots were a casualty of the Charlie vs Water War of 2018."

Looking down at her little girl's chest, Bo noticed the black bra dangling from her shoulders. She chuckled, "Is that Mommy's?"

A grin that could melt any heart burst across Charlie's face and she confirmed, "I wanted to look like you."

Bo and Lauren exchanged a glance. They couldn't possibly get any happier or be more content. Bo could be more dry, but her heart surely couldn't endure any more love.

Rubbing Charlie's back, Lauren said, "Charlotte, let's clean you up and get you to bed. It's past your bedtime."

The toddler crossed her arms and pressed her lips together and insisted, "No, Mama. I'm not done." The little girl knew who gave in the easiest, so she flashed her best puppy dog face at Bo and whimpered, "I'm not done, Mommy."

Shit. Bo was such a pushover and couldn't deny her beautiful blonde girl anything. She looked over at Lauren with a pleading gaze and begged on her child's behalf, "She still wants to play."

Charlie whirled around and explained, "I wanna be you now," she thrust a small finger at Lauren's chest.

Interested in how this would unfold, the blonde woman caved, "Alright, alright. Go be me."

Charlie squealed in delight.

I hope you're squealing in delight right now from all the cuteness.

Charlotte's Lauren impression coming up next!