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Epilogue - Bella POV

Edward and I married later that same year - I never once regretted it.

The reception was not big or fancy in any way. Edward acquired some marriage papers from a website he found whilst scouring the internet for wedding rings. I didn't mind that it was just us - I liked it that way.

I signed the paper with flourish and kissed Edward as he whirled me round our bedroom, laughing and grinning, my simple white dress floating about my thighs.

Sometimes, when I was alone, I thought about my old life and made simple comparisons to how my life was then, to how it is now. I did miss my teaching and my students and I was pretty sure my colleagues would be on a manhunt search for me. Tears had pricked at my eyes when I watched a news channel showing a picture of me from college.

Apparently, I had been a big hit on the news in recent months.

But I knew one thing - I was never going back to my old life. I couldn't. I simply couldn't. I could never leave Edward now, I loved him far too much. I was unsure of flying at first, but once I got the hang of it, Edward and I went for regular picnics in our meadow, testing our wings to the max.

As it were; the sky was the limit for us.

Edward POV

Marrying Bella was one of the cheesiest, happiest days of my entire existence. I never heard or saw my parents after the incident a few months ago. I burned all their phone numbers, not that I needed them written down - my memory remembered everything.

Bella seemed more relaxed and care-free since we tied the knot and it makes me smile every time she stretches those beautiful wings and takes to the skies like an expert. I could never explain the reason why her wings were white. I guessed it was because of her complete innocence and whole heartedness that she contained in her womanly body.

Every caress, touch or kiss she gave me sent shocks through my system and we usually ended up in bed for very long periods of time. And I don't mean sleeping.

Bella could still cry, shockingly. I caught her sniffling at a new channel with her name flashed across the screen, but she never mentioned it to me.

Sometimes, when I was alone, I thought about what life would have been like if I had not taken Bella. Would she have wanted to know me? I would never know but I knew one thing - we were now in love more than ever. And I was never going to let her go. She was staying. Willingly. Forever.

"Edward!" Bella gasped as she came down from her high. Her body trembled in his strong arms as he helped her to ride out both his orgasm and hers.

"God Bella you will be the death of me," Edward panted into her shoulder, breathing hot air onto her sensitive spot, making her shiver.

"No, not really - your indestructible and insatiable," Bella sighed and went limp in his arms, a happy, sated smile twitching at her lips. Edward growled, a low, feral sound from deep within his chest and peppered her face and lips with sweet kisses.

"I'm sated - for now," He warned, grinning onto her lips as they kissed. Edward pulled the soft white sheets up around them, covering their naked bodies from the soft morning light filtering through the crack in the curtains.

"My dark angel," She whispered into his ear, her arms encircling his neck.

"My wife," Edward snarled possessively.

"I love you, so much," Bella whimpered as Edward parted her folds and stroked along her entrance.

"I love you - with all I am and will ever be," Edward vowed and bent his head down to kiss the woman he loved.


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