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Beth Green is a practical woman. She liked to think things through before she reacted. With everyone's growing concerns over Rick's mental state and the tension between Woodbury and the group reaching a boiling point; she felt the need to make some practical changes. In addition to keeping a journal of their experiences; she started to make a sort of bucket/to do list. She decided that it would be prudent to learn to use as many weapons as possible. After Daryl rejoined the group she made it a point to ask him to teach her how to use a crossbow. He looked at her like she was crazy, but she explained why she wanted to learn.

The next morning she managed to talk Daryl into letting her practice, but just on the pillows. He showed her how to notch a bolt and how to adjust the setting. Once she was comfortable with the basics; he let her take some shots. After a few rounds her aim was sold; but Daryl was not a talker and Beth hated silence. She finally decided to strike up a conversation.

"Did your dad teach you how to shoot?"

Daryl snorted. "My old man didn't teach me shit…sept how to duck when he went to swinging and how to keep my fucking mouth shut if he came how drunk…funny thing is that's the only time he came home. Naw it was Merle that taught me how to shoot and hunt. Taught me damn near everything."

"You two are close; like me and Maggie."

Daryl nodded "He aint no saint or nuttin but there's more to him then he lets on. I know Rick and them don't think much of him…he was always high in Atlanta…and I'm sure he did what he did with the governor to survive. That stuff with Glen…it was bad, but the reason he ain't got one hand is cuz he had to cut it off. Rick, Tdog and Glen hand cuffed him to a roof and left him. He was acting all crazy, but who leaves a person chained to a pipe on a roof to die man."

"Oh I didn't know about that. I'm sure they had reason, but I can see why Merle would be angry. So if you dad was no help; where did Merle learn?"

"Military, he was in for a while…till he was dishonorably discharged…he didn't respect authority," Daryl grinned, "aint that a bitch."

Beth smiled back and laughed. "I just can't imagine."

They both laughed for a moment and enjoyed the lightness of the mood for a change.

She started to walk back and then turned to Daryl "I know he's your brother…but do you trust him?"

"I trust him with my life."

She turned back and headed into the door.

That evening; as she studied her list; she debated on what to do next. She was already writing down the music for one of her favorite songs every day and writing down everything that had happened since the outbreak so that one day people would know what it was like. She read over her list and got to learn to fight/self-defense. Daryl would be a good choice but he was already teaching her the cross bow. She thought about Michonne, but she wasn't sure about her yet. Then she remembered what Daryl had said about Merle being in the military. He had taught Daryl a bunch of stuff; so it didn't seem too far-fetched to ask. Also; if the others saw him helping her and doing a good job of it; they might be a little more trusting of him. That would be a good way to help out Daryl for teaching her; she knew it was important to him that Merle becomes a part of the group.

It seemed like a good idea; right up until she tried to gather the courage to ask him. The worst he could do was laugh in her face or just say no. She figured that wasn't all that bad compared with everything she had been through. She sighed, closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she went to ask him. She found him sharpening the blade on the end of his right arm. As she approached him, he looked up and smiled at her. "Well hello there princess…what you doing here?"

"Well I needed to ask you a question."

He turned around on the bench to face her. "You came over here to talk to me all by your lonesome? Aint nobody told you I'm a bad man.?"

"I wanted to make up my own mind."

He snickered and stroked his face with his hand. "I see; how exactly where you planning on doing that princess? That seems like a bad idea to me…seeing as you might not like the answer." Now he was standing over her, and he was well over 6ft tall. She suddenly began to question her own sanity; but she had come this far so she might as well ask. She swallowed hard before she spoke. "You see; I'm trying to be more self-sufficient. Daryl is teaching me how to use the cross bow; but I figure I need to learn some self-defense stuff too. I don't want to bother Rick or Daryl cuz there always so busy and Daryl told me that you taught him how to shoot cuz you were in the Army. I thought if you taught me some self-defense; it could also help win over the rest of the group. Cuz you'd be helping me out and all."

"Sweetheart; I do believe that ship has sailed. Oh my litte bro wants me to make nice…but I don't see it hapnin."

"Well helping teach me would be considered making nice; then at least you can show Daryl you tried. He's you brother after all."

"That he is…that he is. Well princess you should know that I'm not the kindest teacher. If we do this thang you probably gonna hate me once it's over."

"Do you think that if the governor and his goons bust in here they are gonna take me back to Woodbury to play patty cake." Beth set her jaw; she didn't want Merle to see how nervous he made her.

"No they will not." He began to stroke his jaw again. "Alright what the hell; it gives me somin to do besides sitting on my ass all day. Well start tomorrow; you just come find me once you're ready."

"Ok; I'll be here."

"Oh I doubt you'll show. But who knows; maybe you'll prove me wrong princess."